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Manufactured Homes? Mobile Homes? Housing? Factory-Built Homes? What Should We Call our Homes?

July 13th, 2015 No comments


For forty plus years, the MH industry has tried to change the mobile home perception and sophisticate the MH product by changing the name.  When business was sooo good, newbie MBA’s came in and screwed  things up as that was their job which was to make changes and expose what is wrong.

The new group along with industry insiders claimed that the name “mobile home” was not proper.  They said the name is disgraceful and trashy like “trailer.” Industry vets went along with new culture hires and agreed to the name change. The purchasers or those who live in the MH didn’t care at the time and still don’t. 

We changed the name to manufactured housing and after decades of pounding manufactured housing into the public’s mind, most new MH purchasers and MH dwellers still used the term mobile home, so then we decided to change the name to just housing and that did not work as there was no identity to our product, so then some geniuses said to change to factory built homes and so on and so on – so many names.


The image above was not part of Barry Cole’s Letter to the Editor, but the graphic  is linked to an article which is related to this topic. Barry’s article also follows others on the subject from our June Issue Featured Articles.

Still after 4 decades, the public still relates to the mobile home name and per all data, mobile home is used on the internet as much or more than manufactured housing.  Thus, we should never down grade the mobile home name of past which did so much good during a very special time in our industry and especially with so many MH customers still living in them.

So what do we do?  You and I have had numerous conversations as to industry concepts and image and that is why we both have always used the name MH.

You are correct in using MH for the industry’s product name in all of your writings.  It is much easier to say, write and change to.

The recreational vehicle changed to RV and everyone knows the RV name.  The same should be used with MH.

Keep up the good work by using MH in your publications and you will realize more and more using MH.


barry-cole-rv-mh-hall-of-fame-manufactured-home-insurance-services-mhisBarry Cole

Manufactured Housing Insurance Services (MHIS)

RV/MH Hall of Fame Inductee – Class of 2014.

CMHI’s “Jack E. Wells Memorial Award” for distinguished service to the manufactured home industry.

Past Chairman RV/MH Hall of Fame

(Editor’s Note: this message to L. A. “Tony” Kovach (whom Barry and some other industry pros like to refer to as “Hollywood”) is an on-the-record commentary  by Barry on the article, linked below. Numerous other ‘off the record’ comments have come in as well. As always, your comments – on or off the record – are encouraged.)

A Cup of Coffee with…Barry Cole, is linked here.

More – Atta Boys! – for 5th Anniversary Celebration

October 19th, 2014 No comments

(Editor's note: we continue to get comments like the one below or those shared on the home featured article from a wide variety of industry leaders regarding the 5th Anniversary celebration of the launch of What follows is one of several, we'll plan to share more in the days ahead. Yours comments and suggestions – private or for publication – are welcome too. As always, guest columns on other topics relevant to the factory- built home industry, are welcome. )

If the MH industry and its suppliers are to survive, grow or even prosper in the future – it needs a clear, honest, unbiased and reality based opportunity to have real-time information and ideas to stay relevant.

Five years ago, Tony Kovach created his online business' e-trade journal with the primary objective of contributing to the success of this industry. With over 200 clients that I have worked with in this industry since 1990, I have learned that many of the resources these organizations have available to them have been politically or self-interest motivated.

Tony’s business model for MHProNews and the new MHLivingNews are unique – he has had one objective for five years – to contribute to the success of every organization that serves this industry.

Timely and relevant news, tips and commentary from a wide variety of sources makes that goal possible.

Keep up the great work Tony with your team of writers and associates – we all need your creativity, integrity and effort. ##

tim connorTim Connor, CSP

Global sales and management speaker and trainer


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Kudos on Rapidly Approaching 5th Anniversary

September 4th, 2014 No comments

Congratulations to Tony and his staff for five years of excellent work with MHProNews and other MH specific publications!  I’m one of those people who have been around long enough to remember at least a significant part of the old days.  I am also one who enjoys rummaging the stack of industry publications at the MH Hall of Fame in Elkhart.  Therefore, it’s obvious that I was tied in to the traditional way of imparting industry information.

I suppose I’m also one who would not have thought that an online publication could be delivered so well.  After all, we’re not talking about a monthly publication anymore.  Tony’s world is one of constant deadlines.  His publication is one that you check daily.  MHProNews is like a well-supplied buffet line.  There’s probably no way to eat and to digest it all.  But, after quickly looking at the array of food, there’s always something of interest to digest.  Tony’s MHLivingNews publication is the same.  More information to read than you have time for. 

In checking them out, you’ll always find an article or an opinion piece of interest: something you need to know to become a more informed professional.

Another interesting trait of Tony is that he is always seeking opinions and guest essays from industry members. It’s a great business model.  Gather all the factual information you can that is relevant to a profession.  Spice that up with opinions, even those which may be controversial.  Finish that off with an unabashed love for the industry.

Tony, may there be many more years of your publications.  And I have a question for you:  when do you sleep?

joe-kelley-iowa-manufactured-housing-association-industry-voices-mhpronews-com-Joe Kelly

Executive Vice President

Iowa Manufactured Housing Association


(Editor's Note: MHProNews and the new ManufacturedHomeLivingNews both rely on healthy doses of columns, photos, graphics, videos and comments from experts, professionals and readers like you – and of course – on our growing number of sponsors.

October 2014 marks our 5th anniversary for MHProNews comments, we have others in hand but we'd value more comments on 5th anniversary topic of what this publication means to you.

Other topics of industry interest are routinely encouraged and welcome.

And Joe…one of my favorite lines from the insightful interview we did with you a few years ago…

Our future will be determined by how well we work together.

Thank You for all that you do at the IMHA!)