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Getting Zuckered! Lessons Learned.

June 6th, 2012 No comments

(Editor's note: in every monthly issue of our Featured Articles, 6-12+ articles we receive are not published – at least at that time – for a variety of reasons, including logistical ones. That is what happened to this article for June. But when the following news item linked below about Facebook came up, we felt this article was worth sharing on Industry Voices, our thanks to MB, please enjoy.

The handwriting was on the wall when Warren Buffett said – before Facebook's (FB) over-hyped IPO – that he wasn't going to buy; certainly not at the start. GM had just pulled 10 million in annual ads on the FB site. FBs own public offering statements indicated that the advertising model was not working yet as planned. Some experts think the true value of FB might be under ten dollars a share, not in the thirties. But some buy into hype. It had less to do with NASDAQ's errors – as serious as those were – than the simple fact that FB was overpriced.

But what's undervalued?

Manufactured housing.


Failure to properly promote! The failure to create millions of Raving Fans!

The proof is hidden in the FB experience.

The hype about FB came in part as a result of millions of raving fans.

You have tens of millions of potential customers today and tens of millions more tomorrow for manufactured housing. Those Manufactured HomeOwners have to become believers. MH Owners have to be so happy, that friends tell friends, and then businesses like yours grows like crazy.

What are you going to do about it? ##

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Michael Barnabas

Getting to Know

May 25th, 2012 No comments

For those old enough to remember, there is a song called, Getting to Know You. Ideally, that is what happens between customers and companies, but that is another topic for another time. Today what I want to share is the dramatic value of being and sharing 'in the know.' Why professionally knowing – and sharing – is so critical.

Compared to many industries, manufactured housing is rather small. But the potential is unbelievable. As I have said before, with over 60 million boomers retiring, that market alone has huge potential value to manufactured housing. Featured Articles, Tony Kovach's Masthead blog or the Daily Business News carries economic forecasts from time to time. So you can see and know what is happening, what experts think, and you get a shot at information that is USEFUL to your business.

Tony, the featured writers, the association leaders and experts who provide insights and information along with the growing team provide you with a one-stop-shop with the most factory-built housing Industry News, Tips and Views You Can Use ©.

It's GOOD for YOU.

  • It is good for owners.
  • It is good for executives.
  • It is good for managers.
  • It is good for associations.
  • It is good for rank and file (wouldn't it be great if all the owners, execs, managers and rank and file knew all the good information that was on these pages? Think about that for a minute. Do you want to have informed or uniformed team members? Make sure your team is reading here a 10-20 minutes daily too).

This is also good for advertisers and sponsors. What do advertisers need? More eyeballs and ears from their target market! More decision makers and influencers. I'd observe that companies that don't advertise here and cheating themselves and their tens of thousands of potential customers – there is no larger business to business audience of its kind anywhere in MH history – but that is not the point of this article, so another time.

What I wanted to say is that we not only need facts and figure, we need to know people. People who are in the know on 'whatever' the subject of importance to you.

People have to get to know people. That 'getting to know' may happen instinctively in moments, or it may happen over time. Once they get to know you, they can feel comfortable with listening, learning, leading, following, telling, doing, sharing or whatever the case may be.

I've written thousands of articles and dozens of books over the years in my work with companies in 23 countries, and have worked with some 200 firms in the housing and construction industries, ranging from modular and HUD Code builders, pre-fab, log homes, panelizers, suppliers, etc. All have a need to know.

All have a need to share too.

Tony reminds me that before he launched (being re-branding as he had 3 conversations. The first was with his wife. 8 minutes into the conversation, Soheyla was in. I'm learning that she does quite a bit behind the scenes, and you know what they say about behind every good man is a very good woman.

The next was with Bob, who has since gone on to other projects, but who Tony said he spoke to for about 10 minutes before he said, “I'm in.” Bob did the initial IT/WebTech work that is now ably carried forward by Joe Geller, who has delivered this wonderful new site's look, resources and feel.

Next, for some reason, Tony called me. We spoke for 12 minutes, and I told Tony I was happy to contribute articles on management, sales and of a reflection/inspirational variety. No doubt Tony had other conversations too, lining up the original writers, later lining up reporters and sales people, getting associations involved, etc.

When I want to talk to Tony these days, it is not as easy today as it was shortly after he first launched. Tony speaks with people from coast-to-coast and beyond our borders too about factory built housing. He is the 'face' of MHProNews at national and state conferences and trade shows. But this is NOT the Tony Kovach show.

This site is a team effort. The team includes:

  • You, as an owner, executive, manager or professional reader,
  • You, as a sponsor,
  • You, as an association,

all of you – all of us who care about factory built housing and its future! – are part of the team too. Knowing matters! Sharing matters too.

When I read this column of Tony's on communications, and this one on the importance of trade shows, gives you a tiny sense of what is taking place here. Another writer said that an industry can not be better than its trade publications or media. Wow, what a thought. So the critical need for this trade media becomes ever more clear.

As I reflect on how this factory-built housing trade media website looked a little over 30 months ago vs. how it looks now, it was a modest start at sharing and knowing. It has blossomed into a professional resource that many associations encourage their members to read regularly – I know – because I've seen their messages.

A number of associations share their news with, those that don't should.

Having a one stop place to learn and share has tremendous value. They say the rising tide raises all ships. Well, not exactly true. If you have tightly anchored your boat (by anchoring your thinking) and the water rises too much, you'll eventually sink. But to the degree you participate in getting to know and sharing, you grow.

In Israel, there is the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea. Why is Galilee 'alive' and the Dead Sea dead? Because the Dead Sea has no outlets. The water that flows into the Dead Sea stagnates, and so life dies. When any of us cease to learn AND when we cease to share and care, we too stagnate and eventually die. That happens for people, that happens for organizations too.

Tony asked me to reflect on why sharing is as important as knowing. Look around here, look at what has happened in 30 minutes, and you will have your answer. At Louisville, it was motivating to see crowds of professionals younger, older and in between getting together by the hundreds to learn and share. The same thing happens here digitally every day.

While you read this, dozens or hundreds others are on this site at the same time as you, and in the course of the day, thousands will have come to this site. By the end of a month, well over 100,000 visits from pros like you take place.

Hey, while I'm plugging readership and sharing, I hope you check out the Words of Wisdom and my latest post Five Keys to Turning Your Business Around in a Sluggish Economy.

Growth results when those who share get together with those who you want to get to know. When we raise each other up through proven knowledge and experience, we truly all benefit and advance. ##

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Tim Connor