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The power of self-belief

August 8th, 2012 No comments

You would be amazed at how many people sabotage their life and its circumstances and outcomes due to a lack of self-belief.


Millions of people every day permit others to create doubt in their ability to accomplish their goals, cause them to feel insecure and unworthy and generally contribute to the poor value of their mental state and therefore often the quality of their life in general. Why is this?


Lot's of reasons but here are a few to consider.


Self-belief is nothing more than confidence in who you are, what you believe and how you feel. It doesn't mean you are always right in these mindsets but as long as you believe them and act accordingly, they will impact your thoughts, attitudes and life.


We could use some of history's most famous bad people as an example – they were wrong in their attitudes but because they believed in them and thought they were right they behaved accordingly and therefore had a great deal of negative influence on the world. I could also give you examples of some of the world's best people who had the same confidence in their beliefs and values and had tremendous positive influence on the world in general. The rules for both were the same – believe in yourself and the outcomes will mirror your beliefs. The difference between the two is the type of influence these people had. How about you?


Do you have steadfast belief in yourself, your life purpose, your actions and decisions, your behavior? If so I would have to ask – are the outcomes for the people in your life – family, friends, customers, employees or strangers – positive or negative?


Self-belief when real and passionate will lead to congruence between your thoughts and actions and therefore your outcomes and circumstances.


When self- belief is grounded in integrity, knowledge and respect for your higher self, it will push you towards your dreams, goals and desires. When self-belief is honored in all ways it will propel you into a future that you dream will one day be true for you. In essence your dreams are really only as possible as your belief in them. So, if your dreams are not a reality yet – consider – that maybe your-self-belief needs some serious work – from the inside-out.


When you allow appearances and external conditions to influence your self-belief you will almost always fall short of your dreams and desires. So please get this – if you want the future you envision for yourself to become a reality one day – start focusing on the development, improvement, enhancement and confidence in who you are, who you are becoming and who you are capable of becoming. Easy task? Not at all. But worth the effort, time, work and patience? A resounding YES!!##


Make it a tremendous year,

In His service, 



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