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The Importance for Businesses and Investors in Manufactured Housing for Selecting the Next Supreme Court Justice

June 30th, 2018 No comments

Predictability in law is the key to a prosperous Republic. Laws must be interpreted based on the language in them first and foremost. Only, when the language is unclear, should a judge seek evidence on related legislative discourse and legislative intent at the time the law was passed to help interpret it. Otherwise, law risks becoming whatever a particular Judge or powerful person/group wants it to be.

This was the consistent judicial philosophy of former Justice Antonin Scalia, and often adopted by Justice Kennedy.

Seeking Justices who interpret the laws based on their personal conclusion of what culture wants or what one Legislator said about a law, or what the law means in another country, results in the creation of different law created by the Judicial Branch, the branch of government neither elected by nor accountable to the people.


Illustrations like the above and the headline are supplied by the editor of MHProNews, which is customary for a guest column. The text supplied are the unedited, thoughtful words of Kurt Kelley, delivered via email, on the topic of the importance of who will replace Justice Anthony “Tony” Kennedy on the nation’s high court.

Justice Sotomayor’s recent dissent opinion regarding the “President Trump Travel Ban” is an example of the danger of violating Scalia’s decision formula. She based her emotional opinion on what she viewed as President Trump’s intent as evidenced by select things President Trump said while campaigning, versus what the law specifically said in plain English. Justice Sotomayor concluded the law was a ban on all Muslims entering the United States. However, the “Trump Travel Ban” neither states this nor is it applied in such fashion by Border Control. ##

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Kurt Kelley, JD, Sounds-Off on Dr. Ben Carson for HUD Secretary

December 5th, 2016 No comments

That’s great news.  I have some “Carson for President” bumper stickers.

Dr. Ben Carson is a true American success story.


For more insights on this controversy, see the Daily Business News story – “Is Ben Carson the Right Choice for HUD Secretary? Depends On Who You Ask.Images and headlines on this blog are supplied by the publisher, not the opinion writer. All views are those of the writer, other Op-Ed or letters to the editor are welcome.

He started with only the love of his mother, yet he became the best brain surgeon in the country and one of America’s most admired men.

Dr. Carson knows what it’s like to be the little guy.  He’s exactly what D.C. needs. ##

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2 Great Interviews on Manufactured Home Community Operations and Investments

September 3rd, 2015 1 comment


Great articles.  I enjoyed them both.  Both Frank Rolfe and Chris Parrish are good friends and good operators.  I’d invest in either. 

As for Frank, he takes heat for stating facts and truth publicly when others don’t.  He’s the Donald Trump of our industry.   There’s nothing mean or villainous about stating the truth.  In fact, most appreciate it when you do. 

And as for Chris, he’s an example of what can be done with perseverance and the ability to adapt.  When you see Parrish Manor, you might wonder who’s the lucky guy who owns that great park. After reading the article, you know luck had little to do with it.






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Kurt Kelley is also the president of AIA, which is celebrating their 15th Anniversary serving manufactured housing communities, retailers, builders and others; click here for more details.)

Hurricane Isaac Preparation Guide / 10 Point Plan

August 27th, 2012 1 comment

kurt-kelley-posted-in-mhpronewsThe latest track shows Hurricane Isaac to be a Category 1 storm that will track through the New Orleans area then N, NW all the way through northern LA. This will likely affect our clients in Hammond, Gonzales, Alexandria, Denham Springs, Houma, Prairieville, Alexandria, Opelousas, Morgan City, Monroe, LA and South and Eastern Mississippi.

Here's Ten key recommendations for those in the path of the storm.

1) Single section homes not lot set should have the air let out of the tires;
2) Homes should be moved closer to wind breaks if possible – but should avoid being set next to large trees;
3) Unsecured property should be moved inside or secured. Dead or untrimmed trees should be trimmed/removed;
4) Management should know the cell phone numbers of all employees. Land lines may be down and texting may be the best way to communicate;
5) If the main location loses power or has a catastrophic hit, there should be second location designated for a meeting place for all able-bodied employees;
6) Write the direct contact information down for your insurance company(s). Claims reported first tend to be adjusted first. Mobile Insurance’s claims number is 800-458-4320;
7) Know the contact information for all key utility (electric, phone, data, water, computer service…) and other suppliers (fire, police,..);
8) Systematically power down and disconnect computer systems to prevent them being damaged by power surges;
9) Place a note on your website outlining what clients should do in the event you are shut down; and
10) Take a video of your property as it exists right now / pre –storm. Be sure to include all real property improvements, home inventory, as well as building contents.

Take these steps and you will limit your exposure. ##

Kurt D. Kelley
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