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Call to Defund NPR draws Manufactured Home Community Owner Richard Nodel, Nodel Parks, Reaction

February 18th, 2017 No comments

Negative coverage of our industry is something many media outlets are guilty of, but I am a patriot first.

Anything that is an abridgment of our constitutional rights is a greater threat to all of us than just a negative news article.

Let’s fight bad information with good information, and not have to resort to unAmerican activities like censorship of the media.

Just because we don’t like the report, do we try and shutter the source? ##

RichardNodel-owner-NodelParks-manufacturedhomecommunities-posted-IndustryVoices-manufacturedhousingindustrynewsMHProNews-com-150x218Richard Nodel
Nodel Parks

(Editor’s note: Richard Nodel’s Industry Voices guest comment came in response to the commentary on the Daily Signal, linked here, calling for NPR to be defunded.  Landy was cited in the article, linked below.

NPR and Fair Housing: Is “Liberal Bias” Creating Fake News?)


The headline and this text graphic are provided by the editor, as is common with most publications. The comments are those of the writer, Richard Nodel.  Other thoughtful comments by Industry Voices on this or other topics of professional interest are encouraged.

San Antonio “Slumlord” Spotlighted, Community Owner’s Viewpoint

October 21st, 2016 No comments

I doubt that my reaction is different from anybody else reading this.

It is just another classic example of a slum landlord taking advantage of people that because of their position are either afraid to speak up or can’t afford to move.

People on the bottom rung of our economic ladder in effect become hostages to the place they live, no matter how miserable it might be.

It’s very easy to take advantage of people like this.


Quote, graphic creations, links and headlines or illustrations in a guest post are routinely those provided by the publisher, and that is also the case with this letter-to-the-editor.

We have several properties that are blue collar, family parks. We believe that they are entitled to the same safe, healthy environment as those residents in our fancy resort properties. ##


Richard Nodel
3000 Town Center, Suite 540
Southfield, MI 48075
Nodel Parks



(Editor’s Note: Part of the beauty of getting a variety of perspectives on an issue is that you can get unique, thoughtful and compelling insights and takeaways from each of them. A full report on this issue will be posted on the Daily Business News soon, and the original article is linked here. Other perspectives on this or other issues that impact manufactured and factory-built housing are welcome.)