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Disappointment is not an outcome but a process

May 9th, 2016 No comments

Ever been disappointed? We all are sooner or later and some of us more often than others and more often than necessary. What exactly is disappointment and what are its primary contributors?  But also, why do we set ourselves up for it?

Disappointment – the feeling of sadness or displeasure caused by the non-fulfillment of one’s hopes or expectations.  Get it – the single biggest cause of disappointment are the expectations we want or need to happen or feelings we have when we have been let down by others or circumstances.

Let me briefly explain the title as I believe that expectations and their outcomes are more of a process than an outcome.

We want something to happen – a returned phone call, email or text response, someone to show up on time for lunch – whatever – and we believe/feel that it should happen due to our own needs, desires or situations and then – BAM – nothing.  So, we get upset, angry, hurt or yes – disappointed.  I call it the “disappointment – setup”.  Can it be avoided? Yes, but there are a few conditions that must be present.

First we have to grasp the simple concept that we are not in control of others or their actions, responses, timing or agendas.

Second we must accept that the world doesn’t revolve around us.

And third we must nurture patience – not an easy task for control freaks.

When I say that disappointment is a process  – it starts with us and how we turn over control of our feelings, behavior, decisions or actions to others or circumstances.  It doesn’t just happen – it builds slowly as time passes and you wait for responses, actions, decisions or outcomes you want from others or life in general.

I don’t care if it’s an airline flight that is late or cancelled, the weather that messes with your weekend plans or simply routine traffic while on the way to an important meeting – it’s all the same – stuff happens and if this concept is not ingrained in your consciousness I will guarantee you spend a great deal of time in a mindset of disappointment.

The other factor is the stress that is caused by these situations and if you are not aware of the negative impact of this let me tell you that everything in life is a stressor – a wedding or a divorce, winning the lotto or filing bankruptcy, getting fired or starting a new position – everything in life is a stressor but the body doesn’t separate negative from positive stressors – they are all the same.  Stress isn’t what is happening but how you choose to respond internally to what is happening. Notice I said “you choose”.

Yes, disappointment is a major contributor to stress and again its primary causes are the expectations you bring to any and every situation or person.

What can you do to eliminate or reduce your disappointments?  Simple folks – let go emotionally of the things you can’t control.  Accept that life happens and not always according to your agendas, schedule or needs.

I’ll share one of my life mantras with you – “I will be excited if it happens but I won’t be disappointed if it doesn’t.”

By- Tim Connor

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Whatever Happened to Personal Responsibility?

June 12th, 2013 No comments

During the past couple of decades there has been a shift taking place in a major life area. Yes, this is just my opinion but if you will take a serious look at trends and people’s behavior I am sure you will agree. People today are spending more time blaming than looking in the mirror when it comes to a simple yet vital personal attitude and that is simply, (you and I are responsible for our life’s circumstances and outcomes.)

Yes, there are many situations where you may have not had control;

-Some stupid driver tailgates you and ends up hitting you from behind in an accident.

-Your spouse has an affair.

-You end up with an illness or disease due to heredity.

-Your house is broken into.

-You lose your job because your company goes belly-up.

I could give you hundreds of examples but the real question is here not what is happening to you for whatever reason but how are you reacting, responding or dealing with it i.e. personal responsibility.

If this is true, that we are gradually becoming a society of people who no longer in general are willing to take responsibility for their actions, decisions or circumstances why is this a trend, what are the consequences and what can we do to do or change to correct this destructive behavior?

The why.

There are numerous reasons but I believe they fall into three major groups – Our upbringing, the government and the inability to manage fear and uncertainty in our life.

Early conditioning–Each of us were raised and conditioned in an environment we couldn’t control by parents or caregivers, teachers, religious leaders or anyone who had significant influence over our lives. Most of these people were well meaning but in the end all they could do was pass on to us their beliefs, prejudices, opinions, judgments and the results of their experience and learning. So your parents grew up in the 30’s, 40’s or 50’–think all of their lessons are appropriate today in this century? Sure some of the values, lessons and teaching will always be appropriate like learning discipline, optimism, responsibility or consequences of choices but let me ask you – do you think each of us learned all we needed to from them to survive or prosper in this dynamic and evolving world culture? I doubt it. But here’s the problem – what they taught you – right or wrong – good or bad – valuable or not is deeply embedded in your unconscious and to this day has a significant impact on your attitudes, choices, decisions and behavior. In a sense it’s as if they are sitting on your shoulder each minute of each day saying, “Do this, do that, don’t do this don’t to that, think this, believe that etc.”

Yes, some of this can be valuable to live a full and happy life, but not all of it may be relevant to us and our unique current circumstances in today’s world. If you were taught personal responsibility there’s a very good chance you are succeeding in many areas of your life, but if this was not part of your conditioning influencers mindsets then you have some work to do to begin to see your life and its outcomes and situations as your responsibility and nor theirs or anyone else’s.

The government and society–Without coming across as political although it has been my experience that no matter what your political leaning you will tend to agree or disagree with what you read – not based on what you are reading, but how compatible or consistent it is with your attitudes, opinions or philosophy. Anyway, the government is tending to get bigger and bigger and the reason is simple – their agenda is to give more of us more and more benefits thereby creating a dependence on them for many of these benefits. In the end what they are doing is relieving us gradually of personal responsibility. Yes, there are many people who worked for and earned, deserve or need the government’s help but to the degree that exists today? I’ll let you decide. For me, having travelled the world and spoken to over a million people I can tell you that more and more people are beginning to feel entitled that are not entitled.

Fears and uncertainty–The number one emotion that affects everyone in a negative way is fear – fear of what is happening, fear of what might happen or even the residual effect of fear of something that happened in the past. Without going into an in depth explanation of this – accept that there are only two basic emotions – love and fear and all other emotions are just derivatives of these. In other words – hate, anger, disappointment, jealousy, guilt, resentment etc are all just relatives of fear and joy, happiness, glee, contentment, bliss, cheerfulness etc are all related to love.

The oldest part of the human brain is what is called the reptilian brain and it has been conditioned over the millions of years to react first to threats that create fear reactions of flight, fight or freeze. So is it any wonder that when you lose your job, get a bad health diagnosis, or any other bad news your first reaction is fear? No, as a human you have been conditioned over the hundreds of centuries to make that your first response.

When we can’t successfully manage the causes or contributors to fear, even in the modern world, we automatically do what we have learned to do during our evolution as humans and that is a fear response – again –fight, flight or freeze.

Uncertainty is a major contributor to fear as with it we feel we lack control over our life. When we feel we are losing control of any major aspect of our life, our first response is fear, then panic and then the stress sets in.

The consequences.

The consequences are almost universal when we fail to take control in some way of the circumstances or events that cross our path and that is – stress. Unmanaged stress is the number one contributor to all medical issues that we face from colds to heart attacks. From rashes to strokes. Everything in life is a stressor and the brain doesn’t distinguish between positive or negative stressors – a wedding, a divorce, winning the lottery, bankruptcy, getting a promotion, losing a job or any other positive or negative event or situation. The brain treats all stressors the same – a raised physiological awareness and then response of some kind. In the end, failure to manage your stressors, note I didn’t say control them, will take their consequences on some area of your life.

What do we need to do?

There are many steps you can take to address this issue of personal power and responsibility, but let me share just ten questions and/or approaches that when consistently embraced will go a long way to help you achieve success in these two critical mindsets.

1)Spend time focusing on what really matters to you in life – your goals, purpose, desires, mission and legacy.

2)Think about how your current values, expectations, needs and lifestyle are inconsistent with your answer to the above.

3)How do you spend your time? Is it consistent with number one or number two i.e. do you spend as much time in self-improvement as you do watching television or just doing nothing that will move you forward in a positive way?

4)Who do you spend time with? Is it people who have similar attitudes, mindsets that reinforce your current status or is it with people who can help you achieve your goals or dreams?

5)Do you have someone in your life that holds you accountable? A coach, spouse, friend or someone else?

6)Do you spend regular and routine time in serious self-improvement?

7)Do you have an attitude of entitlement or personal responsibility regardless of where you are in life?

8)Do you feel like a victim – someone who doesn’t deserve your current circumstances? Or empowered no matter where you are or what is going on?

9)Take risks, try something new, throw away the box, stretch and accept both failure and success with the same attitude – what can these teach you?

10)Strengthen your spiritual nature. Learn to trust God and accept what He brings into your life as a way of Him helping you learn what you need to, to move to the higher ground or next level in your life.

I suggest you spend some serious time on the above suggestions and/or questions. With time, effort and patience you can see miraculous positive results if you will just be willing to grow, learn and change.

“Stop blaming the world for your troubles.
The world was here first and owes you nothing.”

Mark Twain

In His Service, Tim

Self-limitations are self-imposed.

May 29th, 2013 No comments

It has been said by many people, “that the only limitations we encounter in life are those self-limiting ones that we place on ourselves.” If this is true, and at this point I am neither agreeing or disagreeing with this premise, why then do so few people reach their full potential? Why do so many people feel stuck, out of control and without hope in their lives? Why do so many people give up, quit, settle, resign themselves or operate out of blame, anger, guilt, resentment and self pity when it comes to the quality of their life? If this question were answered in a book by the same title, it would never sell. Why? Because the very people we are talking about here do not want to take the responsibility for their lives. These people insist on pointing their finger toward something or someone else for the cause of their station or circumstances in life. Things like;their boss, their company, the economy, social status, race or gender prejudices- this list goes on and on, rather than themselves and their own decisions, actions, beliefs, values, prejudices and so on.

The truth is, and I didn’t just invent it or discover it, each of us came into this world headed for greatness in some way. We were engineered for success at birth by God and often conditioned for failure along the way by our caregivers, parents, teachers, society or anyone who crossed our path that we gave power to. We have forgotten our heritage. We have in our skull: the most magnificent organ ever created in the history of the world, the human mind, a mind that can create whatever it chooses. There is nothing we cannot do. The skeptics out there are thinking, “Sure, Tim, I can fly.”

I do not have the time nor the interest to giveskeptics or critics the time of day. I have had my fill of them during my life. If that is their attitude, there is nothing I could ever say that would change their minds. They don't want to change them becausethey are happy being negative. This is not about you or me being able to fly -but realizing we can do whatever we put our minds to, as long as we put action into our dreams. Certainly there are some physical limitations in areas or with some people. My major point here is that most of us could do more if we would only learn that most of our ceilings are self-imposed.

What inner mental images are you holding in your consciousness that may be holding you back? Is it the fear of failure or success? Is it the fear of rejection or public scorn? Is it an inner feeling of unworthiness? Or is it some other emotional issue or scar that you have failed to recognize or deal with?
-What would you try if you knew you couldn't fail?
-What would you attempt if you knew you would succeed?
-What would you feel if you knew it was O.K to feel that way?
-What would you believe if you knew it were true?
-What would you ask for if you knew the answer would be, yes?

What are you waiting for? You are in control of and in charge of your destiny and life. The next 10, 20 or 30 years are in your hands, but only if you have the will, courage, desire, skill and knowledge to create whatever you want. You can have anything you want in life, you just can't have everything – sorry folks!

“Self-image sets the boundaries of individual accomplishment.”

Maxwell Maltz

In His Service, Tim


November 20th, 2012 No comments

One of the critical skills for ongoing success is the ability to bounce back from adversity. Sooner or later in life everyone experiences failure, disappointment, setbacks or loses the desire to keep on keeping on.

Over the years I have had more than my share of failures as well as successes. Just because you have failed, doesn’t mean you are a failure. Just because you have achieved success doesn’t make you a success. Many people have hit bottom, only to climb out and achieve greatness and many people have done great things only to end up broke, alone and without any lasting feeling of accomplishment.

Success and failure are neutral concepts. What makes either of them positive or negative in your life is not the event, circumstance or situation but what you do with them along the path of life. No one that I have ever met has had a life filled with nothing but failure or only one success after another. Resilience is your ability to keep coming back, again and again and again. No matter how many times life throws you a curve or brings you to your knees, you try again – you try something, new, something different, or something old in a new way. You refuse to give in or up. Here are a few ideas to consider when you feel like quitting.

1. It is temporary.

2. You need it so you could learn a valuable lesson.

3. You need to be softened by life.

4. You need it to give your life more integrity or character.

5. You need it so you could be an example for others.

6. You need to rid yourself of some arrogance or ignorance.

7. You need it to grow in some area of your life.

8. You need it so you could learn to laugh at yourself.

9. You need it so you can learn to live in the present.

10. You need it so you can learn to take life less seriously.

I am a testimony to resilience. (Not bragging here) If I can accomplish what I have in my career having been brought to my knees again and again, with failure, disappointment, more problems than any one person should have – then you to – regardless of your current station in life or circumstances can rise again. All you have to do is reach inside and find the courage, strength, stamina, attitudes, self-belief, self-confidence and rekindle your desire for what you believe you can do and will do.

Hang on to your dream, no matter how big it might seem to you. And, don’t let others convince you that you can’t do it, won’t do it or shouldn’t do it. Be true to yourself and your destiny. You have everything you need, right now, inside of you to carry on. All you have to do is do it.

Make it a great week, In His Service, Tim

The Five Keys to Turning your Business Around in a Sluggish Economy

May 23rd, 2012 No comments

For the better part of three years I have heard from hundreds of people running organizations today that this sluggish economy is driving them up a wall. OK, so we all agree – things are not what they used to be or the way we would like them to be.

The question is – what are you doing about it? Stuck in the past and negative mindsets? Whining every day? Unwilling to re-invent your business model? Hoarding your cash? Circling the wagons? I could go on, but the only positive answer to all of these is to simply – embrace change and move on – whether you are comfortable with it or not.

I have developed a new all day program for you and your employees to help you end these negative patterns, behaviors and attitudes and finally move on with – dignity, success and increased business and profits. But the question is – are you willing to do something new and different and let go of paradigms that keep your organization stuck in a victim mindset to economic circumstances you can't control?

OK, here are the Five Keys to Turning Your Business Around in a Sluggish Economy

Employees –

The single best resource that drives your organization's success are your employees. If they are driven by fear, uncertainty and stress I will guarantee that it will take months or years to turn your business around and you will remain a victim of a sluggish economy. If they are driven by creativity, innovation, a positive culture and an empowering motivational climate – watch out – anything is possible and you will be amazed at the results that can be achieved. Focusing on the negatives, what isn't working and micro-managing every employee action and decision will sabotage employee motivation and a willingness to take risks and change things for the better. If you are not investing in your employees development – you are losing all of the benefits of a workforce that will help you emerge from these challenging times with confidence, enthusiasm and real positive and consistent results.

Customers –

Your customers are the source of all of the revenue that enables your growth, stability, progress and success. Treating customers as only a source of revenue is a recipe for disaster sooner or later. Employees under a great deal of stress will tend to lack customer understanding, compassion and a willingness to help them solve problems, but rather try and just get more business from them. Customer loyalty is earned and not purchased and it is vital for long term success and stability. If you treat customers only as a financial entity and do not focus on the quality of the relationship with appropriate communication, validation and respect you will lose their business. Your competition, even if they can not satisfy your customer's needs in an effective or positive way, will take this business away from you. If you are not cultivating your customers in a positive and consistent way you are losing business both from present and future customers.

Advertising and marketing –

"If you build it and they will come!" Sorry, not true. A cute line, but in today's world, driven by technology, this attitude will fail to yield consistent positive results. Having sold a variety of types of advertising during my early career; magazines, newspaper, trade shows, billboards and transit – I can tell you that if people don't know who you are and how you can help them grow their business or solve their problems – you will never get their business. Yes, word of mouth advertising is a great tool – but can you afford to wait for this method to take hold? I will tell you – in a sluggish economy if this is your approach – you will soon be a forgotten statistic. When the economy sinks smart people improve their advertising and marketing exposure. The rest of the business world has this archaic attitude – we can't afford it now. We will advertise and market again when things pick up or improve. Sorry – with that attitude – business will never improve for you. The second best investment you can make during sluggish times to improve business is to increase exposure and that can only be done by reaching out to your markets and its potential with creative advertising and marketing strategies and approaches.

Management mindsets –

There are only two basic mindsets when it comes to dealing with uncertainty and the future's unknowns – you can fear and deny them or you can embrace and take charge of them. Everything in an organization – its culture, prevailing attitudes, employee behaviors, decisions and overall performance is directly or indirectly related to management style, management philosophy and management mindsets. If management (ownership) has the belief that things are tough and uncertain – what do you think is filling the minds of your employees every minute of every day? If you think management mindsets do not have a 100% impact on everything that happens or doesn't happen in your organization you are living in la-la land. How's that working for you? If you want to change things bottom-up you have to change things top-down. Like it or not – you are responsible for whatever is going on in your organization – good or bad – positive or negative.

A re-invent mentality –

It's time to let go of what is no longer working – no matter how long you have done it or how entrenched it is in your organization's history or philosophy. Re-invent simply means to – let go, re-charge, re-ignite, re-vitalize and take the lessons from the past, but not the processes or approaches into the future. Re-invent is simply a – "throw-away-the-box mentality" and not just a – "think-out-of-the-box" one. It means holding on to what you believe in, but now how you deal with it. It requires surrender to the new-normal and how that is influencing your overall business approaches and their ultimate success.

This program digs deep into each of these areas and will guide your employees and members of your management team in a positive direct so you will very soon look back on these negative times – and smile. Let me add however – if you are not suffering in any way due to these sluggish economic times – imagine what your business could look like if your organization embraced these five approaches as a permanent part of your business philosophy!

If you are interested in conducting this program for your organization – contact me. If you are not – then what are you going to do to successfully emerge from this uncertain future?

Make it a tremendous year,
In His service,

Assumptions, Misunderstanding & Mixed Messages

May 9th, 2012 1 comment

Ever sent a mixed message to someone? Received one? Ever made an assumption? Ever had a misunderstanding? If you answered no to any of these you are living in denial. Everyone from time to time or frequently is guilty of sending confusing and often contradictory messages causing any number of communication breakdowns that can lead to stress, frustration, anxiety, doubt, guilt and even anger.

Let's define each of these briefly before I dig into the details.

Assumption – something that is believed to be true without proof. A theory, guess, conjecture or hypothesis or supposition.

Mixed message – a confusing difference between the way somebody behaves and what somebody says.

Misunderstanding – a failure to understand or interpret something correctly caused by misinterpretation, misreading or delusion.

Mixed message(s). Let's start with mixed messages as in most cases these are the cause of most assumptions and misunderstanding. You would be amazed at how frequently we all send mixed messages to others that are caused by the contradiction between our stated intent and our real intent. What's the difference? Stated intent is what you tell yourself or others that you are going to do, try and do or do your best to accomplish. For example – I will call you tomorrow. Let's do lunch next week. The check is in the mail. I'll get back to you with a decision next week. I plan to start exercising every day. Etc.

Real intent is what actually takes place or the results you achieve. For example you actually start exercising or set up a specific lunch date.

When there is an inconsistency between the outcomes of a person's stated intent and their real intent – their real intent was not to act or accomplish etc.

When you tell another person anything regarding what you will do you have to have integrity between what you say you are going to do and what you actually do. When this is lacking you will certainly set up a situation where assumptions will be made and misunderstanding will occur.

Mixed message is nothing more than a contradiction between what you mean and what you say or do. So why do people intentionally or unintentionally send these confusing messages? Lot's of reasons – manipulation, to avoid truth, they lack the courage to be honest, an unwillingness to be authentic or vulnerable, feelings of insecurity, the desire to avoid conflict or confrontation, uncertainty as to how another person will respond or react, fear of reprisal, criticism or retribution or hidden agendas that they want to keep hidden. I could go on, but I'm sure you see that there are many contributors to these often innocent mixed messages. I say often, but there are also times when these messages can cause a great deal of pain, guilt, blame, anger, jealousy, suffering, stress and even betrayal. None of which will contribute to positive or productive relationships with family, customers, fellow employees or even friends.

Assumption(s). Assumptions are those mental outcomes a person comes to when they lack adequate or accurate information. An assumption can be anything from a simple – someone will be on time to more dramatic – he or she doesn't love me anymore or I am doing a great job in my position since I don't get any negative feedback from my boss. Or even worse that a customer is happy just because they don't bother to complain.

Why do we make assumptions? For starters we don't like uncertainty. We would rather create a story in our own mind, no matter how false, about what is happening or might happen than have this emptiness inside of our mind. Often these inner stories have nothing to do with what is really going on but with time we begin to convince ourselves that even though it's just that – a story we have created or made up – that it's true. Another reason is that we lack the ability or courage to just ask others for their reality. Keep in mind that each of us has our own specific reality based on a number of factors. No two people share exactly the same reality even if they have been married for fifty years. Still another reason is our unwillingness to manage the fear that fills everyone's mind and takes its toll in a variety of ways. These fears are our way of trying to make sense of what we don't know. We allow them to rule our inner thoughts and therefore our actions regardless of whether they are true or not. They are just stories we tell ourselves to try and have some degree of control of our uncertainty.

What are the consequences of making assumptions? Too numerous to discuss but let me share just a few of the common ones. Increased conflict with others, lowered self-esteem, disappointment in an outcome, the inability to let go of the stories we have create and their impact on other situations. And finally – increased stress due to the frustration of a perceived lack of control. Not worth the price folks.

Misunderstanding(s). A misunderstanding is nothing more than our projection of what we want to hear, believe is true or in some way, agrees with our personal beliefs, opinions, values or mindsets. All misunderstanding is caused by our inner perceptual filter that causes us to avoid what we don't accept, believe or agree with. We want to hear X and the other person tells us their X and we interpret it as Y. Misunderstanding is one of the most common communication issues in all relationships. She said, he heard, he responded, she reacted etc. He believes so he says, she wants to hear something else so doesn't hear what he says but what she thinks he said or wanted to believe he said.

For example. The employee says he will get the project done by Friday. The boss wants it done by today. So he interprets Friday to mean the other person as saying as soon as I can or today. When today ends and the project isn't complete – well you get the picture.

Assumptions, mixed messages and misunderstanding can all be avoided if we will just take the time to listen objectively and openly, stay in the present moment and not the past or future and be willing to ask enough of the right questions that help us ensure we are on the same page.

Make it a tremendous year,
In His service,
Tim ##

What Defines You and Your Future

April 25th, 2012 No comments

Weekly TimBit

Over the years I have observed many people and their reactions and responses to many of life's curves, roadblocks and successes. I include myself in these observations with the goal of trying to determine who I am, who I have been and who I am becoming. Sometimes it's a wonderful story that unfolds with each new day and other times it's a sad and frustrating picture. What makes the difference in our lives and how we evaluate those defining moments and their impact on us?

A better question could be why or why do we not do the inner work that is necessary for a happy, productive and worthwhile life?

No one escapes adversity in life in their relationships, health, career or finances. Life is a journey from where we have come from to where we are going and that journey is riddled with disappointment, frustration and discouragement as well as success, achievement and wonderful memories.

So again I ask you, which of the aspects of life as they unfold for you each new day – how will they define your life outlook, attitudes, behavior and outcomes?

Each of us makes numerous decisions each day that have a direct and indirect impact on how the journey for each of us unfolds. When these decisions are made with a mindset ruled by fear and uncertainty, stress and discouragement and unrealized expectations and disappointment – we will surely create a future with more of the same. When we can find the opportunity that always lies hidden within all of life's negative circumstances, we will have the ability to create a better future where we learn to let our lives be filled with peace, joy and happiness.

The key is in knowing how we chose what will define us. This definition is always grounded in one simple philosophy and that is – when our time is up here and it's time to move on to another life plane – what will have been our proudest moments and our best decisions, our regrets of words spoken or left unsaid or our actions taken or avoided for some reason. This requires the ability to leave here with few regrets knowing that we did our best every day to create a life worth living regardless of the chaos, life trauma or dramas that filled our moments, days or even years.

It takes courage to learn to live a fulfilling life in the face of trials and adversity. It takes resolve to live through life's uncertainty believing in a better tomorrow and it takes faith and hope to know that what we are going through is just – a segment of the longer life journey and that in the end, how it all turned out was more a matter of our attitudes, philosophy and beliefs than what was actually happening each day.

What will define you as the years pass and your life comes to its conclusion?

So ask yourself a simple question – regardless of your current circumstances – will you let what you are going through now define you or can you see the bigger picture of your life?

I have developed 6 new custom in-house employee development programs – effective 2012. If you have an interest in conducting one of these for your employees – I am offering special discounts for these programs for new and repeat clients. If you have an interest – contact me and we can discuss the details and my availability. Here are the new topics;

Overcoming Life's Challenges and Difficult Times.

This program focuses on the causes and cures when fear, uncertainty, doubt and insecurity fill the mindsets of individuals that prevent creativity, effectiveness and motivation.

Developing a Custom Sales System that increases sales success.

This program addresses the need for an effective, proven and custom sales system and how to create, develop and implement it to ensure that your lost sales ratio remains low. It also improves margins and market share.

Personal Organization – the vital skill for sustained sales success.

This program focuses on the skills, traits, behaviors and attitudes necessary for peak performance throughpersonal organization and personal power. It covers A-Z everything you need to do to achieve total effectiveness and increased sustained sales results.

Don't Tell me – Show me – creating employee accountability.

This program is about creating integrity and congruence between people's words and actions. The single biggest challenge in ever organization is avoiding mis-communication, assumptions and mis-understanding that contribute to redundancy, poor morale and a lack of individual accountability.

Strategic Thinking – Blending market reality with corporate goals.

This program teaches employees how to take an effective strategic approach to their roles, responsibilities, decisions and problem solving. It guides them as they continue to improve their personal effectiveness.

Beating the Competition without using price as your strategy.

This program focuses on strategies, approaches and techniques to keep current business out of the hands of competitors and how to take business away from them in an ethical and professional way..

In a rapidly changing world it is essential that all employees regardless of their roles, responsibilities, position, challenges, skills or experience utilize the latest techniques for; improving sales results, maintaining management effectiveness, improving customer satisfaction, increasing new customer acquisition, improving customer loyalty and maintaining positive, motivated and creative employee attitudes and behaviors.

These programs blend the latest ideas, approaches and techniques that ensure that all participants understand, embrace and integrate the best approaches into their daily functions. Our custom programs are tailored to the client's culture, business model, objectives, opportunities, challenges and vision and mission.

Make it a tremendous year, In His service, Tim


Imagination – what’s possible for you?

April 11th, 2012 No comments

Have you ever considered what great things you could accomplish in your life or who you could become beyond what you are today – if you had more time, resources, talent, creativity or opportunity?

Let me explain – everything that exists today existed in someone's imagination before it became reality. Let me repeat – nothing would exist today if it didn't first fill a person's imagination.

So what does this concept of imagination mean to you and for the quality of your life and future success and happiness? And what exactly is – imagination?

You can't see it, touch it or prove its existence. Everyone has it but some people use more of it in a positive way while others let it die within them. It is responsible for all of your creativity, success and peace and happiness or it keeps you stuck in what can't be, will never be or you don't deserve. It is the most powerful tool humans have to change their reality from what it is to what it could be.

Here's a test – I do these every now and then just to see if anyone is actually reading these messages.  When you order any item on my website for more than $10.00 before Friday and I will include a free CD "of your choice" with your order. Just tell me which one you want in the comments section and it's on me. All of my CD's are listed on my site.  Okay, back to topic . . . 

It is limitless and has no rules, boundaries or restrictions. It can create whatever you want in your mind. I did not say it can turn poverty into wealth, discouragement into optimism or failure into success – in and of itself but it can accomplish your dreams, desires and wishes if you will nurture it, listen to it and then believe that you are capable of accomplishing what messages it sends you.

I never believed that Soft Sell, my first book would ever become the world's best selling sales book in 23 languages and with sales over one million copies on the day I started writing it. But as the words began to flow early in 1980 – long hand – I didn't have a computer or even a typewriter – (if you remember what those are) but before I finished the first chapter, I did let my imagination, with its prodding and hard mental work on my part finally take over and let it create the book in its entirety.

I say this, because at the time, I didn't have a clue about the tremendous future potential of this book as I had never written anything for public use and I was not all that talented when it came to writing skills, grammar even spelling in general, but I do know that I didn't write the book – I wasn't that smart, talented or experienced. The book wrote itself or should I say – my imagination took over – all I did was put the words on the page.

Imagination when allowed to grow, flourish and be all that it is capable of, can literally work miracles in your life. The problem is that most people don't trust it, believe they are able to fulfill its promises or willing to do the work necessary for its manifistation.

Let me repeat – your imagination is limitless. The other problem is that most people fail to realize a simple truth – that what can be lies in potential in your mind but if you are letting current circumstances and perceived self-limitations deny you the belief that anything is possible then it will work against you and not for you.

Is it fear? A lack of self-belief? Or the rules, rituals and mental conditioning that people have received over the years since their birth that keep people stuck? Yes.

Is it the need to conform, fit in, play by the rules and not be considered a bit – out there – that keeps people stuck? Yes. I'm not saying that rule breakers always win and I'm certainly not suggesting that breaking the rules when other's are hurt in some way is right. What I am saying is that when we allow our conditioning to determine the quality of our life we will almost always live with frustration, disappointment and mediocrity.

Think about it – what you have accomplished in life whether; a new recipe, a beautiful garden or the success of a new business enterprise – these were the results of your imagination at work. So you know you have it, have used it at times during your life and it has contributed to your success and or happiness. So the real question is – why not stretch it, expand it, grow it, nurture it and yes believe in it and guess what – you might be surprised at what you could accomplish that at one time in your life you would have felt was utterly impossible and beyond your capabilities.

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Let your imagination run free amd make it a great week and a tremendous year,

In His service, Tim

Do you really think you are secure in any area of your life? – Motivation Booster from Tim

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Weekly TimBit –  Security is an illusion.

Do you really think that people who have lost their home and all of their possessions in less than five minutes due to a tornado, hurricane or even a flood believed that this would happen to them? Do you think people who have saved for years and then lost all of their hard earned money due to an economic disaster ever thought that they would find themselves in this financial chaos?   Do you believe that someone who has worked in a career for years and then suddenly finds themselves in their later years looking for a job? Do you really think that someone who was in a long relationship that they believed was stable and loving would find themselves suddenly single and alone?

The answer to all of these is no they would never have thought they would have found themselves facing the circumstances they were.

Security – is an illusion.

You can save, work, love and live life correctly and expect that all will work out for you in the end but I am here to tell you if you believe that life is secure in any way you are living in "La La land".

Why do people strive so hard for future security when in reality no one can ever know what tragedy or adversity might suddenly come into their life that will disrupt or even destroy life as they once knew it? Is it ignorance – naïveté, ego dominance, arrogance, immaturity or even stupidity? The answer is yes – it is one or more of these that cause people to feel like their life is always in their control or their dominate motive is to strive for these.

I don't like tragedy or adversity whether; financial, health, physical or in relationships any more than the next person but life has taught me a simple lesson – live each day to the best of your ability – plan, set goals, hope, desire, work towards a better life, love and learn but in the end no one can predict or know the future. Oh sure, we can all say we are living each day as it comes but if you fret, worry or get stressed out about what may happen tomorrow you are misleading yourself.

Everyone wants life to be fair, prosperous, loving and safe but in the end consider; over 100,000 people lost their home last year due to a tragedy they didn't expect. Over 2000 people die each day due to cardiac issues. Over 50,000 people die in their sleep each night. Millions of people file bankruptcy each year, many due to circumstances beyond their control.

I could go on and on with statistics like these, but I am sure you get where I am going with this – I'll guarantee none of these people thought that what happened to them ever would.

No one can control all or even many of life's situations or its uncertainty. I have asked many people over the years – would you like to know what the future holds for you and almost all of them have responded – yes. Sorry folks this mindset is nor will ever be possible. Yes we can have some control over the future – we can save, eat right, work hard, have faith and hope, exercise and not have any negative emotional or physical behaviors, but in the end these alone will not ever guarantee that things will turn out the way you hope or want. And why?

We can't control other's behavior. We can't control the weather. We can't control our heritage. We can't control the economy. We can't control nature. We can't control all that has come before us – how our relatives behaved and what they experienced that influences our physical being and its natural evolution. We can't control the relentless pull of the future. And we can't control many of the changes that come into our life or their timing.

So what can we control to ensure a better future, a happier way of life and to some degree or security? All we can control is how we choose to interpret the circumstances that come into our life and then how we choose to respond to them.

How are you doing? Fighting for future security and losing the value and joy of each day as you have it or living today and doing your best, but in the end accepting that tomorrow with all of its circumstances is an unknown entity?  

Let me repeat – security is an illusion

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Make it a tremendous year, In His service, Tim


Read any books lately that set you on fire?

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Since I was old enough to understand the simple concept of OPE (other people's experience) I have read every book I could get my hands on to try and find and remain on the road to a happy, peaceful and successful life. To date I have read over 3000 books – not bragging here, I just want to say that of all of these books, 20 stand out as some of my all-time favorites that had and still have a significant impact on some area of my life. Yes, there are many more great books than the 20 I have listed below, but I will make you a promise – if you will read just one of them (if you haven't already) I will guarantee your life will never be the same – in a positive way. So here are the 20 in no particular order of importance or value.
A few of these are out of print, but are still available on Amazon in the  used book section.
What Happy people Know, Dan Baker
This book gives you all of the vital tools to find true happiness.
The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, Dan Millman
This book shares a simple concept that few people consider when searching for inner peace.
Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill
One of the all time best selling books that shares 13 principles for enduring success.
The Power of Patience, P. J Ryan
A powerful look at one of the vital attitudes for success, health and happiness.
In The Flow of Life, Eric Butterworth
One of the most engaging and real books about spiritual truth.
Brain Rules, John Medina
Want to know why you can't change something in your life?
Unconditional Love, John Powell
Why love is the number one thing in people's lives that seldom is realized.
The Voice of Knowledge, Miguel Ruiz
This book will change the way you think and what you think about.
The Choice, Og Mandino
Og is one of the all-time most revered authors and this is one of my favorites.
Wake-Up Calls, Eric Allenbaugh
We all need a 2×4 every now and then. This book will wake you up to what really matters in life.
As A Man Thinketh, James Allen
Read this powerful book and your life will never be the same.
Nasty People, Jay Carter
A quick read, only 75 pages but it will have a dramatic impact on how you treat others.
The Bible
This book has the answers to all of life's challenges, goals and purpose.
The Reason Why, Robert Laidlaw
Written over 100 years ago and still as relevant today as it was then.
Man's Search For Meaning, Victor Frankl
An engaging, powerful and vital read for anyone who needs a wake-up Call
The Prophet, Kahlil Gibran
This book gives you the opportunity to look at life in an entirely new way.
The Richest Man in Babylon, George Clason
If you had read this before you hit the age of twenty by age 40 you would be a millionaire.
Set Your Heart on Fire, Harold Cushnir
Life is short, live it to the fullest while you can.
Waking Up In Time, Peter Russell
This book will rock your world, I guarantee it.
Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Richard Bach
This is the all-time best selling self-help book, written over 50 years ago.
I urge you to read any of the above if you are searching for inner peace, happiness or success.
Make it a great week and a tremendous year,  In His service, Tim