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About the PC Bush-Obama Years, President Trump, and Industry Politics - Telling it Like It Is

by Soheyla Kovach

SoheylaKovachMHProNews 50x50 Q75We were raised to be polite, but we also knew when to be blunt.

Americans should be thrilled that the 'politically correct' Clinton-Bush-Obama years of failed foreign, trade, and domestic policies are behind us.

We ought to thank God every day that a fighter is in the White House, trying to safeguard the U.S. borders and advance Americans and America First.

Hungary, Israeli, Saudi Arabia and parts of Turkey's borders are among those that have a border fencing and barrier systems. The Drudge Report, Gateway Pundit and others remind readers that Hungary has avoided issues with Islamic terrorists. If they can, why not the U.S.?

Why did prior presidents not safeguard U.S. Borders? Why are there forces in the Democratic and Republican parties trying to keep a border wall and extreme vetting from taking place in the U.S.A.? Do we want what's happening in Europe - and has occurred here too - to get worse?

No prudent nation acts against its own interests. As a European-educated woman with a higher degree, I utterly reject the deceptions, games, and posturing of Hillary Clinton and her George Soros, Saul Alinksites ilk -- which is why my husband and I publicly supported Donald Trump for President (the full article appeared during the campaign on the Donald Trump for President website, click here or on the collage below to see one of thousands of places that posted/linked my pro-Trump article).

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Given how many media outlets are so openly biased against President Trump, and routinely echo-chamber anything and anyone that opposes his administration, no wonder the mainstream media has a lower approval rating than our Commander-in-Chief does.

If the GOP leadership will grow a spine, then no doubt the U.S. economy will come roaring back under President Trump's visionary leadership. He's doing all he can with executive action.  That's why 96% of those of us who supported him last year, still do, in spite of the nearly non-stop anti-Trump media spin.


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Industry Politics 

Mr. President, if you or HUD Secretary Ben Carson are reading this, our industry needs your help as much as the coal miners, steel workers, independent ProTrumpElectionFlashbackOct262016PostedMHProNews632017businesses, and so many millions of others do.

First, while I love my husband, at times he needs to be blunt in his bullet-points. As the industry's largest and most popular trade publishers, we've had a front-row seat to how crony capitalism works with regulators in “the D.C. Swamp.”

Let me state and allege the following.

 1) That just days before Donald Trump won last November, the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) had not one, but two invited speakers that took their stage in Chicago to say that Hillary Clinton would win, and the GOP would lose the Senate.  While MHI was playing politics, our publications - along with thousands of industry professionals - and millions living in manufactured homes, publicly then and now have continually supported you! 

2) MHI's largest manufacturer is owned by Democratic Obama-Clinton supporter, Warren Buffett. While we give their companies as sponsors fair coverage, who can doubt that they could have had one call from Omaha to POTUS Obama to change harmful parts of Dodd- Frank? 

3) MHI's prior chairman was sued by his own residents, and the organization was publicly called out for hypocrisy by MHP Funds' partner Frank Rolfe, an MHI member. The current MHI chairman has apparent conflicts of interests. MHI's PR people would not stand up for Keith Olbermann's slams against our own industry, home owners, or the President, and his supporters. The list could go on and on. 

4) Our publications have documented for years the benefits that manufactured homes could bring by creating more home ownership, at less cost, and with fewer or no federal subsidies.  Yet, key people at MHI have tried to undermine our educational efforts on behalf of a better understanding and promotion of our often-misunderstood industry. Why?  We have spoken with a few attorneys, who tell us they think they may have violated RICO and other statutes. 

5) The independent producers trade association - the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform - has applauded your polices, blasted Olbermann's comments, while MHI has in many cases remained silent, or came late to the dance, and exemplified crony capitalism. 

6) MHI is de facto working with the swamp creatures that regulate our industry, to the harm of consumers, taxpayers, and independent businesses.

7) MHI is seen by numbers in and out of our industry as dominated by a few, including Berkshire-Hathaway. MHI has in practice opposed common-sense policies that would benefit our industry’s growth, while they posture and claim to represent the industry. Why? 

8) By MHI's action and inaction, over the last eight years, thousands of independent business closed or sold out to larger companies. Heavy regulatory burdens have harmed many in our industry. Crony capitalists and regulators have de facto harmed millions of Americans, and thousands of businesses.  

 9) As important to you and Secretary Carson "is the following" Our industry could be saving the American taxpayers billions a year in subsidized housing costs. HUD's fifty-year history has been one of great promises, but failure to perform as hoped. The irony is that the free enterprise solution to America's affordable housing crisis lies at HUD, which is the primary regulator for "HUD Code" manufactured homes.  See the HUD PD&R, linked here. 

 10) Our industry and home owners need to see the Manufactured Housing Improvement Act of 2000 (MHIA 2000) fully enforced. You’re enforcing other laws – thank you! – now, please, enforce that law. 

 11) Please, drain the swamp at HUD of its current manufactured housing program leaders. Pam Danner is a deep state Democrat, and has not properly enforced the MHIA of 2000, nor followed that law. 

12) Some don't get engineer and prior MHARR President and CEO, Danny Ghorbani. Like myself, he was born in Iran, and came legally to the U.S.  Persians are educated, passionate people. The Obama Administration's policies toward Iran were foolish from America's perspective. Where was POTUS Obama and Secretary Clinton when the Iranian people tried to reform their radical government in 2009?




13) My point is that Mr. Ghorbani speaks passionately and bluntly, much as does America’s President. He means what he says. His colleague at MHARR - their current president, Mark Weiss, JD - are fighting to protect independent companies from regulations and polices that have forced many to sell out to MHI owned companies, or to close down, costing untold numbers of jobs. 

14) MHI is acting in ways that uses the system to de facto create monopolies, by cooperating with regulators to the detriment of consumers, most in the industry, and taxpayers. While they put out an anti-trust statement, linked here, they in fact are "consolidating" the industry for some larger members, as one of their own staffer’s comments have ironically illustrated



15) That's the swamp that must be drained. Please, don't trust the top people at MHI, they are posturing game players that we have documented repeatedly as being willing to spin the truth to their own members, and to the industry at large. " There are lots of good businesses in MHI, but the top staff and some of those that direct the policies are working for their own narrow interests. MHI warrants a close, anti-trust investigation."

16) If regulations like Dodd-Frank, or HUD, DOE, or others can squeeze smaller operations, those narrow interests are happy to allow that to occur, while publicly posturing and lamenting that it happens. 

17) Please, have DOJ investigate these claims. We have information and documents to be shared that will rock a few, but by draining the swamp at HUD, it will result in a boom that could create 1.5 million jobs in about 5 years -- just by enforcement of the current MHIA of 2000 law.

18) We are with you. Millions of manufactured home owners are with you. Thousands of good manufactured home businesses of all sizes are with you. A relative few play their games, for their own crony capitalist benefits, and are trying to do so with your administration. Please, do not trust them.



This is what we need you, Dr. Carson and others in your Administration to fight to clean up. The video above is one of many we've done that begins to clear up the misconceptions about the amazing, modern manufactured home industry.

Help us, help you, help millions of our fellow Americans, by leveling the playing field and enforcing the MHIA 2000 law. Thank you for what you’ve already done! May God bless you, your family, every faithful team member you have, and may God Bless, guide, and renew the U.S.A. ##


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