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The Importance for Businesses and Investors in Manufactured Housing for Selecting the Next Supreme Court Justice

Kurt Kelley, J.D.

kurt kelly 50Predictability in law is the key to a prosperous Republic.

Laws must be interpreted based on the language in them first and foremost. Only, when the language is unclear, should a judge seek evidence on related legislative discourse and legislative intent at the time the law was passed to help interpret it. Otherwise, law risks becoming whatever a particular Judge or powerful person/group wants it to be. 



Illustrations like the above and the headline are supplied by the editor of MHProNews, which is customary for a guest column. The text supplied are the unedited, thoughtful words of Kurt Kelley, delivered via email, on the topic of the importance of who will replace Justice Anthony “Tony” Kennedy on the nation’s high court.

“I Hate Politics!” – Bedminster Watch, and Manufactured Housing Shipments

This was the consistent judicial philosophy of former Justice Antonin Scalia, and often adopted by Justice Kennedy. 

Seeking Justices who interpret the laws based on their personal conclusion of what culture wants or what one Legislator said about a law, or what the law means in another country, results in the creation of different law created by the Judicial Branch, the branch of government neither elected by nor accountable to the people.

Justice Sotomayor’s recent dissent opinion regarding the “President Trump Travel Ban” is an example of the danger of violating Scalia’s decision formula. She based her emotional opinion on what she viewed as President Trump’s intent as evidenced by select things President Trump said while campaigning, versus what the law specifically said in plain English. Justice Sotomayor concluded the law was a ban on all Muslims entering the United States. However, the “Trump Travel Ban” neither states this nor is it applied in such fashion by Border Control. ##

Kurt Kelley, J.D.
Mobile Agency, MHR
The Woodlands, Texas 

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“I Hate Politics!” – Bedminster Watch, and Manufactured Housing Shipments

Tweet “I hate politics,” say millions, including some industry professionals. “I hate history,” say others, who simply don’t get it. That’s music to the ears of savvy politicians, and even some businesses and investors, who know that historic insights and political influence can be worth millions to billions annually.    That “I hate politics and … Continue reading