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Defiant Independence! USA Today Plugs MH. MH Fugitive! 10 Million Homes 4 TX. Hi-Tech Biz Cards. Phyllis Knight, Nancy Geer, Mary Gaiski Interviews, More! 8/19/2013

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In this issue: Defiant Independence! USA Today Plugs MH. MH Fugitive! 10 Million Homes 4 TX. Hi-Tech Biz Cards. Phyllis Knight, Nancy Geer, Mary Gaiski Interviews, More!

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Featured Articles and Reports for Vol. 4, No. 11, 2013

Alphabetically by Category



• Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman: Kelsey, the Princess and Manufactured Housing

by Nadeen Green, JD


In light of all of the recent – and continuing – dialogue related to the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman matter, I thought I would update and post some thoughts first penned more than 4 years ago that may apply…

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• Americans With Disabilities Act: Does Your Mobile Home Community Have to Comply?

by John H. Pentecost & Christopher R. Elliott


IOn July 26, 1990, President Bush signed into law the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”). The Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (the “1991 Regulations”) were developed shortly thereafter to establish the minimum……

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• Promoting Your Community: “Word of Mouth is the Best advertising you can get . . .” (WOW!)

by Chrissy Jackson


Resident Referrals . . .Most communities with vacancies have some sort of resident referral program in place. The value given to the resident varies, but almost always it is for a home coming into the community,…

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• Compliance Beats Complaints


You don’t want to look over the rim of your coffee cup on a Monday morning and hear a Department of Labor auditor say, “I’m here to perform a wage and hour compliance audit.”

Read more…



 Manufactured Housing and Captive Finance: Can it be done successfully in Today’s Environment? Part II

by L. A. “Tony” Kovach

tonykovach/wp-content/uploads/tony-kovach(3).jpgOn July 26, we posted an article on the Masthead blog about the topic: Manufactured Housing and Captive Finance: Can it be done successfully in Today’s Environment? That post brought numerous comments and sparked conversations from professionals across the spectrum.

Read more…


• The Cold War Against Short Sale Loan Scenarios Has Been Thawing

by Dave Shanklin

dave-shanklin-mhmsm-com(2).jpegIn recent articles I have written about our industry’s lenders’ staunch disapproval of applications from borrowers with any record of mortgage delinquency, short sale, or foreclosure.

Read more…



• A Cup of Coffee with…Nancy Geer



1)Who, What and Where: (Your name and your formal title at New York Housing).

Nancy Geer, Executive Director at New York Housing Association 19 years, on staff 25 years.

Read more…


• Business Cyber Liability Growing Fast

by Kurt Kelly, JD


kurt-kelly-american-insurance-agency-aia 50x50.png

In the past, most lawsuits against small business revolved around bodily injury or tangible property damage. Product liability, slip and fall claims, injured employees and damaged property accounted for most losses.

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• A Cup of Coffee with…Phyllis Knight



1) Who, What and Where: (Your name and your formal title at Champion Commercial Structures).

Phyllis Knight President, Champion Commercial Structures EVP, Champion Home Builders, Inc.

Read more…





 What employees want vs. what you think they want.

by Tim Connor


Over the years, I have observed any number of approaches to getting employees to work more effectively, smarter and harder. You would be amazed at how naïve many managers are today when it comes to understanding human nature, motivation and the emotional needs and drives of their employees.

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• Are You Accountable?

by Scott Stroud


Duh. Dumb question. You’re accountable to everyone – your customers, your homeowners or residents, your boss (or employees), your spouse…

That’s the thing about us A-Personalities – we take on everything we need to handle to keep things moving ahead. In the end, the buck stops with us.

Read more…





• The Open Window

by L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach

tony-kovach(4).jpgHave you heard this saying? “When God closes a door, He often opens a window.” This is an article on marketing – and never quitting – so without getting too theological or spiritual, let me share a real life, ‘never quit’ example of The Open Window.

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• ZigOn Overcoming Fear

by Zig Ziglar


Fear has been correctly identified with the acrostic False Evidence Appearing Real. The truth is that if we think something is to be feared, that perception becomes the cruelest form of reality.

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• How do you measure your value?

by Tim Connor, CSP


Customers today want results not effort, solutions not idle chit chat, value and not promises. Retail or wholesale, pay attention to your factory built home customers, and you’ll see just what this article is focused on

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