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Wisdom Requires Thoughtful Analysis

tim connor 50by Tim Connor, CSP

If you become wise, you will be the one to benefit,

If you scorn wisdom, you will be the one to suffer.

Proverbs 9:12

When You Face Problems 

So, you've got a problem. Welcome to life. Nothing is turning out or working the way you want it to.  What's next? What can you do?  

Well, a good place to start is to objectively analyze what happened and why.  

You must stay emotionally detached during this process or you won't make much progress.  

Relax, sit down, grab a legal pad and start asking yourself some hard questions and then write down your answers.  

When you have finished this step now look at each answer and ask yourself either - why or how - did this happen.  Again, write down your answers.  

Honesty here is vital.  

If you can't bring integrity and vulnerability to this process you may as well go watch TV.  

Now take a blank sheet and one at a time come up with as many options as you can for each issue.  Don't judge, edit or hold back, just write them down as they come to you.  

Finally, pick the best options, those that are realistic that you can do and develop a plan or strategy to act.  

Not simple, easy or quick - but better than whining, complaining and regretting.

Live Wisely, Tim. ##

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