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Dee Pizer Relinquishing Role of CEO at Zeman

October 15th, 2015

Dee_Pizer__former_CEO__Zeman_Homes__MHProNew__creditAfter 35 years in the manufactured home industry, 30 of them with Zeman Homes, Zeman CEO Dee Pizer will step down from her position as of Dec. 15, 2015. She has held a number of positions with Zeman since joining the company in 1986, and in January, 2007 was chosen as CEO, leading the company through one of the most difficult times in the history of the manufactured home industry. She is known for her dedication, passion and leadership to produce a high level of achievement.

She said, Thank you to all of my friends and colleagues who have helped me grow and learn in this unique and wonderful industry,” said Pizer. “Special thanks to Bud Zeman who hired me 30 years ago, and had the confidence and patience to allow me to grow beyond my wildest expectations.

While Pizer will remain as Vice Chairman and board member, she will also work on special projects. She maintains an ownership interest in Zeman.

Chief Operating Officer (COO) Jeff Fannon, who singed on with Zeman in 2014, will assume the post of CEO as of Jan.1, 2016. Zeman owns 40 MH properties across the nation.

For MHProNews‘ Cup of Coffee interview with Ms. Pizer in Feb., 2015, please click here. ##

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