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IASM - Vision, Understanding, Belief, Confidence, and Manufactured Housing Professional Success

by L. A. "Tony" Kovach

tony kovach 2 50This month, Tim Connor has an excellent article on the stages of learning. Highly recommended.

This may sound different than Tim's points. Rather, the headline topic - "IASM - Vision, Understanding, Belief, Confidence and Manufactured Housing Professional Success" compliments Tim's points.

Over the years, I've worked with dozens and dozens directly, face-to-face in education and sales training at the community or sales center level.  That total would jump into the thousands via live group sessions, webinars, videos, and writing. That's shared not to brag, because it's meant to make the following pithy points.

In manufactured housing, just having a team member get into the mental "Vision, Understanding, and Belief" can yields an amazing boost in performance. I've met professionals, some that you'll see in the video below, who months or years later - are still "gushing" with enthusiasm. Why?

Those pros will often outperform others, even with only a modest level of training, why?

Because grasping the initial,

- Vision of how immense the opportunities are in manufactured housing, coupled with the basic

- Understanding of why our MH product is such an amazing value, yields

- Belief in manufactured homes. Zig Ziglar would say, Enthusiasm ends in IASM "I Am Sold Myself," which in turn yields

- Confidence in communications with customers.

Those professionals, as Tim Connor says, would indeed grow, and benefit far more by on ongoing training curriculum. 

But again, if you look at the people in this video, you can feel their confidence and conviction, often from a single training session.  Belief can yield confidence. Our proven methods yields that confidence.

That confidence translates into more sales, and more profitable sales. 

As Ted Gross from Continental Communities says in a video, "you (Tony) supercharged" his attendees to a single training session. They in turn had significantly better results.  No doubt, having Ted and other steps were contributing factors. All success is team success.  The pieces of the puzzle must be in place.

Now look at the Tom Fath video. With just a bit more training than the basic, one time exposure  - plus some videos and marketing tips - the New Durham Estates team’s results has grown like wildfire.

If that same pattern is applied to any company in the industry for a sustained period of time, it would transform that operation in that market (Tim Connor’s point). 

Such an operation would dominate.

Exceptions to the Rule

The main exception is this.  If someone doesn't buy in or is capable of applying the lessons, that of course doesn't work. That, as Connor says, is a waste. Their are other factors, that Tim cites that can cause training to be less than effective.

So long as you have coachable people, and the right support, the results are powerful. Don't believe me? Listen to those who have experienced it, on the first two videos on this page.

IASM = I Am Sold Myself - is the results of Vision, Understanding, and Belief which yields Confidence. Consumers 'feel' that Confidence. That yields Manufactured Housing Professional Success.

Toaster with Bread to Toast

Last principle for today. No one can give what they do not possess themselves. You don't expect toast from a toaster without first putting the bread in, have the toaster plugged into electricity, and then starting the process.



Every other training method I've seen in MH has some level of merit to it.  To that point, they can all do some good.

But other processes often miss key elements that we provide in our proprietary training. Those missing elements yield an inferior result. That's not a slam, it's reality.  No one can give something they've never done. It's like a capable toaster without the bread or electricity needed to make toast.

LATonyKovach Louisville 2015 mhpronews com BIG


Sharing MH learning via the correct methods, giving those insights to capable people, yields an amazing level of success. Doing so over a sustained period of time is even better (see Tim Connors’ Points).

If you need capable people to begin with, we have a proprietary recruiting system tailored specifically for the manufactured housing that’s second to none.

IASM = I Am Sold Myself - results from a Vision, Understanding, and Belief which yields Confidence. Consumers 'feel' that confidence. More sales and happy customers results. That's MH professional success. That's our story, it works, we're sticking with it. ##

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