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Promoting Manufactured Home Ownership – With “Only 1 in 100 Eaten by a Lion”

September 23rd, 2016

How can we promote homeownership and sell new homes on leased land and at the same time close communities?

It’s like selling tickets to a zoo where ‘only 1 in a 100 are eaten by the lions!

One way to address this is to segment true homeownership land lease communities and differentiate it from traditional ‘parks’ where closure remains a risk, not a certainty but a risk.


Bloomberg – Manufactured Home Industry is the Solution to the Affordable Housing Crisis

Then, we can promote secure homeownership through an image campaign with good fundamentals.  I think it’s our saving grace in public perception and our path to GSE home only financing, too! ##

Paul Bradley

(Editor’s Notes: this headline was provided by MHProNews, as is often the case with an Op-Ed or letters to the editor. This was sent in response the Aurora CO Denver Meadows planned community closure. We plan an article on that topic soon

Other thoughtfully expressed viewpoints on community closures or other issues related to manufactured housing are welcomed.)

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