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Mid-Week Motivation Booster from Tim Connor – 01/19/11

January 19th, 2011 No comments

Weekly Quote
“Being deeply loved summons your strength; loving deeply summons your courage.”

Weekly TimBit
There is a significant difference between being responsible to people and for them. Being responsible to people is when you feel responsible for another’s outcomes, pain, failure, feelings, problems, struggles, adversity, need satisfaction as well as their success, joy, achievements and growth.

Being responsible to people means that you know that what they are experiencing in life whether struggle or victory, pain or success, growth or stagnation is what they have brought into their life to move to a higher plane. You are there, you care, you are interested but it is their stuff not yours.

Question for the week
Who do you feel responsible for? To?

Recommended reading
Givers and Takers, Evatt