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Seattle Is Dying, Are Cities Near You Dying Too? High Costs, Corrupted Systems, Manufactured Housing’s Potential Silver Lining

By Soheyla Kovach

SoheylaKovachMHLivingNews MHProNews Thwarting what is natural has its costs.

Manipulation of people, their healthy aspirations toward ownership, and their legitimate choices are arguably at or near the root causes the unfolding tragedies spotlighted by KOMO’s viral report, Seattle is Dying 

Let’s set aside for a few moments whatever Warren Buffett led Berkshire Hathaway and his coterie had in mind. For whatever reasons, they’ve clearly failed at tapping into the kinds of opportunities that stories such as Seattle is Dying should bring to manufactured home retailers, communities, developers, producers, and others.

The proof is found in the latest shipment numbers, which are among the reports liked below in this week’s Sunday morning headline news recap.

The balance of the nuances, legal disclaimers, and particulars are found in the reports that follow below.

Tomorrow there will be a report about one of the industry’s ‘solution’ efforts underway in Washington, D.C. Don’t miss it. 

Properly understood, manufactured housing could position itself as a hero for cites and towns across America. We should be a celebrated industry, not a denigrated one. So why is our housing type being pushed out of places like Bryan, TX instead?

Watch the two videos in the MHLivingNews report below, If you do, you’ll begin to understand that affordable housing is necessary, compassionate, and smart.  Law enforcement, and intervention on social issues related to drug abuse are smart too. The opportunities for our industry are immense, but they won’t be tapped by repeating the missteps of recent years.

With no further adieu, let’s dive into the reports for the week that was from 3.31.2019 to 4.7.2019. Click the linked image-text boxes to access that report.

What’s New on MHLivingNews


  Saturday 4.6.2019

Money, Minorities, Manufactured Homes – Foiling the American Dream of Affordable Housing

Friday 4.5.2019

·        Transformational! Old Mobile Home Park Redeveloping Into Small or ‘Tiny House’ Factory-Built Housing Project

·        Want a Robust Economy? Fix the Southern Immigration Crisis, Plus MH Market Updates

·        Al Kemp, Taking out the Trash Talk about Manufactured Homes


·        New Manufactured Home Production, Shipment Data-February 2019

Thursday 4.4.2019

·        HUD Lashed for Alleged Manufactured Housing Contract Miscues, Brian Montgomery, White House Notified of National Association Concerns

·        Former Godfather CEO, GOP POTUS Contender Herman Cain to Join Fed? Plus, MH Stock Updates

·        Canadian Firm Gobbling Up Dozens of Manufactured Home Communities


·        Remarks by HUD Secretary Ben Carson to the Mortgage Bankers Association

Wednesday 4.3.2019

·        Under Scrutiny, Giant Amazon Pivots, But What About Berkshire’s Manufactured Housing Brands? Plus MH Market Updates

·        More Confident About Future than 3 Years Ago, Americans Still Have Concerns, Per New Survey, MH Industry Opportunities

·        Cavco Industries Announces Latest Executive Level Changes


·        “Fight Like Hell” for Independence, Says Trustee – Manufactured Housing Inspiration?

by Soheyla Kovach

Tuesday 4.2.2019

·        Historic Manufactured Housing Industry Decisions Were Made Here on 3.27.2019

·        Not Just Trade, Steve Bannon Says China Threat to U.S., Western Industrial Democracies, plus, MH Market Updates


·        HUD’s Fair Housing Month – Sexual Harassment Campaign, Training Initiative Announced

·        Gannett Media Exposés, MH Community Owner Moves Sparks Outrage – IEDs of Manufactured Housing

Monday 4.1.2019

·        It’s Your Money, Future – Snapshot of Leading 2020 Democratic Contenders for Oval Office

·        After Strong 1st Quarter, Stocks Surge Higher, Plus Manufactured Home Equities, REITs Updates

·        State Level Shipment Data Continues to Flash Warning Signals for New HUD Code Manufactured Housing Sales

  Errata, Apologies, Explanations, Tunica Talk, and Manufactured Housing

Sunday 3.31.2019

·        Sun Tzu – Ultimate Manufactured Home Freedom Alliance


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