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UPDATES (1.1.2012) – MHMSM.com now has emails from two lenders that have stated their willingness to co-sponsor pilot program for the MH Alliance/Phoenix Project.

You can download a copy of the presentation following the statements of support below.

For years, our Industry has 'talked about' an image and marketing campaign. Through consultations with industry leaders, we have developed a plan. The plan has been discussed with manufacturers, retailers, community operators, lenders association leaders and other industry owners and professionals about the MH Alliance/Phoenix Plan.

The order of the statements below tends to be the most recent at the top, prior ones below it. Let's see what others are saying about the MH Alliance/Phoenix Plan approach to image, marketing and Industry turn around:

The Phoenix

The Phoenix

Tony, I am excited about the MH Alliance/Phoenix Project and think it is long overdue.  While we both know you have your work cut out to make it happen the upside is undeniable.  I look forward to your progress and hope to be of assistance in the California MH market.

- Boe Davis, MHB Group, Mobile Home Park Magazinhes, Sunnyvale California

"It's obvious that our industry has to develop an Industry Wide Comprehensive Marketing Plan in order to gain acceptance at
every economic level and in every geographical region from Coast to Coast. Having seen the MH Alliance plan, this creative approach can help us get that job done."

- C. Jay Hamilton, Executive Director, Georgia Manufactured Housing Association

"RE: The MH Alliance Project - This project offers an opportunity to celebrate home ownership in manufactured home communities throughout the country. Living in a HUD code home ensures levels of standards are met and often exceeded. New homes offer energy efficiency that is unparalleled. Since 1976, when the terminology changed from parks to communities; from mobile to manufactured we celebrated the regulations which improved and enhanced this housing option. Now is the time to showcase this type of living whether in a family community; a 55+ residential property or a stand alone. Let’s get voices heard from owners of this factory built option, by working together it will show others this affordable and enjoyable housing option. The time has come to get the word out on this exceptional product! The MH Alliance can help us do just that for our industry."

- Mary McBrady - Executive Director - Massachusetts Manufactured Housing Association

“Hi Tony, I want to thank you for sharing a well thought out vision for our industry that doesn’t end in a calamity. I believe that the MH Alliance’s core tenants are the key to an industry wide revitalization; the focus on providing honest and superior value, design, and customer service to the lifeblood of our business – the homeowner – will be the foundation of its success. I can’t think of a better way to protect our future than by protecting our customer, AKA the backbone of America. Merriam-Webster defines protect; to cover or shield from exposure, injury, damage or destruction, to maintain the status or integrity of especially through financial or legal guarantees. Our customers will have our back and will be one of our best assets, if and only if, we will defend theirs.”

- Anthony Ducharme, Mountainside Financial a div of SACU

"As I listened to Tony’s presentation I was completely impressed by the bold new ideas he was bringing to the table. For years, most people have looked at the issues facing our industry and said, “nothing can be done.” Tony has looked at these same problems and asked, “what can be done?” I believe his solutions are creative, daring and best of all possible."

- Chad Carr, Rainmaker Consulting

“It is obvious that the interests of manufactured home owners, businesses and industry associations have many common points. Here in New York, we have home owner groups as part of our association. There is no doubt we need to improve our Industry's public image and create more happy homeowners. Having reviewed the MH Alliance concept, I see merit to this approach. This is an idea worthy of the effort to make it a reality.”

- Nancy Geer, Executive Director, NYHousing.org

"MHS statement of support for the Phoenix Project…This project is tremendously great and much needed. To bring the MH Industry together to better our image, reputation, products, and business is long overdue. Will it be easy? Of course not, but then nothing that is truly worthwhile ever is. I applaud Tony and everyone at MHMSM for spearheading and managing this effort. We will be more than happy to participate in any way needed."

- Derrick Hachey, Manufactured Home Source”

“The idea of mobilizing a national network of homeowners has great potential. Are there pitfalls? Probably. In my opinion it should be explored cautiously, but it should be explored. This is a group of people who are wholly invested in manufactured housing – they have an equity position that may increase or decrease depending on media portrayals, public perception, government action and availability of financing. In many respects the interests of homeowners are aligned with the interests of the industry.”

- Mark Bowersox, Executive Director, Indiana Manufactured Housing Association

“When Tony first brought up the concept of an image campaign, I was less than enthusiastic for a variety of reasons, primarily believing it would be a waste of money and resources. After seeing the MH Alliance/Phoenix power point presentation, I was astounded. He has a program that can work, and will work with the right industry support. The leaders of this industry need to act like leaders, put aside their personal interests, and enthusiastically support this program. If they do, it will make a significant positive difference in the way our industry operates, the way the public views us, and ultimately in industry prosperity. What he has is nothing less than a game changer.”

- Ken Rishel, Rishel Consulting Group/Precision Capital Funding

“Tony,...I salute your Alliance plan. Count me in as well as let me know how I can truly get behind it. It's VITAL to our industry. Cheers."

– Craig Bollman

“Tony, I had the opportunity to review your MH Alliance/Phoenix Plan PowerPoint presentation. As always, a good job! If we as an industry could come together and support this MH Alliance concept as we have traditionally supported 'industry trade shows,' think about the good that this plan could accomplish to advance our Industry.”

- Dennis Hill, Show Ways Unlimited.

“As a manufactured home owner myself, I want to be the very first person to join the MH Alliance. The MH Alliance/Phoenix Plan is a visionary approach that has the potential to reverse our Industry’s sales trend while benefiting millions of Americans. I think home owners, Industry professionals and associations should all get behind the MH Alliance program.”

- John Bostick, Sunshine Homes

Take the next step

Take the next step

Remember, we either define ourselves as an industry or others will define us.

Discover uncommon sense at this link.

We either line up forces that support our efforts, or others who line up against us will continue to dominate. The status quo is not an option.


Download the presentation at this link.


Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with MH Alliance/Phoenix Project in the subject lineto attend the next free online orientation. For those considering co-sponsor a pilot project, please call 815-270-0500 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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