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Manufactured Housing’s Professional Credibility

May 8th, 2019 Comments off



To understand the relatively low level of manufactured home production, one needs to consider a variety of factors. Let’s oversimplify. Before looking at credibility, let’s consider what it takes to sell a home.



  • Placement. That includes zoning or other barriers, and how to overcome challenges.
  • Financing. It must be accessible, sustainable, and reasonable. That’s needed for any big ticket item.
  • Demand. To have demand for any product or service, one must have sufficient credibility and acceptance.


There are scores of other details, but those are near the bull’s eye. Now, let’s step back and examine some specific cases.


1)    When cities in Indiana, California, and Texas moved to ban or restrict the placement of manufactured homes, where was the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI)? This publication and writer asked them/their affiliates to get involved. Sadly, the record reflects that MHI were silent no shows – why?


  • While MHI members where there to protest the city’s efforts to limit/ban the placement of manufactured homes, MHI’s own members told MHProNews that they saw no MHI staff and were aware of no MHI engagement with the City of Bryan.


  • Furthermore, MHProNews spoke to a city official yesterday. That official said he was aware of no outreach by MHI, but was aware of the contact made by the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR), which addressed the city to oppose their ban measure.


That’s a snapshot over the battle regarding zoning and placement.




2) The Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR) worked with Congress to get the Duty to Serve (DTS) manufactured housing by the Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac included as a mandate in the Housing and Economic Recovery Act (HERA) of 2008. Why did Berkshire Hathaway brands – per a number of sources – repeatedly take steps to foil the full and proper implementation of both laws, why? When MHI meet with the GSEs, they met behind closed doors, and they and the GSEs declined providing the minutes, why? When a program was finally rolled out, it was only for select, more expensive ‘new class’ of homes pushed by Clayton Homes and MHI, why? Is it because Clayton now has conventional housing developments and home sites?

Those are examples of the battle over financing.

MHARR Calls on New Fannie Mae CEO Hugh Frater to Fully and Properly Implement Federal Law


3) When bad news comes from the media, MHI offers excuses to select members that effectively says, ‘let’s let this blow over.’ When what looks like good news comes, they may or may not advise members, but where are the list of pages on MHI website that tout third party research that all the world can see? Why is supposed good news on a survey hidden behind a login, while Manufactured Housing Action (MHAction) gives away their attack material for free?


  • Yesterday, MHI rapidly put out a photo op to their members and state affiliates touting HUD Secretary Ben Carson at their fund raiser/networking event, held this year in New Orleans. But why isn’t that good news about manufactured housing posted on MHI’s website?



Why are so many bad news stories tied directly to often prominent MHI members?




The good news is hidden from public view.  By contrast, the bad news caused by the John Oliver “Mobile Homes” video – which every problematic story that video publicized was an MHI member firm.  There is a money trail and evidence that suggests that Warren Buffett has provided financial support to those who in turn attack or embarrass the industry.  Who thinks and behaves like this and claims to be trying to grow the industry?


Prosperity Now, Nonprofits Sustain John Oliver’s “Mobile Homes” Video in Their Reports


Doesn’t that fit what MHI member Frank Rolfe said?  Or what MHI award winner Marty Lavin said?

FollowThe MoneyPayMoreAttentionToWhatPeopleDothanwhatTheySaySpySea72MartyLavinYachtManufacturedHousingINdustryProMHProNews

Ask yourself. Do these Marty Lavin dictums apply in this case?


That’s the battle over image, education, and proper understanding.

These are simple, yet vexing realities. As recently as earlier today, MHI Chairman Joe Stegmayer and their outside attorney once more declined refuting, correcting, or responding to the evidence, allegations, and patterns of action/inaction that leads to routine dead ends.

So, who benefits from low sales volumes? Who is harmed?

The second question is easier to answer. The smaller the operation, the more that low volume sales harms them. This writer did an article in 2014 entitled “The High Cost of Low Volume Sales.” Within weeks, we had to run the report, “The Bank Vault Door Closes,” because US Bank closed their manufactured housing program, citing in part, low sales volumes.

Who benefited from that?

Slogans or photo opportunities sent mainly to manufactured home (MH) industry professionals, and not to the general public, might make an industry reader think something is happening. Isn’t that propaganda?  Manipulation? Head fakes?

Freedom isn’t free. Since Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden, the battle for various forms of freedom has been on.


Thoughtful words, worth pondering. 

The reason America’s constitutional founders protect freedom of speech and the press is because accurate information access is part of the means of maximizing freedom.

Information has been weaponized. That’s not just true in our industry, it happens in other aspects of modern lift. That’s why the term fake news exists.


Watchdogs? Attack-Dogs? The Smear, and Manufactured Housing


Arlington, VA based MHI and their primary masters from Omaha and Knoxville arguably ought to be able to win every battle, if they wanted to do so. The law is routinely on our industry’s side. Berkshire Hathaway owns some 31 newspapers. They have plenty of money that they could use to really promote successfully, instead of posture with videos, Facebook, or advertorials that clearly don’t significantly move the needle. Because if it did, the industry would be soaring, not snoring.




In America, sadly, one can sue over almost anything.  MHI has for some years had inside or outside attorneys threaten MHProNews. Why don’t they use those outside attorneys to threat cities that block the placement of manufactured homes instead?

There have purportedly been other threats we’ve reported previously from straw men (or women) being put up to harass us on behalf of the Arlington based group.  Why don’t those folks just do their jobs?  We’d far rather report that they were doing their jobs, than that they were failing to do their jobs. But based on the last few years, at some point, the Omaha-Knoxville-Arlington axis and their allies might file suit against us, even though we’ve repeatedly given them the opportunity to debunk – live or in writing – any of the concerns or allegations raised here on MHProNews or on MHLivingNews.  We’ll see what happens, and they will see too.

But this is simple. Are they doing their jobs at MHI and several of their affiliated state association’s properly or not?

Given the quality of our MH industry’s homes, the good laws we have on the books, it seems that a good case can be made that the industry’s so-called leaders are allowing the industry to consolidate.


Multibillion Dollar Opportunities Knock in Solving Affordable Housing Crisis


Who does that benefit? The big boys.

Who does that harm? The independents.


Declining Manufactured Home Shipments More Serious Than Retailers, Communities Being Told


MHI has arguably deceived, failed, and/or in protection-racket-style manner bullied numbers of its independents and several of the state associations to suffer as a result. Ditto their Omaha-Knoxville masters and surrogates.


Warren Buffett’s Profitable Lessons for Manufactured Housing


NAMHCO and MHARR exist because they had no confidence in MHI. A group met in Tunica to explore a new trade group to do what MHI claims to do.

Why does MHI lack credibility? Just look at the industry from the outside in to answer that question.



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“Lead, Follow … Or Get Out of The Way”











Prosperity Now, Nonprofits Sustain John Oliver’s “Mobile Homes” Video in Their Reports

April 29th, 2019 Comments off



For those among the manufactured housing industry’s professionals, state association, or investment categories who stated a hope that the John Oliver video would blow over soon, guess again.


They’re [pro-MHI state execs] all drinking each other’s bath water with no objectivity left, whatsoever,” said a recent news tip to MHProNews included several messages from other association executives to make that source’s point.  That tipster was one of several that raised concerns about fellow state execs who are in their view engaged in wishful thinking, or worse.

Really? Was that quoted statement an accurate claim? Let’s look.

It will be recalled that MHProNews exclusively reported that Wisconsin Housing Alliance (WHA) Executive Director Amy Bliss said to other state executives: “I am very disappointed in two entities that are supposed to be in favor of manufactured housing.  ROC USA and North Country Cooperative both added this John Oliver junk to their facebook page and ROC USA also tweeted it out as if they were sharing good news. This is such an insult to the people that have chosen manufactured housing to live in.  If there were not investor owned communities, they would have no communities to “convert” to resident owned.  Such a shame.”

In so saying, Bliss was undercutting a member of her own association, and that of the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) too.  Was she alone? Hardly.

Jay Hamilton, from the Georgia Manufactured Housing Association (GMHA), chimed in with: “I agree with the ones who commented [in that MHEC executives message thread] about opening up a can of worms [i.e.: if a public reply is made to the John Oliver video]. You would be fanning the fire at this point. MHI responding in advance was the best play you could make and its made. My concern is what we can do as an industry to encourage Frank Rolfe to avoid engaging with reporters.”

MHEC is the acronym for the Manufactured Housing Executives Council, which has historically been open to national and state association leaders.  That means that MHI and MHARR can monitor those communications. Given the size and power disparity between MHI and MHARR, it should go without saying that if someone will kiss someone’s behind in a semi-public forum that is monitored, it is the larger trade group that they tend to bow towards, kneel to, or kiss the proverbial ring.  



MHI, MHARR, MHEC logos, are each the property of their respective association, and are shown here under fair use guidelines.


That comment from Hamilton at GMHA reflects the point that other executives similarly made about that same John Oliver  “Mobiles Homes” video thread comments.  But this last example, in fairness, is a bit different.

For balance and accuracy, tips to MHProNews revealed that there was one state level executive that openly took a more nuanced view. “No surprise, other [media] outlets have picked up Oliver’s story. This is what my wife just sent me from “The Hustle”” said Logan Hanes, who is the Director of Education and Industry Advancement at the Kentucky Manufactured Housing Institute (KMHI).

For balance and accuracy, tips to MHProNews revealed that there was one state level executive that openly took a more nuanced view. “No surprise, other [media] outlets have picked up Oliver’s story. This is what my wife just sent me from “The Hustle” said Logan Hanes, who is the Director of Education and Industry Advancement at the Kentucky Manufactured Housing Institute (KMHI).  The Hustle was one of several publications that commented on the John Oliver video, in a typically dark view of various aspects of manufactured housing corporate behavior. That article that Logan forwarded used the feature image below.  It ripped Warren Buffett, Frank Rolfe, Clayton Homes by name. The Hustle ended with the following subheading and three short paragraphs. As we commonly do here on MHProNews, we’ll turn the text placed in quotes in bold and brown to make it pop, but the words are otherwise those of writer Wes Schlagenhauf in the Hustle.



Shill-ionaire of the people

Clayton stayed profitable through the financial crisis. In 2015, Clayton grabbed a record $700m in earnings, while foreclosing on over 8k homes.

Buffett has long been viewed as a corporate hero. The more he complains about his secretary having to pay higher income tax than he does, the more people view Big B as some rich do-gooder.

But Clayton homes’ manipulative business model, which Buffett immediately saw dollar signs in, contradicts many of the ideas of fairness for which Buffett is known.”

Thus, the comment by KMHI’s Logan was arguably responsible in the sense that it stated reality, without undercutting others not able to respond for themselves, absent the news tips.

Notice: Those being quoted herein, or others who want to defend them, are hereby invited, if they so wish, to submit an on-the-record the statements in response to this report.  Clearly, our quoting these sources is not intended to endorse their comments, but nor is it intended to undermine what good work they may also do or have done. One must separated the ‘wheat and chaff’ from all people, organizations, and things. That said, MHProNews’ editorially can not discern positive value to the industry in many of the comments exchanged by executives in that John Oliver-related MHEC thread.

But there is more to know…see further below.



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Who Among the State Executives Were Right On the Oliver Issue?

A short history lesson is timely.  Think back to the Seattle Times report.  First one, then another, in 2018 there was yet another installment on that same theme.  Look at what this Google search this evening revealed.



Tim Williams from 21st Mortgage Corp, ironically, made the right point, in an on-the-record statement made previously to MHProNews.



MHI failed to make a public response to that PBS segment. To date, MHProNews is unaware of an public response by MHI to the John Oliver video either. How will it be different? Despite the MHI whispered shares to state executives or others, does MHI want bad news to linger?  Consider Frank Rolfe’s word’s anew.


There are those in various segments of manufactured housing or the affordable housing advocacy world’s who find this Oliver satirical hit video against some of the industry’s giants a useful narrative useful for their purposes.  Agree or disagree, its their right, of course.

That means sober and realistic souls in manufactured housing must be able to respond in timely and effective ways. Verbally tossing ROC USA or Frank Rolfe under the bus accomplishes little in practical terms.

MHProNews and MHLivingNews have already provided several public responses.  While some have moaned and groaned about Oliver’s video, what are those moaners – save the sources of the shared tips – actually doing about it?

Those tips quoted above to MHProNews exposed something that association members at the state and national levels needed to see.



MHProNews could provide screen captures of the other emails, but this demonstrates that Bliss and the others sent what was quoted above in that message exchange with MHEC.



Many of these quotes are from MHI insiders.

Those association executives may take your dues, and while arguably undermining a person’s or firm’s reputation or interests. If they will do it to ROC USA or Rolfe, what is to keep them from doing that to you or your firm?

Furthermore, given the lessons learned from the report “How Gold Rules” what can the MHEC executives do – if they want to keep their jobs – other than give news tips to us?

It is increasingly clear that there are conflicts of interest involved in trying to point out who benefits and who is harmed by the John Oliver “Mobile Homes” video narrative? ICYMI, or need a refresher, the linked text-image box reveals prior tips from state association executives who are tired of how the MHEC system is manipulated, and how it arguably harms the interests of industry independents.



That said, Prosperity Now this sent out a statement about their most recent promotion of their use of John Oliver’s video narrative. Keep in mind that Prosperity Now has been getting funding from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) for some years, among others.

Here’s the key part from the Prosperity Now release today, between the dashed — lines.


— start of Prosperity Now release quote —

John Oliver Addresses Manufactured Housing

John Oliver, host of Last Week Tonight on HBO, explained why manufactured homeowners need to be able to use resources within their communities to build their own housing parks by citing research from Doug Ryan, Senior Director of Affordable Housing at Prosperity Now. Watch the Full Segment here. Use Prosperity Now’s Manufactured Housing Toolkit to learn how you can spread awareness and advocate for affordable housing in your community.


— end of Prosperity Now release quote —

Note that quoting Prosperity Now is
not to be construed as an endorsement of their position.
Reporting or quoting aren’t an endorsement.


MHProNew’s publisher, L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach sent an Op-Ed to an editor who fact-checked his claims, and then not only ran his letter, but did so in 5 markets, not just one.


  Jacksonville

  Gainesville

  Sarasota

  Lakeland

  Winter Haven


Those were based upon our initial public facing report on MHLivingNews, linked below.



Where is MHI’s public response?  Or Clayton Homes?  Frank Rolfe, or any of the other firms who have been negatively mentioned?

Agree or not, count on MHAction, Prosperity Now, ROC USA – among others – to keep beating this drum. Those state executives that aren’t caught in the ‘Gold Rules’ trap need to find ways to fight back for their independent members.

SpencerRoanePentagonPropertiesCreditsPostedDailyBusinessNewsResearchDataReportsMHProNewsIronically, it was Spencer Roane who said last week the following. After taking a backhanded ad hominem swipe at our publisher, he then said this: “The Jacksonville newspaper post is about the need for affordable housing.  Hard to argue w/ that.  The only fact-checking appears to be Kovach’s, and that involves MHI membership and Buffet affiliations.  So what?  Other than sharing the interest of many in the industry about overly aggressive community owners/managers, none of this has anything to do w/ me.”

Roane is reportedly a regular reader, but publicly with his circle, he is not a fan of MHProNews, per sources. That said, it is hard to argue with that Roane and others in the community sector are vexed by “overly aggressive community owners/managers” – which he then distances himself from. While he dismissively says, “So what?” he makes it clear that the “only fact-checking appears to be Kovach’s, and that involves MHI membership and Buffet affiliations.” Call it what it is, a back-handed compliment.

But Roane missed perhaps the most important point.  It is Warren Buffet who via dark money channels has provided funding via the NoVo Foundation and Tides nonprofits to MHAction.


After years of fact-checks on irksome issues, MHProNews and MHLivingNews are uniquely positioned to do a useful response and analysis.

In this Oliver video case, it is demonstrably MHI backers who’ve sparked the bad news.  Roane is correct that this is an issue for independent community owners. But it is a key MHI backer – Warren Buffett – who have purportedly helped fund MHAction.




Building that case, one fact after another. Follow the money trail. Ask who benefits? Cui Bono?

Now, MHAction with Prosperity Now and others are fanning the flames of their attacks on manufactured housing’s image – and thus, manufactured housing independents, including Roane and others like him. What will the National Association of Manufactured Housing Community Owners (NAMHCO) or others publicly do in response?



Ironically, it was Tim Williams at 21st Mortgage who obliquely provided this news tip to MHProNews a while back. CPI teamed up with the Seattle Times to do the original ‘hit’ on Clayton Homes. So there is a pattern that is arguably emerging. Buffett bucks goes to sources such as CPI or MHAction, at times via dark money channels.  Those nonprofits like CPI or MHAction in turn attack ‘black hat’ practices that may indeed include Buffett’s own brands, but  it is done in a way that makes the industry-at-large look like black hats to those who don’t go beyond the surface.  


Similar conclusion to Influence Watch, but this graphic is from Cory Morningstar. Open Secrets makes the point that it is difficult to trace these kinds of contributions, which may explain the disparity between the totals shown.


  • MHI’s leadership has been asked to respond to these allegations previously.  Silence.
  • MHI’s outside attorney has been asked to respond to these documented points, he too is silent.
  • Clayton and 21st, the same ‘nada’ responses.

That silence speaks volumes.


Part of a Pattern?

Then consider this in the following context.  This pattern is akin to tax and regulatory barriers, bigger firms can handle those better, per researchers.  Buffett can back whomever he wants to politically.  But what do you call it when Buffett’s backed POTUS Barack Obama – who in turn backed Dodd-Frank and the CFPB. Meanwhile MHI, Clayton and 21st claimed to be working to change a law that POTUS Obama said would be vetoed?

That truth about years wasted pursuing Preserving Access was hiding in plain sight.


Aren’t the effects similar?  Can you spell, MHI and Berkshire-brands head-fakes? Say one thing, and do another?

FollowThe MoneyPayMoreAttentionToWhatPeopleDothanwhatTheySaySpySea72MartyLavinYachtManufacturedHousingINdustryProMHProNews

Ask yourself. Do these Marty Lavin dictums apply in this case?



Notice. One can agree with 21st Mortgage CEO and prior MHI Chairman Tim Williams’ presentation, from which the slide above was taken with permission, while still questioning how it came to be that Williams was being intellectually at odds with Berkshire Hathaway Chairman, Warren Buffett. To see all of William’s informative slides, click the graphic above.


Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceived.” –  Sir Walter Scott.


Are the head-fakes and patterns of deceptions becoming more clear?  Do they fit Buffett’s castle and moat metaphor?



Never forget that even during medieval times, castles and their moats were in fact breached.


Meanwhile, consolidation in MHVille continues…


The Lesson Learned?

At a minimum, more MHI affiliated association executives need to join the Omaha-Knoxville-Arlington resistance,” observed MHProNews publisher, L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach. “For those that can, why not consider doing what Neal Haney helped lead some associations out of MHI in the last two years?”


Once the rules of engagement and methods used are better understood, then one can often predict what will follow. 

It isn’t just deception in ‘fighting’ regulations, or evidence of Buffett’s bucks fomenting bad news in MHVille.  It is purportedly also evidenced by diverting lower-cost financing away from retailers and communities too.


Your thoughts? See the related reports, further below.

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In a series of direct quotes in context, a document from 21st Mortgage signed by Tim Williams, and video recorded comments by Kevin Clayton, these all line up to demonstrate how independent retailers, communities, and producers – among others – where purportedly harmed by action that could be deemed an antitrust violation. Why hasn’t Allen told his readers how that cost them money?

Mobile Home Militia – “Clayton [Homes] Wants Your Cornbread Too” “Join the Revolution” – ‘You Gotta Have Swagger’

Warren Buffett’s Moat, Understanding Manufactured Housing Requires Grasping Strategic Economic Moats

MHARR Calls on New Fannie Mae CEO Hugh Frater to Fully and Properly Implement Federal Law

“Lead, Follow … Or Get Out of The Way”


“The Illusion of Motion Versus Real-World Challenges”







Biggest Manufactured Home Living Story? Millie Francis’ Our Lady of Guadalupe Mobile Home Art, Religious Liberty, Heading to Mediation, Arbitration or Litigation

January 23rd, 2019 Comments off


It’s the top mainstream news story involving the industry that too few manufactured housing (MH) profession leaders seem to grasp – or are willing to tackle.



Nevertheless, it’s perhaps the biggest one in years to impact our flailing segment of the affordable housing industry.

Once the ubiquitous Drudge Report linked up the account of Millie Francis and her public display of Our Lady of Guadalupe, numerous other mainstream media outlets picked up the subject.




Scores of news sources have run variations of her tale. It includes Francis’ battle with her resident owned community’s (ROC) management company and on-site manager Janet Nowakowski, whom Francis claims is in violation of community rules, while selectively enforcing others.

Legal opinions and other manufactured home industry professional have weighed in with their views.

What mainstream media stresses Francis’ determined “They’ll have to kill me first” statement, standing before her now iconic painting of Our Lady of Guadalupe on the street facing of her pre-HUD Code mobile home comes down.

The Bradenton Tropical Palms resident owned community’s management hired the law firm, Knox and Levine, to pressure Francis into removing the painted image of the Madonna, the mother of Jesus under her venerated image as Our Lady of Guadalupe (OLG).




Devout Catholics see OLG as the patroness of the Americas, and of the unborn.




A Bradenton city official has told MHProNews that they are aware of the drama, and recommend that Francis contact a Fair Housing organization in the area. That mirrors other legal commentary shared on-and-off the record to MHProNews, previously reported at the link here.  One example is shown below.





The Millie Francis, Our Lady of Guadalupe Drama Synopsis 

Millie Francis found herself in a firestorm over a painting she was “inspired” to commission while at mass as she prepared to receive holy communion at Sacred Heart Parish in Bradenton, FL.

Francis told the Daily Business News on MHProNews that she is seeking an off-ramp from the drama, but does not want to have the image painted by artist Ingrid Brandt removed.

Francis pointed out to MHProNews other examples of architectural changes in that same section of Bradenton Tropical Palms community she lives in that involve the use of dolphins, geckos, or other symbols.  Those other examples may also be viewed as religious in nature.




Which begs the questions, why is Francis’ painting of Our Lady of Guadalupe causing persecution? Why are the others apparently accepted by the resident owned community’s management? Is Francis’ interest in the cooperative ‘resident owned community’ somehow inferior to that of others who live there?




Part of the caustic elements in the evolution of this matter is that the entire affair was arguably sparked by the resident owned community’s own security company.




The security service would reportedly drive by Francis’ home at night, shining a light through her pre-HUD Code mobile home’s window. Some ‘stranger’ would also come by, said Francis, who would peer in.  That individual was apparently not spotted or stopped by security in the gated Brandenton Tropical Palms.

So, as a result of those incidents, Francis asked for and was given permission by that ROC to do what others at that property have done, architecturally remove and replace her front window.

A source close to Francis told MHProNews that this hullabaloo may be traced to something as simple as incomplete paperwork. If so, then why all the threats of litigation and eviction over a powerful cultural and religious symbol?

The Orlando Sentinel produced a short video, that included the still-video-frame of a comically evil-looking, mustachioed manager posted above. Is that the image that ROCs or others in the manufactured home industry want?  If not, where is the action to intervene and bring this to a proper resolution?  Why not let Francis fill out and sign a few papers, and let her keep her artwork, as others in the same community have been allowed to do?

The most recent video about this tragi-comic tale is posted below.




Behind the Veil of the Media Narrative

It is noteworthy that the art has its own legal protection under Florida law. But that law may not necessarily protect the artwork exactly where it is currently located, which is Francis’ stated desire.

The media accounts metaphorically paint Francis as a tough, 85-year-old woman, who will die before she gives up that commissioned art work.

While Francis is indeed determined, she is also a heart patient. The stress over this issue could kill her. When we spoke in person, she had to pause and catch her breath. Tears came to her eyes, as Francis shared the unexpected development of her circumstances.

A brief, follow-up phone call from MHProNews with the valiant senior revealed she was having her heart examined by medical professionals, apparently due to her distress.

A sense of the sheer breath of news coverage are found in the Google screen captures as shown. Well over 100,000 online links to this topic are reported by Google.




Mediation? Arbitration? Litigation?

A possible mediator for Francis has stepped forward. That party spoke to MHProNews at length, off-the-record. While trained in mediation, he is not an attorney. It remains to be seen if he can find a compromise with Knox and Levine.

Otherwise, the case will head to arbitration or the courts.




Where are the Manufactured Home Industry’s Non-Profits?

At the time Millie Francis spoke to the Daily Business News on MHProNews, she was unaware of any activity by any nonprofit on her behalf. There is no known indication since which indicates that has changed. Which should make any industry professional wonder, where are resident and/or trade groups such as:


  • Prosperity Now
  • MHAction
  • #NobleNotMobile
  • Florida Manufactured Housing Association (FMHA)
  • Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI)


on this issue, which has focused global attention on Manufactured Home Living since the Drudge Report linked a news story up?

Perhaps the most in-depth report – and one of the highest ranked among some of this morning’s Google searches – is the one posted on MHProNews. It is found at the link here, and in the related references below the byline.



It should be disclosed that MHProNews provided the Drudge Report with a document containing pages of evidence about Mille Francis’ Our Lady of Guadalupe case. That was sent to the Drudge team prior to our own publication of the report linked here and below.

Within hours of the email shown in the screen capture below, Francis’ narrative was linked up by news media maven Drudge.




A similar document as the one sent to the Drudge team, sent to the Bradenton Tropical Palms, is linked here as a download.  The parties certainly ought to know how badly this looks.  So, why haven’t they taken a bite of humble pie, and quietly resolved this with Millie Francis?

For reasons made clear in the in-depth report found linked below, which included third-party expert legal commentary, MHProNews editorially believes that the Bradenton Tropical Palms is harming Millie Francis’ civil and religious rights. They and their attorneys are thus arguably negatively impacting the interests of not only Francis, but that of the entire manufactured home industry and its millions of homeowners too.

After all, ponder how this appears to outsiders looking in. If millions of manufactured and mobile home owners live in a land-lease, and this is the kind of treatment that residents receive?  How can that be anything other than a negative reflection on our entire profession?

Examples of how the public has reacted to this are predictable, with some examples posted at the detailed report, linked below the byline.



All of the positive efforts of the industry are moot if post-production industry leaders are not wise enough to step up to the plate and help resolve this vexing matter in a positive way. If they won’t do it out of compassion for the rights of Millie Francis, then they should act out of pure self interest. Either way, they should act.


Sense of Urgency?

There ought to be some urgency for the industry’s post-production associations and non-profits to step in and help resolve this matter in a favorable fashion. Francis’ health is an obvious issue. Her rights are purportedly being violated, say legal experts. Plus, these troubling headlines and related reports will likely continue for weeks or months.  That will continue to forge a problematic stereotype about our industry, at the very time – the growing affordable housing crisis – that the opposite image is being portrayed than what is needed.

It’s baffling that one or more post-production industry nonprofits have reportedly not already stepped up to help settle this case.  As the meme from the Orlando Sentinel exemplifies, this makes a ROC and manufactured home communities in general look like a monster picking on an 85-year-old heart patient, a devout Catholic Christian who felt inspired to honor Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Ouch.

Angels? Geckos? Dolphins? Those are all apparently okay.

But the Catholic patroness of the unborn and of the Americas? That’s apparently a no-no at the Bradenton Tropical Palms in Florida.

An affordable housing crisis grows.  The National Association of Realtors and others favorably spotlighted in 2018 manufactured homes as the most affordable type of permanent home ownership in America.  Nevertheless, due in no small measure to a stream of incidents – including this one – the opportunity for doing more good is misunderstood and maligned.

Warren Buffett is a well-known, big-time supporter of abortion. Apparently, the secular Omaha-Knoxville-Arlington masters of MHVille won’t lift a finger to come to the side of their own industry and this ailing Catholic widow.

What words does one find to describe the outrage this episode should spark from coast-to-coast among industry pros and investors?  What words should describe the way this impacts manufactured home owners, and what is more typically an appealing lifestyle?

MHVille’s so-called corporate and non-profit leaders?  Where’s your leadership on this top-headline issue? “We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (News, commentary, and analysis.)

(See Related Reports, further below. Text/image boxes often are hot-linked to other reports that can be accessed by clicking on them. Third-party images and content are provided under fair use guidelines.)

LATonyKovachMHanufacturedHomeLivingNewsManufacturedHousingProNewsConsultantIndustryExpertBy L.A. “Tony” Kovach – for

Tony is the multiple award-winning managing member of LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC, the parent company to MHProNews, and

Office 863-213-4090 |Connect on LinkedIn:



Related References:

The text/image boxes below are linked to other reports, which an be accessed by clicking on them.

Warren Buffett’s ‘Charitable’ Billions – Has Clayton’s Boss Funded Millions of Deaths by Abortion?


Millie Francis, Bradenton Tropical Palms ROC Resident, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Religious Discrimination, Fair Housing Act=Media Drama Continues

Bridging Gap$, Affordable Housing Solution Yields Higher Pay, More Wealth, But Corrupt, Rigged Billionaire’s Moat is Barrier


“The Illusion of Motion Versus Real-World Challenges”












Center for Public Integrity – Stunning Clayton Homes-Warren Buffett-Berkshire Hathaway Manufactured Home Lending Truth Outs

November 24th, 2018 Comments off

Our thanks to a key source at 21st that helped make this report possible.

The truth can be stranger than fiction. Prepare to scratch your head in wonder, to be stunned, or both. But the evidence will be provided, and you can decide for yourself whatever you think it means to you, your business, the manufactured home industry, and our nation that is seeking quality, safe, and affordable housing.



Doug Ryan has advocated for manufactured homes in a variety of ways for CFED cum Prosperity Now since February 2013, according to his LinkedIn profile. 

But Ryan has also been a harsh critic of Berkshire Hathaway brands engaged in manufactured home lending, as well as Clayton Homes’ sales practices.



Writing in Shelter Force, Ryan pointed to the Center for Public Integrity’s journalism, which had combined with a writer at the Seattle Times.

Note Ryan’s headline?


That headline and the opening paragraph should seem odd-at-best on the surface.


Because CFED turned Prosperity Now, has received funding from Warren Buffett, via so-called “dark money” channels. One example is funding that flowed from Buffett via the Tides Foundation to Prosperity Now/CFED



MHLivingNews, in a previous exclusive, reported that CFED also had another conflict-of-interest that had gone undisclosed, because they reportedly received money from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) during the Obama Administration era.

There’s been no clearly visible disclosure by Ryan or CFED/Prosperity Now in their published commentaries about Clayton Homes and Berkshire Hathaway manufactured home lending regarding dark money funding from Buffett. Just look at Ryan’s writing in Shelter Force, American Banker, or other similar Op-Eds. Do you see a disclosure there about where some of that money for Prosperity Now comes from? Why isn’t that disclosure made transparently?

But perhaps the most stunning revelation is that some of those ‘charitable’ millions from Warren Buffett’s billions have gone to – wait for it – the Center for Public Integrity.



Rephrased, Buffett’s millions were used in part to fund the print and digital media attacks on Chairman Buffett led Berkshire’s Clayton Homes, 21st Mortgage Corp, and Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance (VMF).  Others in media then picked those stories up, and ran with it.  Among them, Doug Ryan at Prosperity Now. 

To a normal person, that may boggle the mind. Why would Buffett effectively pay news media and non-profits to attack his own businesses?

But the facts are that: 

   The Center for Public Integrity (teamed with the Seattle Times),

   CFED/Prosperity Now, and


are all among the operations that have attacked manufactured housing professionals in a variety of ways. There are more, but let’s just look at those 3 operations for the purpose of this post.  Each of the above were paid via the Tides Foundation.  Not that it’s necessary for the point of this article, but how many other dark money paths might be involved, linking Buffett, his friends, and brands to attacks or stalls on our HUD Code manufactured home industry?



Just as a big company can demonstrably better withstand regulations than a smaller firm, arguably, a larger company can better handle negative media than smaller companies.

Similarly, the biggest company in an industry can reflect well-meh-or poorly on the balance of an industry.  That’s what Ryan purportedly does, throw the others in by implication with Buffett and his brands, at least in this Shelter Force article.


To report a news tip, click the image above or send an email to – To help us spot your message in our volume of email, please put the words NEWS TIP in the subject line.

Buffett has said he has confidence in manufactured housing and that’s why he gets into an industry. But he also plainly says that he wants to grow what he calls his Moat.



Oh, What a Tangled Web…

Manufactured housing has struggled under a multiple-layered headwinds that includes, but are not necessarily limited to:




   Image/stigma/media, and

   Zoning/placement, among others. Much of this can be boiled down to misinformation. So why has Buffett’s millions often clouded, or failed to clearly clarify, that misinformation?

You can ascribe whatever motives you like to the above facts. But logically, when Buffett’s money keeps going to the Tides Foundation for years, which Tides in turn gives money to:


   The Center for Public Integrity (which teamed up with the Seattle Times),

  Prosperity Now/formerly CFED, and

   MHAction, among others.

There is arguably only one logical conclusion. Mr. Buffett must like what Tides and these other groups named above do with his money, because he’s given them millions.  That money-flow spans the years.

As the Daily Business News on MHProNews has previously documented, Berkshire Hathaway has dozens of local and regional newspapers, the BH Media Group. Why does BH Media brands seldom cover manufactured housing in a way that clarifies the many misconceptions about our industry?


Most manufactured home industry professionals don’t realize the scope of the BH Media Group’s direct assets. Beyond these, there are other media ties and interests that they arguably can leverage. Why haven’t they done so to advance the industry? How does this reality compare with the claims of Kevin Clayton, MH Insider, or MHI?



Instead of clearly stating, over and over, the facts about manufactured housing, and how it can advance affordable housing, Buffett’s/Berkshire’s/Clayton’s money has flowed to those who, like Doug Ryan or Esther Sullivan, who send a problematic mix message about our HUD Code manufactured home industry.


Against that backdrop, see the new and prior reports that are linked immediately and further below.  


Failure, Success and Profitable Truth Detection for Manufactured Housing

That’s plenty to digest this Saturday edition of “News through the lens of manufactured homes, and factory-built housing,” © where “We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (News, analysis, and commentary.)

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SoheylaKovachDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsMHLivingNewsSubmitted by Soheyla Kovach to the Daily Business News for Soheyla is a managing member of LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC, the parent company to MHProNews, and


Related Reports:

Machiavellian “Godfather” – Sam Zell, Warren Buffett, Capital, Lending and Crossed Lines in Manufactured Housing


Manufactured Housing – MHVille, It’s Not a Matter Open to Interpretation

Urban Institute Ask for Correction in Analysis of their Manufactured Housing Research, “Follow the Facts,” “Follow the Money”



Manufactured Housing “Top Ten Truths”

April 6th, 2018 Comments off


Give credit where it is due.


CFED/Prosperity Now has done important research for years. In many cases their research promotes manufactured homes as an important part of the solution to the affordable housing crisis.

Granted, CFED – which rebranded as Prosperity Now last year – sticks its finger in the eye of some manufactured home lenders, and some manufactured home community operators. That will be evident in the top ten seen below.

But should the baby be thrown out with the bathwater?  Where is “the industry’s” engagement with Prosperity Now, to come to terms with Prosperity Now on those problematic areas?  That’s another topic, for another time.

On this Flashback Friday report, the graphic shown is a reformatting of their Top Ten Truths about Manufactured Homes.


One more point that seems to have escaped the notice of too many in manufactured housing, is that CFED led-the-charge over 4 years ago, on the point that manufactured home loans have proven to be sustainable.  In their research, they pointed to a $1.7 billion dollar loan portfolio that they said performed as well or better than conventional home loans.

The Daily Business News plans another look at related topics in the near term. “We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (News, analysis and commentary.)

(Third party images are shown under fair use guidelines.)

Related Reports:

Marketing, Web, Video, Consulting, Recruiting and Training Resources

SoheylaKovachManufacturedHomeLivingNewsManufacturedHousingIndustryDailyBusinessNewsMHProNews-Submitted by Soheyla Kovach to the Daily Business News for

Soheyla is a managing member of LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC, the parent company to MHProNews, and

Road to Zero Wealth, Fisking Prosperity Now, Institute for Policy Studies Report

September 13th, 2017 Comments off

To see the complete report, click the image above.

We can’t just be the party of redistribution of wealth … we’ve got to be the party of creation of wealth,” U.S. Representative Tim Ryan (D-OH) said recently on MSNBC‘s Morning Joe.

Yet Prosperity Now – formerly CFED – proposes just that – redistribution of wealth – in their latest position paper The Road to Zero Wealth.

Their study looks closely at an issue that many advocates across the political and economic spectrum agree upon. Namely, that blacks and Hispanics have been going backwards in their net worth for years.

On such a hot button topic in a post-Charlottesville America, MHProNews will do a focused “fisking” of this issue and report.



Note, the charts from their report have not been fact checked. Why? Because even if accurate, the fundamental premise of the report is flawed. Correct facts, with a flawed ‘solution,’ will only lead to a flawed outcome.

Are the shocking statistics that Prosperity Now and the Institute for Policy Studies presents a classic case of Mark Twain’s pithy saying – “There are lies, damn lies and statistics.”


Some of their reports and charts are fascinating from the following perspective. Progressives – even when well intended – have long pushed for certain policies, which have not produced the desired result. Yet, their technocrats are undeterred, and keep pushing revised versions of policies that have no historic track record for success.

Note the graphics in this post from their report have not been fact checked, why? Because accurate or not, the solution they propose is one proven time and again to be a failure, both here in the U.S. and abroad.  When the proposed solution is flawed, why bother double-checking other details?



As MHProNews and MHLivingNews has chronicled for years, CFED turned Prosperity Now is pro-manufactured housing, but takes some anti-MH business stances. Click the above to learn more.

A Solution Hiding in Plain Sight?

Unlimited immigration essentially dilutes the potential value of the law of supply and demand for American workers, says Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR), who filed a bill for a plan that President Donald J. Trump supports.

The Daily Business News looked at that subject through the lens of manufactured housing, labor and business in a report found in the link above.

Cheap labor may sound good to an employer. But there are economic consequences to that practice, which harms black or Hispanic workers, as well as whites and other ethnic groups.  There are harmful consequences to trade, tax, and other policies that shift opportunities overseas, all at the expense of the American worker.


What can the valid justification be for taking from someone who honestly earned their income, and give it away to someone else who didn’t work for or earn that income? That’s contrary to the ideals that made America the most prosperous nation in the world. To see the full report, click the above.

What proposals such as this one miss is that the wealthy can always shift that wealth abroad, to a lower tax area.  What sounds good on paper, in practice, has not worked before.  Why would it work this time?


The U.S. dominates in wealth, but that percentage has been shrinking due to 50 plus years of flawed domestic, trade, and foreign policies. The nations that are now growing the fastest are those that have lower regulatory and tax barriers.  Low taxes and common sense regulations – such as anti-monopoly laws, are the historic and proven American Way. For MH commentary including the race issue, click here.

After more than fifty years of Democratic President Lyndon Banes Johnson’s so-called “War on Poverty,” there’s trillions more in federal debt. The poverty level is about the same.


Yet, free enterprise was already working to change poverty for people of all race, creeds, and colors. The intervention of socialism harmed, rather than helped. When China and Russia abandoned their socialistic economic model, and when we see the collapse of Venezuela in only about a decade of socialism, why would any thinking Americans entertain a system that is a proven failure?

The Progressive Playbook?

It is much the same as the elitists and technocrats who want to replace failed ObamaCare with failed single-payer healthcare.

Thomas Sowell, Ph.D. Economist, Thinker,

Collage credit, Wikipedia and 

The Solution?

Rev. Donald Tye hasn’t called for handouts.  Nor did Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Both promote genuine equality of opportunity and an equal protection under the law.


Tye explained that public housing – an entitlement – often yields addiction. Ownership vs. renting or living in “projects” leads to integrity, a view he likens to those of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Dr. Ben Carson has pointed out that the typical homeowner has a $200,000 net worth, while the typical renter has only a $5000 net worth.  While Carson has spoken well of manufactured housing on occasion, it is unclear how well he truly understands the opportunity for wealth creation that manufactured homes which HUD regulates could provide to people of all racial and other groups.

This is why Tye has been an enthusiastic advocate for manufactured homes, and their use in urban, suburban as well as rural areas.

Ironically, Prosperity Now has on one level grasped the fundamental truth that manufactured housing could be a key resource for putting people of all backgrounds who are renters onto the path of home ownership.  But then, don’t they muddy their own water by taking a position for redistribution of wealth, which is a proven policy failure each time it is attempted?

Tye’s promotes what manufactured housing professionals who understand and believe in the enhanced preemption of the Manufactured Housing Improvement Act of 2000 (MHIA 2000) like Stan Dye do (see the Dye video interview, above).

That solution is simple. It requires only enforcement of existing laws.  Allow the proper placement of HUD Code manufactured homes in urban area where infill opportunities exist.

Let the free market work, by enforcement of existing law.


The solutions proposed by Tye, Dye, MHARR or others are free market, limited government ones.

Tye has gone further in pushing for a proper understanding and implementation of constitutionally limited government, and a return to the fundamentals of faith that alone can protect a society.

Millions of people of good will believe in the progressive agenda.  But have enough followed the history of that agenda to its logical conclusion?  Do they see what Tye and others promote, the notion that labels are often used to “divide and rule” people?  Only a sincere seeking of truth, without bias or bigotry will provide the solutions that tens of millions yearn for in America today.


The selection of news stories or reports to analyze are always an editorial decision, even when it’s being covered in a journalistic fashion.

The reason that MHProNews and MHLivingNews have editorially spotlighted Kid Rock is that there’s potential for properly motivated, ehtical industry leaders to connect with someone

  • who is successful,
  • owns a manufactured home,
  • and celebrates those poor of all colors who own one too.
  • See that powerful, though salty, video by clicking the linked image below.


The solution for much of America does involve correct housing policy. Because that is what leads to wealth for most Americans.  Manufactured homes, properly shared, could be a solution for millions. ## (News, analysis, commentary, fisking.)

(Image credits are as shown above, and when provided by third parties, are shared under fair use guidelines.)

SoheylaKovachManufacturedHomeLivingNewsManufacturedHousingIndustryDailyBusinessNewsMHProNews-Submitted by Soheyla Kovach to the Daily Business News for

Presidents, Protest Groups, Update on Plot to Disrupt MHI Annual Meeting in Orlando

July 21st, 2017 Comments off

I’ve been protested before,” the corporate president said to MHProNews. “That doesn’t scare or bother me,” the caller said in reaction to the report, linked here.


MHProNews previously reported on the “All Parks Alliance for Change,” “Mobile Justice,” a photo taken at the Minnesota state capitol protest that activist group held. To see that prior story, click here or the image above. The leader of that particular group is one of those mentioned in more detail below.

Other manufactured home industry business and association professionals who called or messaged MHProNews about the notice that one or more left-wing resident groups were mulling disruptive activities were not as enthusiastic.

Several were leery about being caught up in the middle of – as one said – “bull horn toting, sign-carrying picketers,” press, and TV cameras.

But one party was more cynical, and clinical. “C’mon! They may protest means they may not too.”

Sources and Methods

Sources and methods for this Daily Business News report need to be carefully presented:

  • to be accurate,
  • useful to professionals discerning meeting and travel plans,
  • and which may also serve to disrupt the alleged disrupters.

At a minimum, as one professional noted, the element of surprise is gone for both left-wing resident group activists, as well as for those who may want to brave photographers with print media, and TV cameras — that follow in the wake of those anti-business minded protesters.

One of several fine points, per sources that tipped MHProNews, suggest is that the protest groups could use live streaming video themselves. They would certainly “milk any and all media” or self-generated coverage “for years to come after the MHI Orlando event.”

A simple check of activist resident group websites underscored the wisdom of that comment.  Some examples, will be seen below.

Revelations, Allegations, and An Exclusive Update from Activists


It is unclear if Communities for Change will or won’t be part of the alleged plot to disrupt the MHI meeting. What is known from a direct communication with this group is that they suggested to MHProNews that MHAction be contacted for information. To see a previously published story on how Westin and Borden teamed up using media in an attempt to discredit industry community operations, please click the photo above. Note that MHProNews debunked key elements of their media-driven claim.

MHProNews has verified directly with one such group that a steering committee has – or must – meet to further discuss just such a protest at MHI’s annual meeting in September in Orlando.

In follow ups to that same group, they have issued a “no further comment” statement.

Another group directly contacted has not yet replied.

That is not uncommon with that second organization. That group previously has replied at times, but at other times remain mute – as they know from experience that MHProNews and MHLivingNews are pro-Industry, pro-Consumer trade media that has actively debunked anti-industry claims for years. Two recent examples of this trade media platform defending the industry from unjust attacks are linked here and here.

For the response from Jonathan Westin’s organization, see the caption below his photo.

Insider Insights into ‘Splits’ Within Left-Wing Activists Resident Groups

Sources inform MHProNews that MHAction and NMHOA have a “split” when it comes to their respective “styles.”

MHAction, sources say, sees itself as more aggressive than long-time Ishbel Dickens led NMHOA.

For Ken Borden’s MHAction, per that source to the Daily Business News, NMHOA is “not aggressive enough.”

There are other resident groups that have done such ‘media magnet’ protests before, at their respective market levels.

What is unclear from information presently at hand is if – or how many of those more local groups – may be interested in leaving their normal theaters of operation, to step onto a national stage in Orlando.

That it could happen is suggested, sources say, by the emergence of Dave Anderson at NMHOA – see more on that – further below.

Disruption – Not Chess, Pinball

Tony, don’t think about these activists as chess players,” said one professional. “They absolutely have strategies, but it is more three dimensional than two. Think pinball. Disruption that gains favorable media attention for their cause – in their minds – that’s already a victory.”

That source wasn’t justifying the activist groups; rather it was an insight into their trouble-making, grab-attention worldview.

A comparison was also made by said professional between the types of protests one has seen in the U.S., pre-Trump Administration, and the far more virulent – and sometimes, violent – protests that have spring up this year, thanks in part to George Soros, and similar leftist-minded, funding sources.

Protest Group Profiles

We will provide 3 basic snapshots – self-descriptions and media headlines – of those who have been activist leaders against the business interests in the MH finance, and MH community sectors of the industry.

No particular order of importance should be construed from the 3 names listed below.

  • Ken Borden
  • Ishbel Dickens
  • David “Dave” R. Anderson


Ken Borden – Snapshot


Each of these spotlighted individuals and groups has a proven track record of protests, and being media savvy. As the graphics and links below reflect, MHI has been ‘caught off guard’ before with far less dramatic incidents than the ones such seasoned protesters are allegedly plotting.


Ishbel Dickens – Snapshot


HUD’s Belated, Blustering “Promotion” of Manufactured Homes

Democrat supporter and HUD’s manufactured housing program director Pam Danner at right, and Ishbel Dickens in center, in a HUD photo, shown under fair use guidelines. The political preference of Theresa Payne is unknown. Text and collage credits,  Note stating someone’s politics should be construed as a fact, nothing more or less. MHProNews readers span the political spectrum — including those who could care less about politics. 


Ishbel Dickens has directly challenged MHI positions in several venues, as MHProNews has previously reported. One such venue, where MHI said they were blind sided, was at the Congressional Field Hearings, to see that story, click here or the image above. Dickens and NMHOA colleague, Carla Burr, were part of the PBS News report that was harmful to manufactured housing and communities.  See that report, linked here. MHProNews has led-the-charge that debunked several of that group’s claims, but they are tenacious. Note their ties with CFED, Prosperity Now…others?


David “Dave” R. Anderson – Snapshot


As noted above in red, Dave Anderson of NMHOA was active in the MN based All Parks Alliance group, which staged the protest shown in the photo at the top.


An industry source stressed to MHProNews, that readers should note that not all resident groups are made up of radical political leftists. Some are interested in bridging gaps, another topic, another time – but that point is mentioned here for a balanced understanding of the various groups themselves.

For specific examples, some state associations work with various levels of effectiveness with resident groups in their states.

MHI Security and Countermeasures?

Those professionals who asked MHProNews about MHI’s plans, if any, to deal with protests and disruption were referred to MHI.  Note MHI has not opted to share a comment on this matter.


The original picture is of an actual protest against a manufactured home community operation — a mock up to illustrate what has happened, and part of what could – per sources – be coming in Orlando in September. As one source suggested, it should not be thought that the limits of what the protesters might do is what is shown above; as political leftist groups outside of MH have grown more aggressive and even violent in 2017.  MHI Logo is provided under fair use guidelines.

Some callers asked or spoke about other MHI related items.  But those are beyond the scope of this potential threat of protests at MHI’s annual meeting in Orlando focused report.


Many public officials and media are regulating homes or reporting on activities that they have little or no true understanding about. Photo, Sunset Village, Glenview, IL – credit,

Disclosures, Experience and Insights

This writer lived in a larger land lease community (several hundred sites) that had an activist protest group that was routinely able to get the local, anti-community owner media coverage they craved.

That location’s owner historically took the ‘no comment’ approach with the press. Thus, all of the coverage was slanted against that operation…

…until an alternative method and counter-plan was developed.

Those NMHOA linked-activists were listened to, a meeting attended, and parties involved were later addressed directly by this writer.

An alternate, indirect method of addressing both resident concerns and the media was established. Protest coverage by local media was no longer one-sided.

Over a period of several weeks, that engagement and countermeasures resulted in the activist numbers going from close to 100 attending their meetings, to their numbers dwindle down to single digits attending.  Only a handful afterwards were participating in their picketing and media actions, during the time this writer was involved in and led that effort.

That hardcore local version of NMHOA group remained, but the decreased level of protest, the shift in the overall resident population view, all proved useful with local media.

It was also good for generating new home sales, which protesters otherwise had previously hampered.

Those kinds of ‘disrupt the disrupters’ strategies have not been requested by MHI, who’s own ‘no comments’ approach, is unlikely to ask – or listen? – based upon their own recent patterns of problematic activity.

FrankRolfeNegativeArticlesOnIndustryNoCommentbyManufacturedHousingInstituteMHIRVHorizonsMobleHomeUniversityPostedDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsOther successful experiences of working directly with residents, to defuse anger, and turn them into satisfied promoters could be related.

CFED Turned Prosperity Now


If MHI is serious about passing their bill, then it would be wise to come to grips with operations such as Prosperity Now, which is pro-manufactured housing, but opposes much of the MHI agenda. To learn more, click the image above.

Yesterday the Daily Business News reported on the former CFED, which has rebranded as Prosperity Now.

They are using a different activist approach.

While they have not replied for comments on if they plan any direct level of involvement in an anti-MHI protest at Orlando, their recent actions offer a strong clue as to the kinds of issues that protesters that do attend are likely to raise.  Note too in the Ishbel Dickens graphic above the ties between NMHOA and CFED/Prosperity Now.

Borden’s History

Kevin Borden is already on record protesting Equity LifeStyle Properties (ELS), and Frank Rolfe and company’s operations. MHProNews did a report – linked here – that debunked the thrust of those MHAction claims.

Prosperity Now is anti-the Preserving Access to Manufactured Housing Act, and they will likely continue to beat the drum of certain industry lenders and operations who they deem to be engaged in – or wanting to do – what they call, “predatory lending.”

That report – which for MH Industry or Investor newcomers presents links plus facts that debunk Prosperity Now’s allegations – is linked here.

Further updates on the emerging elements of what sources allege are developing plans by left-wing activists to disrupt the MHI annual meeting in Orlando meeting will be made as warranted. ## (News, analysis, and commentary.)

(Images credits are as shown, and when by third parties, are provided under fair use guidelines.)


Photo by Mark Simon, of L. A. “Tony’ Kovach engaging with SAAs in NY. Kovach has a proven history of being for respect for residents, and being pro-Industry and pro-sustainable growth. He is a consultant, service provider and the publisher of the industry’s two largest and most popular trade media, and

By L. A. “Tony” Kovach.




Prosperity Now Ramps Up Anti-Preserving Access to Manufactured Housing, HR 1699 Pressure

July 20th, 2017 Comments off

ProsperityNowFormerlyCFEDlogoAntiPreservingAccessManufacturedHousingActHR1699DailyBusinessNewsResearchDataReportsMHProNewsProsperity Now is the rebranded version of what was known for decades as CFED.  As many manufactured housing industry professionals know CFED opposed the Preserving Access to Manufactured Housing Act.

In a release, Prosperity Now claims that, “A bill recently introduced in Congress would roll back some basic consumer protections for buyers of manufactured homes. That’s right: the Preserving Access to Manufactured Housing Act, H.R. 1699, has been resurrected once again—putting vulnerable homebuyers at risk.”

Sources have speculated that the former CFED was part of the behind-the-scenes efforts with left-of-center media attacks on the manufactured home industry in the 2015-2016 congressional session.


Doug Ryan, CFED, which is rebranding as Prosperity Now, photo credit, MHProNews.

The Daily Business News reached out to Doug Ryan – their point-person for affordable housing and manufactured home issues, and Andrea Levere, the organization’s president for comments and clarifications, but as of press time, they’ve not responded.

As the top link documented, the Washington, DC based ‘consumer group’ was clearly disappointed with the 2016 general election outcome.

Ryan Admitted Lack of Sufficient Knowledge

As part of an exclusive interview, Ryan admitted that he wasn’t as informed on the details of chattel financing as some of the industry’s professionals.


Those CFPB policies in turn are harming consumers.

Even when CFED turned Prosperity Now has had those facts repeatedly presented – and will not try to debate or disprove them – they have stuck with their party line.

Amazingly, even Richard Cordray has said there never has been much high cost lending in manufactured housing.

AndreaLevereProsperityNowPresidentDailyBusinessNewsManufacturedHousingIndustryResearchReportsDataMHProNewsBut those admissions – along with the exclusive revelation that CFED was getting funding from the CFPB – did not cause them to alter their course.

As a disclosure, and as a matter of pro-consumer, free enterprise economic principle, MHProNews and MHLivingNews have opposed the CFPB’s onerous regulations and their harmful impact on consumers, plus the manufactured housing industry professionals and lenders.

Prosperity Now Calls on Their Supporters

Take action now!” – said the left-of-center organization.


Richard Cordray quotes and those from the report and video on this page, linked here.

The screen capture below shows what they are pushing, and the links and graphics on this page demonstrate how their talking points have been debunked, including by the CFPB’s director, Richard Cordray.


The Need to Engage with Prosperity Now

While the bulk of the industry does not agree with the organization on these issues, professionals ought to be mindful that CFED has a long, overall pro-manufactured housing position.


CFED created the report, linked above, that shows just how affordable manufactured homes are, and argues for their inclusion. To see the report with the graphic above, click here

On subjects like Duty To Serve, or other issues, there are many in manufactured housing who would hold a similar position to CFED/Prosperity Now.

My 80 percent friend is not my 20 percent enemy.”

– Ronald Reagan.

While CFED/Prosperity Now is off the mark on this issue, the industry should find ways to work with them as they can on the other issues where there is common ground belief that manufactured homes are good for millions of consumer. ## (News, analysis.)

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Starting Today, it’s Prosperity Now, CFED’s Rebranding

June 19th, 2017 Comments off

ProsperityNowformerlyCFEDDailyBusinessNewsManufacturedHousingIndustryResearchDataReportsMHProNewsAndrea Levere, president of CFED has announced that as of this morning, their organization is rebranding as Prosperity Now.

Levere tells MHProNews that, “For 38 years, CFED has been a leader in the effort to create economic opportunity for all. Over the course of nearly four decades, our work has transformed from a focus on low-income entrepreneurs into a broader effort to fundamentally change the economy to work better for those with limited income—especially communities of color—in all facets of their lives.”


She then notes their new milestone by saying, “I’m proud to announce that as of this morning, CFED has become Prosperity Now.”

KristinLawtonDirectorCommunicationsCFED-rebrandingProspertityNowKristin Lawton, Director of Communications for CFED told MHProNews in a release some weeks ago that, “It’s been nearly six months since we experienced a seismic shift in the political climate here in Washington, and some days, it feels like none of the news is good.”

Indeed, there is much to lament,” said Lawton.

Sources – including those in their organization – suggest to MHProNews that CFED turned Prosperity Now has relied on many federal agencies for funding, including the CFPB.

So, the change from the Obama Administration that supported numerous progressive groups and causes to that of President Donald J. Trump, is for those groups depending on federal dollars, “a seismic shift.”

Doug Ryan at CFED, as MHLivingNews and MHProNews readers recall, was working with the mainstream media – such as the Seattle Times and others – to stop MHI’s Preserving Access to Manufactured Housing Act 2 years ago.

At the same time, CFED genuinely promotes manufactured housing as a positive option, notably for those who need to get onto the housing ladder to begin wealth building.

Sources have told MHProNews that CFED was willing to work with MHI. The quid pro quo?  CFED would have been willing to go to the CFPB with MHI on the MLO rule for a negotiated agreement, if MHI dropped the points and fees threshold changes they were seeking. For whatever reasons, that opportunity for a quick success was missed by MHI along with others, as the Daily Business News previously reported here and here.


Doug Ryan, CFED, which is rebranding as Prosperity Now, photo credit, MHProNews.

As have many others, MHProNews and MHLivingNews editorially supported prior versions of the Preserving Access bill for years. One of dozens of examples, is linked here. However, a growing number of industry professionals have questioned if MHI’s multi-million dollar strategies – which have yielded no success to date, and failed to capitalize on opportunities as is noted in reports linked above – now makes sense as the Trump Administration wants to wind down or radically change the CFPB, to make it more effective for consumers and businesses alike.


An example of CFED’s manufactured housing related research. Graphic info credit, CFED.

What Direction Will Prosperity Now Take?

Manufactured home industry professionals that realize that voices in Washington, D.C. perceived as being pro-consumer carry significant weight, wonder what would it take to be able to work effectively with CFED turned Prosperity Now?  Could they or other ‘consumer groups’ become allies instead of opponents?

An equally valid question is, will the shift to the Prosperity Now name signal other changes for the now defunct CFED brand?

Prosperity Now’s own team have signaled some possible answers.


Historically, CFED was pro-manufactured housing as a good housing option for wealth building, but took some anti-MHI positions, such as on Preserving Access to Manufactured Housing. What direction will the rebranded organization take?

Lawton lamented the Trump Administration’s moves as “dark spots,” but said there are “reasons to stay hopeful. The prior confirms that there is much work to be done, while the latter reminds us why it is that we all continue to do the important work of building financial stability, wealth and prosperity for everyone in this country.”

Prosperity Now President Levere was more direct.

As thrilled as we are about the exciting new changes that Prosperity Now will bring, I want to underscore that much will remain unchanged.”

With tens of billions of dollars of potential annual growth at stake for the manufactured housing industry, the Daily Business News will continue to track such developments, and report as events warrant. “We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (News, analysis.)

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