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2015 Tunica MH Show Numbers Exceed Past Years

April 1st, 2015 No comments

With the new location of the Tunica Show at the Resorts Casino and Hollywood Casino, we as the SCMHI Board were anxious to see if the number of attendees would change or even decrease this year.  The number of attendees actually exceeded our expectation and even surpassed the past three years Tunica Show attendance numbers. 

The 2015 attendees were as follows: 1013 retailers, 82 community managers,  61 builder/developer, and 36 installers.  With the exhibitor attendees, the total attendance for the show was 2239.  MMHA along with AMHA thanks all of the attendees  for making this year’s Tunica Show a huge success by your participation.  A special thank  you to all of our Sponsors for their continued support of the Tunica Show.

I made it a point to visit  with several retailers and community managers from various states during the show to get their feed back on the new location and lay out of the show and I heard nothing but POSITIVE comments.  They liked the convenience of all of the display homes being in one area;  the lunch area being inside to avoid weather elements; the supplier exhibit area layout;  and the informative educational seminars.

They also commented on the positive attitude of the employees of the two hotels and casinos and how much they made them feel welcomed.  I also heard positive comments from the manufacturers and suppliers that they had a very good show. 

There was lots of activity in both the supplier exhibit area and the display home area, retailers and mangers came to buy this year.   Certainly we can continue as a Board to make improvements at this new location and we always welcome input from our attendees.  I think we are off to a good start for the 2016 Tunica Show. We want to continue to make this the biggest and best  outdoor manufactured  home show in the United States. ## Hall

MMHA Executive Director


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Emily Goode vs City of Richland, Mississippi

October 12th, 2012 No comments Mississippi Manufactured Housing Association (MMHA) was very encouraged when HUD sent the City of Richland a letter regarding their requirement to home owners to update their manufactured homes to the current HUD code standard. MMHA had requested such letter in April of 2012 and received a response in August of 2012. Below is a summary of the case.

Mrs. Goode owns a 1984 HUD Code certified manufactured home located in the city of Richland, MS. In late September of 2010, she contacted the city to have her water turned off because she would not be staying at her home for some time due to family and work related issues, and did not want to risk her water pipes rupturing due to freezing weather while she was gone.

While Goode was gone, her utilities remained connected and she continued to receive mail to her home. She would periodically check on her home since all of her belongs were still located in her home.

In March of 2011, Mrs. Goode contacted the City to have her water reconnected, but the City informed her that her water would not be reconnected because the City claimed that the property had been abandoned for over 90 days in violation of the City Ordinance 2007-1 and had not been maintained according to the standards set forth in this Ordinance. She tried several attempts in vain to explain her situation to the City. The new Ordinance required that the home had to be updated to current HUD standards. On August 17, 2011, the Richland Municipal Court found Mrs. Goode guilty of violating City Ordinance 2007-1. Her attorney, Robin Hood, contacted MMHA for assistance.

The MMHA Board decided to have our attorney assist with this case. Mrs. Goode then asked MMHA to assist her in appealing her case to Rankin County Court.

The appeal was heard in County Court on April 9, 2012. During the trial it became apparent that the City was attempting to use City Ordinance 2007-1 to require Goode to maintain her 1984 manufactured home according to the most current version of the HUD Code. We were able to get Mrs. Goode’s case dismissed because of the evidence that the city attempted to use to show that Goode’s home had not been maintained in accordance with the current HUD Code was not obtained by the City until after the June 6, 2011 issuance to the citation summons charging Goode with violating the ordinance 2007-1.

The court entered an order dismissing the City’s case against Goode on May 2, 2012. On April 17, 2012 we petitioned HUD to write a letter to the City regarding their ordinance requiring homeowners that their manufactured homes had to be updated to the current HUD standard. After the trail, we learned that the City had adopted yet another manufactured housing ordinance which requires an inspection of a long list of items for manufactured homes to be located or relocated within the city.

When we received the copy of HUD’s letter to the City of Richland, we met with their attorneys to discuss the matter further. We reviewed the inspection list and discussed which items on the list applied to Mrs. Goode’s case. The City of Richland replied back to HUD that they would comply with HUD’s letter.

After months of going through this legal maze, on October 4, 2012, MMHA assisted Mrs. Goode in obtaining the appropriate permits to begin the process of getting her home prepared for her to move back into. MMHA will be present when the city inspector inspects Mrs. Goode’s home to make sure only the items pertaining to Mrs. Goode are inspected. Hopefully the next report will be that Mrs. Goode is living “happily ever after” in her manufactured home. ##

HUD Letter on Preemption in Response to Richland, MS Zoning issue, August 2012. Hall
Executive Director