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Investing in the Future of Manufactured Housing

September 8th, 2013


That was sort of a long read but was worth the time. I agree for the most part.

We are an industry that for years has desired the best for our industry representatives, our customers and our distribution system but for all these years have been hesitant to:

  • invest financially in training our people,

  • marketing our product's image,

  • updating our technology,

  • improving our delivery system, etc..


Manufacturers and Retailers have made some bold attempts at the previously listed task but always fail to follow through because they don’t see immediate profits from marketing or training programs. 

We are an industry that has the need for all of our profits to be immediate. Future growth and maturation always loses out to the need for immediate results and immediate profits. 

Until we are willing to train our people well, invest in technology, invest in customer service, invest $ in creating a brand image with the understanding that is will cost a percentage of our industry profits and will not necessarily produce immediate results we are doomed to keep repeating our same mistakes over and over.

Thank You,


jay-hamiltong-executive-director-georgia-manufactured-housing-association-gmha-posted-mhpronews-comC. Jay Hamilton

Executive Director

Georgia Manufactured Housing Association

(Editor's Note1: The article Jay refers to is linked here, but his remarks clearly have a broader viewpoint as well.

Editor Note2: To fully appreciate what Jay is saying, for those who don't know him well, let's share the following from his Linkedin Profile:

Employed: 18 years as a District Sales Manager, Product Specialist, Account Manager and Regional Sales Manager for Fleetwood Homes, one of America's Largest Home Builders and makers of Class (A) Recreational Vehicle Products…

Specialties: My specialties include growing and maintaining sales territories, developing professional business relationships for the Manufactured Housing Industry with Banks, Vendors, Developers, Government Agencies and Professional Associations. Building the Manufactured Housing Industry Brand Image in Georgia.”) 

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