Submission Guidelines

The same guidelines as for Featured Articles applies to submissions for the Industry Voices blog. The Industry Voices blog is a place for your opinions as well as news. Think of it as an online "Letters to the Editor" – your Op-Ed column – often for 'time sensitive' issues and doesn't have to wait for our monthly issue. Well written Industry Voices posts can be posted within 24 hours and may be highlighted in our emailings to thousands of readers weekly.

While our INDUSTRY VOICES writers are allowed to share their company name and some basic info, the proposed post must be a news or opinion type item of industry relevance, not an advertisement.

Visit the Industry Voices blog for an idea of what we have published and what type of items we are looking for.

Please submit your Industry Voices posts to and Please be sure that "Proposed Industry Voices post for" appears in the subject line.

  1. December 16th, 2010 at 17:14 | #1

    What do you think of the Massachusetts MH Association connecting to this page from our Webpage are doing a front page redo the first of the year and am interested in placing more industry news. nPlease advise.nThanks!nMary McBradynExecutive Director

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