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About Missing Passage of Preserving Access

December 16th, 2015 No comments

The word is out.  The MHI backed bill won’t be included in the omnibus appropriations package that will be passed soon. My view is that the Preserving Access  bill never had a prayer anyway, as President Obama would have vetoed it, as he has made it clear that he won’t allow ANY changes to Dodd-Frank.  That shows just how disconnected he and his administration are from the real world. Getting Congress to add it to the appropriations bill would have been nice window-dressing, but it was otherwise never going to see the light of day.

Personally, I am not surprised by FHFA excluding chattel. The GSEs clearly never wanted to do chattel loans, and even if they added chattel, I believe they would make it so restrictive that it wouldn’t amount to much volume. The industry wanted FHA Title I chattel opened back up several years ago, and when it finally did get reopened, it wasn’t much of a program and is barely used. IF the FHFA allows chattel, my prediction is it will end up like the FHA Title I program with limited use and limited benefit to the industry. 

On a side note, I have seen articles written about ‘back room’ meetings with finance company and industry leaders occurring with the FHFA. As the leader of the second largest lender in the industry, I have not been given any briefing about this if it happened, and I certainly wasn’t invited if the meetings did take place. But then again, I have not been consulted by anyone at MHI for several years on anything, so maybe I’m just out of the loop. 

And once again, I will state that not having MHI and MHARR working together on issues like these is a travesty, and the lack of a unified voice makes it easy for the bureaucrats in DC to turn their back on us. 

Why we can’t pool our efforts and resources and present a cohesive and defensible plan on no-brainer issues like these that benefit the ENTIRE industry is beyond me. 

DonGlissonJrCEOTriadFinancial-postedIndustryVoicesMHProNews-Don Glisson Jr.
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(Editor’s Note: Extensive commentary on these issues is found in the interview, Another Cup of Coffee with...Don Glisson, Jr., linked here.)

One Click, One Minute For More MH Lending

December 7th, 2015 No comments


Over the next couple of days, the Senate and House will be completing work on an omnibus appropriation bill. We need you to contact your Congressperson and Senators TODAY to ask them to urge them to put the provisions of H.R. 650/S. 682 into an omnibus appropriation bill.

This takes ONE CLICK HERE.

If the link does not work, here is the URL to copy into the address bar of your browser:

One click. One minute of your time. 

Thanks for all you do in support of the industry. ##

tyler-craddock-exacutive-director-VirginaManufacturedModularHomeAssociation-VAMMA-postedMHProNews-com-Tyler Craddock
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Virginia Manufactured and Modular Housing Association (VAMMA)


Editor’s Note: Other letters on Preserving Access to Manufactured Housing are found linked below

More Manufactured Home Loans Means More Homes Sold in 2016

Crossing the Finish Line in DC is up to YOU!


The Importance and Value of Independent MH Trade Publications

November 24th, 2015 No comments and are both good communications resources for the Manufactured Housing Industry. I and many others at 21st Mortgage and at MHI logon to see the latest news, interviews, debates, videos, opinions and reports they publish. Having a trade publisher that presents thoughtful, respectful commentary independent of any association’s perspective – as important as an association’s view can be – can be a big asset to advancing the MH Industry’s cause. Let me explain why.

There are times that publisher L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach – or a writer or interviewed person on one of his trade media sites – will take a view different than that of a given association.  

Respectfully and thoughtfully done, that can lead to a healthy discussion. Such discussions are how industry members can learn from each other and grow.  We may agree or disagree, but a quality, candid and respectful discussion that clarifies issues has true value.

When MHI or another association finds Tony or one of his guest writer’s taking a view clearly supportive of an Industry association’s stated position, that should bring more confidence to all; precisely because they share an independent viewpoint. 

A “yes man” has limited value, while the thoughtful agreement or discussion from a variety of engaged players is all-the-more compelling and powerful.

At 21st Mortgage, we have access to a wide variety of resources that the independent business or professional in MH may lack. While anyone can gain value from their industry trade publications, independent business owners can gain valuable insight from the industry news, tips and views found on MHProNews and 

Tony is routinely at MHI meetings, and attends the briefings and sessions. He is engaged. When he says he supports HR 650/S 682, he walks the walk in word and deed. He has clearly supported the earlier versions of the bill and commented as such in his publications.


We all make mistakes. I know that Tony has corrected errors when they are brought to his attention. His publication accepts opinion articles or will share views in interviews that may differ from his own published position. My impression is that Tony isn’t looking for ‘an amen corner,’ rather, he wants a variety of views that get people to think, talk and take action. 

At times, MHI presents messages in ways differing or emphasizing one point over another than Tony’s publications. For example, Tony acknowledges that due to CFPB regulations, there is an impact on MH lending at $75,000, and states as much in videos and articles. On this we agree. He tells me his emphasis of the impact to MH on homes below $20,000 is because of feedback he gets from home sellers. While we are choosing to focus on two different segments of our borrowers, the overall message is still the same.  To rephrase, Tony’s publications and MHI are both correct on this issue. There is no daylight, just a difference in delivery.

I’m happy to commend Tony and his team members for the important work they do to advocate for our MH industry. Perhaps one of the more useful points that can be made about their value is that others in the mainstream media and in government have cited Tony, and, and/or have shared his pro-industry take on a wide range of MH related subjects. They’ve done positive and profitable work promoting the MH industry, events, products and services.

We hope his team continues their years of efforts to provide a balanced and useful source of info on MH. Their growth and success are good news for our MH Industry. ##

tim-williams-CEO-President-21st-mortgage-corporation-currentManufacturedHousingInstituteChairman-IndustryVoices-manufactured-housing-mhpronews-Tim Williams
President/CEO 21st Mortgage Corp.
MHI Chairman.

Conventional Housing, not Manufactured Housing, caused the meltdown that gave us Dodd-Frank and the CFPB

July 24th, 2015 No comments

The situation that led to Dodd-Frank, the Safe Act and the CFPB had virtually nothing to do with manufactured housing. That meltdown in housing in 2008 that led to Dodd-Frank was caused by poor conventional ‘on-site’ house lending. Yet we in MH got dragged into it by a reactionary regulatory response by the government.

As a result, the most common method of selling our homes to consumers (as personal property) has been regulated so hard, that even local lenders, not just big U.S. Bank, have pulled out. It appears that the way the government has decided to “protect” consumers from so-called “predatory lending” is to make it impossible for them to get a loan.

Our homes were already the most regulated form of housing in the history of mankind largely, because policy makers just don’t understand our product or its benefits to millions of consumers.

S 682 will allow the consumers that need the affordability offered by our homes reasonable access to financing that fits the needs of their family. It will save them over rent. We see this reality in our business, at the ground level, rather than some non-profit group’s office that claims to speak for consumers. ##

onManufacturedHomeRetailerTX-IndustryVoicesMHProNews-com-Jody Anderson
MH Retailer, Texas



(Editor’s Note: This is one of several posted comments that have doubled in the last 12 hours on The Hill’s Congressional blog.  It is reprinted with permission.  Please see Ross Kinzler’s blog post, and then comment yourself on the post linked here.)

As an FYI to those ‘tracking’ the comments, please scroll to the bottom of the comment section every time.  The Hill’s comment section has no discernable pattern on where the comments are posted, unless they are a reply.  The most recent comment is not always ‘at the top’ of the other comments.  MHProNews wants to thank and commend all of those who’ve already take 5 to sound off on this highly read Washington DC blog for their pro-MH financing efforts.)

EZ! Virtually Charging “The Hill” for more Manufactured Home Lending

July 24th, 2015 No comments

The Hill is a newspaper and blog read extensively on Capitol Hill.  This week L.A. ‘Tony’ Kovach was invited to post an article about manufactured housing.  He laid down a great defense of the industry and its lending practices in response to all of the consumer group complaints.

We invite you to read the blog and post your own reply.  The more industry members add to this article the better.



RossKinzlerWisconsinHousingAllianceExecutiveDirector-IndustryVoicesblogManufacturedHousingProfessionalnews-MHProNews-comRoss Kinzler
Executive Director
Wisconsin Housing Alliance


(Editor’s Note – Ross is a leader who first takes his own advice.  Mr. Kinzler has posted a fine comment on the topic, and others in MH have followed suit.  Be it a short or longer comment, make your voice heard on this issue, please.  If you want more MH lending, if you want to help those MH owners harmed by the CFPB’s regulations, sound off where the DC media, Congress, staff and policy advocates read.

Then, forward the link above via email to your Senators and Congressman, with a thank you for their support)