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Electric Eel Eel-Jet EJ3000 Gasoline Powered Water Jetter Blasts Through Clogged Drain Lines Fast

  • Written by Soheyla Kovach

Electric Eel JetJ3000 JetterPressureGasolinPowered banner

The EJ3000 Cleans 2”– 8” Dia. Lines up to 300 Ft. with These Outstanding Features: 3000 PSI / 4.7 GPM, 13 HP Overhead Valve Engine for Smooth Quiet Running and Dependable Operation – Electric Start Available.


2-to-1 Gear Reduced Triplex Pump with Pulsation for Longer Life. 300 Ft. Capacity Hose Reel. Steel nozzles will penetrate and clean tough problems from pipe walls... sludge. ice. grease. sand. soap. dirt. debris. Whatever the problem, Electric Eel steel nozzles will penetrate and clean tough problems from pipe walls with a variety of spray angles. Throttle Back Control Automatically Adjusts Engine Speed. Low Tone Muffler for Quiet Operation.

Electric Eel Mfg., based in Springfield, Ohio since 1939, produces a full range of drain and sewer cleaning machines including sectional units, drum machines, and a full line of pipeline inspection systems.

Mark Speranza Photo LowResolutionUseONLY 75x104Proudly Made in the USA Since 1939.
ELECTRIC EEL MFG. CO., INC., Toll Free: 800-833-1212, Fax: 937-323-3767, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Website:
Mark Speranza - VP Marketing

Electric Eel Ecam ACE Pipeline Inspection Camera System Takes the Guesswork Out of Jobs

  • Written by Soheyla Kovach

EEL EcamCameraView InDrain 2

Quickly inspect and locate of a wide variety of pipeline problems while reducing cost by knowing exactly where the problem is before digging. The Ecam ACE takes the guesswork out of jobs. The ACE is compact and easy to use, and made from the same high quality, durable components you have come to know and expect from Electric Eel. Wide variety of uses includes in-line inspection of sewer and drain lines, septic tanks, service laterals, chimneys, HVAC ducts and much more.

Electric Eel Ecam ACEPipelineInspectionCameraSystem 3

The ACE features a rugged stainless steel housed 1.68” dia. color camera for inspecting 3" to 10” lines. Sapphire lens with 20 LED light ring and high resolution CCD element. Flexible camera spring designed to navigate 3” P-traps. Auto iris adjusts lighting automatically. Impact-resistant polycarbonate light ring cover. Industry standard 512HZ sonde. 5.4” LCD monitor with AR film for optimal viewing in sunlight encased in an anodized aluminum housing mounted to the reel. Protective acrylic, anti-glare monitor shield. Video output jack for recording option. Rugged and portable powder-coated steel frame. Standard with 200 ft. of Braided Fiberglass Premium 1/2" diameter push rod. Secure-locking reel brake. Heavy-duty screen cover closes to protect the monitor when in transit or storage, flips up as a sun shield and can be retrofitted to existing units.

 EEL Ecam CameraHead 2

Electric Eel Mfg., based in Springfield, Ohio since 1939, produces a full line of drain and sewer cleaning machines including sectional units, drum machines, and a full line of pipeline inspection systems.

Mark Speranza Photo LowResolutionUseONLYELECTRIC EEL MFG. CO., INC.

Toll Free: 800-833-1212

Fax: 937-323-3767

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Stop Wasting Time, Talent, and Treasure in 2018


Stop Wasting Time, Talent, and Treasure in 2018

Every professional worth their salt knows that time is money.

Many, not all, professionals have figured out that it can be less expensive to contract out some services than to do it yourself, or have someone do it in house. 

It can also be useful to contract services that upgrades your in-house team’s effectiveness, until they can do the same quality and effectiveness themselves.

  1. Do More Before, During and After Trade Shows.  Special 90-day promo-package starts at $2750.
  2. Do More at your sales locations throughout the year. Get a jump start or ongoing marketing, sales, recruiting, management, expert consulting, and training support in 2018.
  3. Get long-term, sustainable impact with your target markets. Tailored programs, with good ROI, and high CSI for companies with a good reputation.

When you are on this site, thousands of your peers are on here daily too.  That’s a clear recognition of value.  Perhaps no one in manufactured housing has been more endorsed and recommended than our operation.

MHProNews and MHLivingNews have brought proven value to numerous factory-built home operations – our proven results can help your operation boost your bottom-line too.

A company president – and competitor of theirs – said, “Tony, you guys have made Sunshine Homes the best known independent in the industry.” Sunshine was already a great company, with high CSI and happy retailers.  But as their sales manager said on camera, we helped them grow at more than double the industry’s growth rate.

That’s bottom-line results.

They are just one of the more high-profile examples of what we can do for your company in 2018.

Notice: We often work with clients on a confidential basis.

Stop wasting time, talent, and treasure. 

Visit this link and/or call Tony the Tiger at 863-213-4090

Once you do, you’ll take the first step in making 2018 Grrrr8.  ##


Electric Eel Model C is the Original Dual Cable Sectional Drain & Sewer Cleaning Machine

  • Written by the MHMSM Team

EEL Model C w cable 72dpi 3

The Model C cleans 3" - 10" diameter lines with up to 200 Ft. of 1-1/4" self-feeding dual cable in 8 Ft. or 10 Ft. sections (that require no handling when rotating). This time tested machine spins cable at twice the RPM of a continuous cable machine for maximum cleaning power in 3" - 10" diameter lines. The unit weighs only 72 lbs., so along with the folding handle, loading and transportation is easy. The Model C is the best unit available for tougher blockages such as tree roots and for longer runs in main sewer lines.

Electric Eel Mfg., based in Springfield, Ohio since 1939, produces a full line of drain and sewer cleaning machines including sectional units, drum machines, and a full line of pipeline inspection systems.


Toll Free: 800-833-1212

Fax: 937-323-3767

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Oxford Magazine Features Sunshine Homes, & CEO John Bostick

  • Written by Soheyla Kovach

A recent article in Oxford Magazine featured the thoughtful gift of President and CEO John Bostick, who donated a manufactured home to The Pantry.

The Pantry has provided food for those who might need that extra bit of sustenance, and the countless volunteers who run and work at the facility have been more than ready to accomplish the task,” said Oxford Magazine.

But the Pantry, as the publication said, had several places they operated from until Bostick provided them a home for their use.

The screen capture below is from their non-commissioned story, which is linked below.

 Oxford Magazine Features Sunshine Homes CEO John Bostick

Sunshine Homes will be at the 2018 Louisville Show and at the 2018 Tunica Manufactured Home Show.

They are widely known as a company that produces quality and eye-appealing Energy Star rated manufactured homes at prices that are about half-the-cost of conventional housing in the markets that they serve.

Sunshine Homes offers retailers opportunities to be featured in videos about their manufactured home community or retail location. They also provide marketing and sales coaching to help their retailers, developers, and communities attracts more qualified cash and credit home buyers.

Sunshine Homes is A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau. Service to their independent retailers, communities and developers that cares for the ultimate home buyer is one of their hallmarks.


To learn more, click the image below, or call (256) 356-4427. 


SunshimeHomes Ani

Electric Eel Model D-5 Drain, Sewer Cleaning Machine for Manufactured Home Communities (a.k.a. Mobile Home Parks), Multi-Family, Professionals

  • Written by the MHMSM Team

ElectricEelModelD 5DrainSewercleaningMachineforManufacturedHomeCommunities


The Model D-5 combines professional quality and affordability in a continuous cable drum machine for cleaning 3” - 10” diameter lines up to 100 ft.

The high-density polyethylene drum and belt guard will not rust or dent and holds up to 100 ft. of 3/4” diameter Tri-Max cable, the toughest cable in the industry which consists of certified, galvanized aircraft wire inner core, a protective plastic sheath to guard against rust and corrosion, and a tough, long-lasting outer layer of stress-relieved music-type wire for longer life.

 ElectricEelModelD 5DrainSewercleaningMachineforManufacturedHomeCommunities 3


Three sealed heavy-duty ball bearings support the drum and thick wall guide tube for extended wear. The D-5 is powered by a heavy duty 1/2 H.P. capacitor-type motor to provide more torque, the power feed and drum can be quickly removed.


Additional features include: Large 10” solid wheels for easy maneuvering and stabilization while in operation; extra strength 1-1/4” steel tubing framework; 5 position height adjustment on handle; wheel brake; continuous belt skids and loading wheel built-in to handle; GFCI on 20 ft. line cord; and air operated foot switch for easy operation.

Electric Eel Mfg., based in Springfield, Ohio since 1939, produces a full range of drain and sewer cleaning machines including sectional units, drum machines, and a full line of pipeline inspection systems.

ElectricEelModelD 5DrainSewercleaningMachineforManufacturedHomeCommunities4 

Proudly Made in the USA Since 1939.

ELECTRIC EEL MFG. CO., INC., Toll Free: 800-833-1212, Fax: 937-323-3767, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Website:

Nine-woman Board leads 430-home manufactured home community in record-breaking neighborhood purchase

  • Written by Soheyla Kovach

ROC USA ResidentOwnCommunities LogoHalifax, Mass. – Homeowners in Halifax Estates Mobile Home Park ( have made history, closing on the largest-ever limited equity manufactured home cooperative purchase while helping secure the financial futures of the 700 retirement-age residents who live there.

While the $27 million purchase is certainly a milestone in the cooperative and manufactured housing sectors, the impact is life changing for the people who live in the 430 homes in Halifax Estates.

Nancy Froio, president of the residents association that purchased Halifax Estates, and her husband downsized into Halifax more than 12 years ago and fell in love with the community. A widow for nine years now, Froio is thankful that her neighborhood won’t be sold again now that she and her neighbors own it.

“I’m so excited about this, it means the world to me because it’s the best thing for the residents,” said Froio, a retired printing company employee in her 70s. “With so many of our NorheastDevelopment ROCUSA PressReleaseresidents retired and on fixed incomes, knowing we’re going to own it and run it the way we want to run it is such a relief. Now everyone is going to have a say.”

Iris Perkoski, secretary on the nine-woman Board of Directors, said she and her neighbors chose resident ownership over selling to a commercial owner and are ready to work to maintain and improve their community.

“It is wonderful to know that we, the residents are taking charge of our homestead,” Perkoski said. “This ensures continuity and stability and a quality of life we originally were looking for when we first moved to Halifax Estates.”

Froio touted several reasons why the homeowners are working to keep their community such a terrific place to live in retirement. She pointed to a robust community workshop, where residents can work and borrow all sorts of woodworking tools, a clubhouse with billiards, table tennis, exercise equipment, an impressive library, bingo setup and more. Residents also enjoy shuffleboard, bocce (outdoors and, in winter, indoors), monthly bus trips, card clubs, a community garden and crafting groups.

Halifax Estates Mobile Home Park ROCUSA

The Helping Hands Committee holds fundraisers to support those in Halifax Estates who are struggling, including paying for heating fuel, fixing leaky roofs, mowing lawns, as well as providing transportation to and from medical appointments. All work is carried out anonymously.

Halifax Estates residents also give back to their greater community. The Singing Seniors perform at the clubhouse and take the show on the road to perform at nursing homes and other local institutions. The annual craft fair raises money that residents use to shop for needy children during the holidays.

“We always have a wrapping party and tell folks to show up with scissors and tape,” Froio said. “This year we’ll sponsor 12 kids.”

The resident association has purchased the community for $27 million with assistance from Cooperative Development Institute. CDI is a certified technical assistance provider with ROC USA® Network. ROC USA is a non-profit that works nationally through a network of nine such technical assistance providers to assist residents of for-sale mobile home parks form resident corporations and buy their communities cooperatively. Technical assistance will continue to be provided by CDI to the association for the length of the mortgage — a minimum of 10 years.

Halifax Estates is the 18th Massachusetts community supported by ROC USA Network and the 210th nationwide. In all, the nine technical assistance providers in ROC USA Network work with 13,500 households in 14 states. In these democratic resident-owned communities (ROCs), homeowners each buy one low-cost membership interest. Each household has one vote on matters of the community. The members elect a Board of Directors to act on day-to-day issues and vote as a membership on larger matters like the annual budget, bylaws and community rules.

Financing for the project came from ROC USA® Capital in collaboration from TD Bank, Bank of America, Boston Community Capital and Leviticus 25:23 Alternative Fund. ROC USA Capital is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ROC USA and a U.S. Department of Treasury-certified Community Development Financial Institution.

ROC USA Capital Managing Director Michael Sloss said this model for preserving homes as permanently affordable continues to be unique in that it is unsubsidized, cost efficient, and achieves long-term security as a homeownership model.

“The residents association is purchasing the community for $27 million and preserving 430 home sites,” Sloss said. “In contrast, a colleague in the multifamily apartment finance world said that if he financed 430 apartment units in one property it would come out to an $80 million transaction. Residents of such an apartment may only have the security of a one-year lease and no opportunity to build wealth through homeownership.”

ROC USA Capital increased its credit line with Bank of America to $24 million to quickly accommodate the acquisition financing.

“Our purpose is to provide capital to organizations like ROC USA, preserving homeownership and expanding economic opportunities for homeowners,” said Amy Brusiloff, Bank of America Senior CDFI Client Manager.  “We’ve supported ROC USA since its inception, and we understand the value they bring, increasing housing stability and economic security by creating resident-owned communities.”

TD Bank will provide $20 million in long-term permanent financing soon after the purchase is finalized. 

"We’re excited to partner with ROC USA Capital in such a groundbreaking purchase," said Thomas Potter, Vice President and Senior Relationship Manager at TD Bank. “TD has made similar loans working alongside the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund for years, but this is the Bank's first time working with ROC USA on a national scope. We’ve seen firsthand the difference resident ownership makes in manufactured home communities in New Hampshire and I’m excited ROC USA will provide the opportunity for tenant home buyers on a national scale.”

Halifax Estates Mobile Home Park3 ROCUSA

Boston Community Capital and Leviticus 25:23 Alternative Fund are also participants in ROC USA’s subordinate loan.

Andy Danforth, Director of CDI’s New England Resident Owned Communities (NEROC) Program, said “We’re proud to be able to assist the residents with the purchase, and now operation, of their community. They join more than 30 other communities we have assisted in the last seven years to secure their homesteads, control rents and vital services within democratic cooperatives.”

ROC USA President Paul Bradley praised the Halifax Board and CDI for leading the community through the purchase process. He said the size of this purchase demonstrates not only the motivation of homeowners to gain ownership of the land as a group but also the expanding capacity of the nonprofits that support them.   

“Over time there have been lots of owners of large properties who have called and really wanted to sell their communities to the residents – their longtime customers – but assumed there wasn’t enough capacity in the nonprofit sector to do so,” Bradley said. “We are showing with our affiliates and with the leadership of homeowners that larger and increasingly more expensive properties are strong candidates for resident ownership. It’s where we’ve needed to be, and now we’re there!”

Froio said the community leaders will pause to celebrate the purchase with an open-house party, but then will get right to work managing their cooperative business.

“We want to tweak the community rules and work on improving access to the clubhouse for our residents who have trouble getting around,” she said. “We have some tree work and other routine maintenance issues, but we’re getting more people involved and we’ll get it taken care of quickly.”

* * *

Cooperative ownership of mobile home parks as a way of preserving affordable communities is a priority for several national non-profit organizations that in 2008 formed ROC USA to make resident-owned communities viable nationwide. ROC USA is sponsored by the Ford Foundation, NeighborWorks® America, Capital Impact Partners, Prosperity Now, and the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund.

ROC USA is a non-profit organization with a national network of nine organizations such as CDI and a national financing source for resident-owned communities. ROC USA Network affiliates have helped 210 communities preserve nearly 13,500 homes in 14 states.

The Cooperative Development Institute is a regional cooperative development center, founded in 1994, which has assisted dozens of new and existing cooperatives throughout New England and New York. It is involved in cooperative housing as well as agriculture, consumer, worker-owner, energy, and fishing cooperatives. For rural senior co-op development, CDI received support from the Cooperative Development Foundation. 

Last Call for Nominations to the RV/MH Hall of Fame Class of 2018

  • Written by the MHMSM Team

RV MH logo posted in mhpronewsELKHART, Ind., -- There are less than 30 days until the deadline for nominations for the RV/MH Hall of Fame's Class of 2018.

Darryl Searer, Hall president, said, "The deadline for nominations for the Class of 2018 is October 31st, so we are encouraging all those who plan to nominate a candidate to get their paperwork submitted as soon as possible."

Searer explained that all the nomination forms and instructions are available for download on the Hall's web site,

Searer added, "The Hall welcomes nominations from all RV and manufactured housing sectors, such as, manufacturers, dealers, campgrounds, housing communities, suppliers, user groups, trade media, and associations.  Also, the Hall is now accepting nominations from the Canadian RV/MH industries.

"The nominating committee is especially interested in receiving nominations for deserving early pioneers who may have been forgotten, passed over or overlooked in the past."



According to the guidelines, anyone can nominate a person to the Hall of Fame that meets the eligibility requirements.  The only people who may not be considered are those who currently serve on the Hall's Selection Committee.

To be eligible the nominee must be, or have been, an active participant in any segment of the recreation vehicle, campground or manufactured housing industries for a minimum of 25 years.

Also, the nomination form must be filled out in its entirety and must be accompanied by three supporting letters (no more, no less) that meet the Hall's guidelines for these letters. Incomplete nominations cannot be considered. If the nominee is not selected within five years, he or she remains eligible only if the nomination is resubmitted and refreshed with additional information.

When evaluating a potential nominee, the selection committee will consider the nominee's overall contributions to the good of the industry, to include both his or her positions, accomplishments and innovations on the job as well as volunteer work both inside and outside the industry, with special emphasis on volunteer work done on behalf of state and national associations and owner groups, the Hall of Fame itself and other industry-related organizations and causes.

If a completed nomination form and three properly-prepared seconding letters are received by October 31 of any year, the nominee will be in the pool of candidates considered for the following year's class and for four years beyond that if not selected that year.

The Hall's Selection Committee will announce its selections in January and those chosen will be inducted at the Hall's annual Induction dinner in August. The Hall's bylaws allow for up to 10 inductees per year.

Searer said, "The Selection Committee is made up of an equal number of members of the RV and Manufactured Housing industries, and members will only vote on nominees from their respective industries."

Once the nomination form and supporting letters have been completed, the nominations may be submitted by mail, in person at the Hall, or by fax at 574-293-3466.  

Datacomp Releases 2017 JLT Manufactured Home Community Rent, Occupancy Reports for Seven New Markets

  • Written by Data Camp

DataCamp JLTMarketReport logo posted MHProNews com

Datacomp, publisher of JLT Market Reports and the nation’s #1 provider ofmanufactured housing market data,today announced the publication of its June 2017 manufactured home community rent and occupancy reports for seven new markets in Iowa, Nebraska, South Carolina and Virginia.

Recognized as the industry standard for manufactured home community market analysis for more than 20 years, JLT Market Reports provide detailed research and information on communities located in 131 major housing markets throughout the United States, including the latest rent trends and statistics, marketing programs and a variety of other useful management insights.

Datacomp’s manufactured housing market data published in the June 2017 JLT Market Reports includes many of the major markets for the four states. Together, these manufactured home rent and occupancy reports track 162 “All Ages” and “55+” communities encompassing a total of 29,948 homesites.

Each JLT manufactured home community rent and occupancy report published by Datacomp includes detailed information about investment grade communities in the major markets, including number of homesites, occupancy rates, average mobile home community rents and increases, community amenities, vacant sites, and repossessed and inventory homes.

JLT Market Reports also include management insights that rank communities by number of homesites, occupancy rates and highest to lowest rents. Established reports show trends in each market with a comparison of June 2017 rents and occupancy rates to June 2016, as well as a historical recap of rents and occupancy from 1996 to present date in most markets.

The new market reports cover the metro areas of Ames and Des Moines, Iowa; Omaha, Neb.; Charleston and Myrtle Beach, S.C., and Richmond and Virginia Beach, Va.

The June 2017 JLT Market Reports for Iowa, Nebraska, South Carolina and Virginia are available for purchase and immediate download online at the Datacomp JLT Market Report website, or they may be ordered by phone in electronic or printed editions at (800) 588-5426. Each fully updated report formobile home communitiesis a comprehensive look at investment grade properties within a market, enabling owners and managers, lenders, appraisers, brokers and other organizations to effectively benchmark those communities and make informed decisions.

About JLT Market Reports
For more than 20 years, countless professionals have trusted JLT Market Reports for timely and accurate management reports on land lease manufactured home communities. JLT Market Reports are currently published for 131 markets nationwide and are recognized as the industry standard for manufactured housing industry data. In 2014, JLT & Associates merged its resources, skills and expertise with Datacomp, the industry’s oldest and largest nationalmanufactured home appraisal companyand number one provider of market data for the manufactured housing industry, and MHVillage, the premier website for advertising mobile homes for rent and sale nationwide. For more information, or to purchase complete JLT Market Reports, call (800) 588-5426 or visit the Datacomp website.

Security Mortgage Group Provides Financing of $23,603,750 for Six Manufactured Home Communities

  • Written by Soheyla Kovach

securitymortgagegroupmanufacturedhomemobilehomecommunitiesrvparksselfstorageanicommercial200x200ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Security Mortgage Group, a national award-winning MH Community lending broker, is pleased to have financed $23,603,750 in May & June for several manufactured home communities nationwide. The most recent closings included the following:

Managing Director, Gerard D. DiMarco, Jr., secured refinancing for a client’s 183-site mobile home park in Warren, OH. The $1,728,000 loan featured flexible prepayment terms and a long-term fixed rate.

Anthony J. DiMarco, the other Managing Director, helped negotiate refinancing for a repeat client’s Louisiana 250-site mobile home park with a non-recourse loan of $5,210,000 and a Michigan mobile home community with over 300 sites featuring a non-recourse loan of $14,640,000. Both communities feature clubhouses, playgrounds, and other tenant amenities.

Vice President, Pierce Redmond, through the small loan program helped negotiate refinancing terms for a repeat client’s Wesleyville MHP in Erie, PA with a $342,000 loan featuring flexible prepayment terms.

In addition, Pierce secured financing for a client’s acquisition of the 177-site Heritage Hills MHC in Pulaski, PA with a $1,323,750 loan and a client’s Butternut Creek MHC in Charlotte, MI with a $360,000 loan. Both loans featured flexible prepayment terms with fixed rates.

Security Mortgage Group is a premier national lending source for Manufactured Home Communities, and is a four-time recipient of the “Manufactured Home Community Lending Broker of the Year” award given by the Manufactured Housing Institute.  Call us at 585-423-0230 anytime for specific questions on financing for your community.

JLT Market Reports: New Reports In Iowa, South Carolina, Virginia And Nebraska

  • Written by Soheyla Kovach

DataCamp PublisherofJLTMarketReport

Datacomp, publisher of JLT Market Reports, is pleased to announce that our comprehensive manufactured home community rent and occupancy reports are now available in Nebraska, Virginia, South Carolina and Iowa.


Ames (New 2017)
Des Moines (New 2017)

Omaha (New 2017)

South Carolina 
Charleston (New 2017)
Myrtle Beach (New 2017)

Richmond (New 2017)
Virginia Beach (New 2017)

JLTMarketReport MHProNews

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Following up on a story concerning the flooding in Minot, North Dakota last spring, KFYR-TV reports the Minot City Council is relaxing zoning requirements to allow manufactured homes to be sited in areas not previously zoned for them, sometimes to the chagrin of neighbors. Working on a case by case basis, many of the homes [...]...

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Zoning Changes Could Affect Manufactured Housing

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