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In Manufactured Home Marketing, Size and Results Matter!

by Soheyla Kovach

SoheylaKovachMHProNews 50x50 Q75What follows are just the facts about our reader engagement per third-party Webalizer from the top 2 of several URL/cPanel accounts for Business to Business (B2B) focused


  • Year over Year (YoY), traffic on MHProNews has doubled.
  • Pageviews: 15,516,004.
  • Total Visits: 3,168,015.
  • Average page views per visit: 4.89770534546, or just under 5 pages per visit.

The Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) says that there are some 40,000 full time equivalent professionals working in manufactured housing. B2B focused MHProNews has said for years that their estimate appears to be low for several reasons.

Cavco Industries recently published a higher estimate recently, which confirms MHProNews’ point.  Rephrased, MHI’s own member disagreed with the data claimed by MHI.  Note that MHI’s chairman is Cavco’s Joe Stegmayer.  Will someone explain how that works, please?


Cavco estimates there are some 75,000 full time employees (FTE) working in manufactured housing. That sounds far more realistic than MHI’s claim of only 40,000.  Shown under fair use guidelines for news media.

That said, the MHProNews readership engagement data from the top 2 cPanels on our site would be like reading 40,406 magazines 32 pages in length, from cover-to-cover.

There is nothing – no one source – in manufactured housing that even comes close to the engagement found on MHProNews.  A client company which has advertisted with others in our industry did a head-to-head tracked comparison of results between this platform and others in manufactured housing.  Per that source, he said there was no contest. MHProNews blows the others away in what matters the most. Results.

Its only logical.  We have more traffic.  We have more content. Our content is business daily, plus weekend content too. Note that we don’t ask sponsors to endorse our content.  There is no need for an advertiser or a publisher to do so.

Marketers want to expose their products and/or services to the widest possible qualified audience.  That professional – B2B – audience is MHProNews.

2019 03 02 1039LegacyHousingAdDailyBusinessNewsMHProNews

Shown under fair use guidelines for news media.

As noted, only MHProNews publishes numerous articles as a business daily, with weekend reports too. Others are monthly, or whenever.  One industry publisher just announced this week that it is going from a monthly to a quarterly.

2019 03 02 1050ManufacturedHousingReviewKurtKellyPhotoDailyBusinessNewsMHProNews

Shown under fair use guidelines for news media.

MHInsider has been shown repeatedly to have a similar, but different challenge to what MHR has.  MHInsiderjust isn’t popular with readers, based upon the visual evidence shown below, plus third-party ‘inside’ information.


George F (F?) Allen is one of the contributors to the MHInsider, so of course it is an Allen approved publication. Allen, it will be recalled, urged his readers to ‘boycott’ MHProNews.  Why?  The photo above is from the last day of the Tunica Show, and the other racks looked the same. Little or no magazines have been picked up.  What good are ads in a magazine that either goes out late, or doesn’t get much readership?

Plus only MHProNews has a sister trade-media site that is B2C focused on the general public, Manufactured Home Living News or  Those stats are a separate topic, for another time.

2019 03 02 1119WebalizerMHProNewsTrafficReadershipEngagementsDailyBusinessNewsMHProNews

No one provides more transparency than MHProNews when it comes to trade readership engagement data. Note that for whatever reason, our site has taken a dip since Allen’s call for a boycott. That said, we are still up over 100 percent in readers from a year ago, and pageviews are up some 300 percent. Meanwhile, others languish. Who are you going to call for marketing? Big #1 MHProNews – or those who are proven to fail by comparison?

For those who want to grow, the future is now.  There are several business development options that MHProNews provides.  Want B2B or B2C growth?  Click here to learn more.

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