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Having fun today?  This week?  This year? In life in general?  You would be amazed at how many people lack fun in their life.  And I often include myself.  Too busy?  Too worried?  Too fearful? Too much on your plate? Don’t know how to have fun?  These questions are endless, but the questing is – if your life lacks fun – what is or are the causes or contributors?

What is fun really?  Is it watching your favorite team on TV?  A week at the beach? A trip around the world or something as simple as enjoying time with friends or family?

During my life (I have spoken in 25 countries and seen much of the world) there have been times when what could have been fun wasn’t for any number of reasons – stress, busyness or just tired. As time has passed I have erased items from my bucket list that I have wanted to do simply for a lack of time, money or energy but in the end why do many of us (including myself) wait till times are just right defining fun just as the BIG stuff?

There comes a time for all of us when age, health or responsibilities will reduce or eliminate our opportunities for the fun things in life.  I know as the years are quickly passing and I HATE crossing stuff off my bucket list.

Fun isn’t what you are doing or who you are with – it is who you are.  Do you bring a fun mindset to everything including work, career or even routine activities like cutting the grass, running errands or sitting in traffic?

Having fun shouldn’t be hard or challenging.  It shouldn’t be put off or depend on what you are doing or who you are with.  Fun is (and I repeat) a mindset, an attitude, a philosophy that you bring to whatever you are doing not what you are doing or who you are with.  Fun should be easy and it doesn’t have to cost anyyhting.

I recall when my youngest daughter was only five how much fun we had when I was just reading to her every night at bedtime.  Or, when we were walking our dog.

It’s a medical fact that people who have fun mindsets live longer, get sick less and enjoy life more than people who can’t find time or the ability to laugh, even at the simplest things in life – even problems or stressful times.

I’m not suggesting that everything in life is fun but we can bring a fun attitude to even the most difficult tasks or activities.  How about you?  How would you define yourself on what I refer to as the Fun Meter?  Give yourself a rating on your fun attitude in life in general – 1 you don’t even know what fun is or 10 and everything is fun – or somewhere in between.  Might be an interesting and revealing activity.

A few questions:

1) Do you have a fun mindset?

2) Is it hard for you to have fun?

3) Would others consider you a fun person?

4) What do you have to be doing to have fun?


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