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Sandra Lane’s right, Ohio’s Energy/MH business is bright! Manufactured Home sales doubled in Ohio

December 26th, 2014 No comments

Tony, Sandra Lane's Daily Business News article on UMH and the Ohio shale activity is enlightening and exposes the lazy journalism inherent in the Seeking Alpha article.

As Sandra's article underscored, drilling is continuing unabated in Ohio. 

Furthermore, the tremendous infrastructure necessary to move the gas, oil and separate the various byproducts such as ethane, propane and feed stock for the petrochemical industry has resulted in billions upon billions of dollars in construction projects involving processing plants and pipelines criss-crossing Ohio.

Oil is only one byproduct produced in the region.

The wet and dry natural gas which is typically extracted from the same well allows the drilling and production to provide multiple economic benefits and is the "real story" here.

The cheap natural gas to run factories has resulted in significant manufacturing expansions and relocations to Ohio. The unemployment rate in Ohio, once the poster child for the "Rust Belt," is now below the national average. Manufactured home sales have more than doubled here in less than 3 years.

I'll take the Ohio prospects for MH in any Vegas odds making! UMH Properties had foresight in expanding its holdings in Ohio and will reap the benefits. 

Seeking Alpha has done better on some other MH related articles, but this one they did on UMH that Sandra Lane reported on indeed missed the mark. Kudos to Sandra for setting the record straight. ##

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County Violated the Law in restricting placement of older Manufactured Homes?

November 12th, 2014 No comments

We are currently working with Bulloch County, Statesboro, Georgia Code and Enforcement Department as it relates to the recent article you ran in the Daily Business News concerning community member backlash at the recent County Commissioners meeting where they basically devalued all pre-owned homes by limiting their movement and permit process.

The local Code and Enforcement Department was not aware that GMHA had crafted legislation concerning this several years ago. That law prohibits any Georgia Municipality from limiting permits or re-location based on the age of a home. We politely suggest to the counties who pass pre-owned home ordinances like this to read Senate Bill #384 as signed by the Governor. 

We do share some ways of limiting uninhabitable units from being approved by making a set of suggested requirements for individual county Building Inspectors or commissions based on their current housing inventory.

These suggestions may require the Installer to purchase a Completion Bond that cost about $200 per year. This Bond requires the Installer / Seller of the home to insure that all major systems such as electrical, plumbing are in working order.

This Bond can be used over and over but only on one working installation at the time. This Bond may include other cosmetic items such as home to have no missing metal, no missing vinyl, no missing shingles, etc. That the home has adequate entry and exits as well with no broken windows or structural damage. It may require no floor seams or floor damage inside the home.

The county can choose to not require a Bond, but just require certain system and cosmetic items be completed before allowing utilities.  What they can’t do is restrict a home based on age alone. If its restricted based on certain requirements, those requirements have to be published in advance. They can't include items generated at the time of install or the moment of permitting.

Please call if you have other questions, but I believe at the current time the Board of Commissioners have witnessed the true scorn of their voters and are now willing to compromise. Only time and actions will answer that question though.


jay-hamilton.jpgC. Jay Hamilton
Executive Director
Georgia Manufactured Housing Association

(Download of PDF of GA State Law on this issue is attached at the link here.)