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Congressman Dennis A. Ross’ statement on Dr. Ben Carson for HUD Secretary

December 12th, 2016 No comments

I fully support President-elect Trump’s appointment of Dr. Ben Carson as the Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

This was a very smart choice. Dr. Carson has a unique and first-hand perspective having been born and raised in the inner city.

His life story, background and accomplishments will allow him to better understand the challenges and needs of HUD and the American people more than most.


The statement on this page is part of a news and analysis report about the Dr. Ben Carson nomination for HUD Secretary, linked here.

As he has done for much of his life, he will continue to be an excellent public servant in this role.

I look forward to working with Dr. Carson to improve our housing policies and to help families prosper in the coming months and years.


Dennis A. Ross
U.S. Congressional Representative (FL-15)

Don Glisson Jr. – CEO of Triad Financial Services – on Dr. Ben Carson for HUD Secretary

December 12th, 2016 No comments

We at Triad Financial Services are hopeful that President-elect Trump and soon-to-be HUD Secretary, Dr. Ben Carson, are committed to sensible regulation for manufactured housing and home lending.

As the leading independent lender in the manufactured housing industry, we have seen many regulatory challenges during our 50+ years of serving manufactured home buyers. We are very proud of our extremely low customer complaint rate, and have always had a robust compliance program.

We have always played by the rules and taken a conservative approach – which is one reason we have survived for so many years – along with having a stellar regulatory track-record.

Against that backdrop, the past 8 years have brought us regulations that have burdened our company and increased the cost of lending to our borrowers who can least afford it. We cannot see how many of these new rules and regulations are doing anything to protect the borrowers.

We are NOT in favor of “no regulation,” as we have seen the results of irresponsible lending in the past.

But regulatory overreach has driven several fine lenders – U.S. Bank for example – out of this industry, which means the consumer has FEWER choices.

Inflexible and line-in-the-sand regulations – like the 43% maximum debt ratio that applies to Ability-to-Repay (ATR) – don’t take into account, for example, that a person making $10,000 per month can afford a 45% debt ratio – due to disposable income – while a person making $2,500 per month cannot.


Is it fair that someone with a 42.9% debt ratio is approved for a loan, but someone with a 43.1% debt ratio is denied?

What about considering where the potential borrower lives? A person in Florida pays no state income tax, but a resident of California pays state taxes as high as 12%.

Again, we are all for sensible regulation and would loathe a “Wild West” marketplace where lenders can run roughshod and take advantage of the consumer.

But regulations that do nothing to protect the consumer and erect hard-and-fast rules – with no room for making exceptions – have harmed and will continue to harm this industry, home owners and potential buyers.

As the CEO of the largest independent finance company in our industry, I look forward to working with Secretary Carson and his staff to help them understand the unique challenges that lenders and borrowers face today. ##

Don Glisson, Jr.,
CEO, Triad Financial Services, Inc.
Past Chairman of the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI).

(Editor’s Note: Parts of this commentary by Don Glisson Jr. are found in an examination of the controversy of Dr. Ben Carson being named by President-elect Donald J. Trump for the role of HUD Secretary; to see that article, click here.)


Jay Hamilton on Dr. Ben Carson’s being named for Appointment as HUD Secretary

December 5th, 2016 No comments
 Dr. Ben Carson grew up in Public Housing. He  spent many years working as a Neurological Surgeon in an Urban Hospital Environment. So he witnessed the effect of substandard housing on health.

But even still, a number may see this as an illogical choice. I fully expected Dr. Carson to be named Surgeon General or Health & Human Services Secretary.

President-elect Trump has made it clear that he will place people that are loyal to himself and to conservative values.


For more insights on this controversy, see the Daily Business News story – “Is Ben Carson the Right Choice for HUD Secretary? Depends On Who You Ask.” As on all industry voices topics, other persepctives are welcome, and the views are those of the writer.

Does that mean that this HUD role is what Dr. Carson requested?  Or was this the only Agency left over that was large enough to reward Dr. Carson for his help and support?

At the end of the day, everyone will serve at the new president’s pleasure, regardless of who we deem “best qualified.”

But unless Dr. Carson or members of President-elect Trump’s team have someone reading MHProNews or MHLivingNews, odds are that neither may realize that manufactured home regulation falls under HUD’s jurisdiction. ##

Jay Hamilton, GMHA.

Titus Dare’s View on Dr. Ben Carson for HUD Secretary

December 5th, 2016 No comments

Very poor choice!

There are numerous qualified people who can do great things for affordable housing.


For more insights on this controversy, see the Daily Business News story – “Is Ben Carson the Right Choice for HUD Secretary? Depends On Who You Ask.” As on all industry voices topics, other persepctives are welcome, and the views are those of the writer.

Mr. Armstrong, the conservative scribe, just made the ridiculous comments that:

1) Carson was taking the job because Trump was forcing him.

2) Carson would be good for HUD because he spent some time in his youth living in subsidized housing.


And I would be a good surgeon because I took chemistry in high school.

This revolutionary thought process for our U.S. Government should be run by folks that have at least a bit of history leading a mohair governmental agency such [as] HUD. Very disappointing! ##

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EVP – Development & Construction
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