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Letter to the Princeton University WordNet Team about Manufactured Homes

April 10th, 2013

(Editor's Note: This letter is reprinted with permission, and was sent in response to this blog post.)

Word Net Team,

Along with others involved in the manufactured housing industry, I have noticed that an incorrect definition for the term “manufactured home” has been published on the Internet and that the definition originated with your group.

Official, legal, definitions are available on many state and national government websites and I request that you update your own definition using one of these.  Most of these definitions established by Congress or the various state legislatures are similar to one another but if you need to combine some verbiage to accurately inform a national audience I’m sure you will be able to produce such a definition.  I encourage you to take action on this simple “fix” as soon as possible to avoid creating further confusion and misinformation among consumers on the most affordable and tightly regulated housing option in America.

Thank you,

Jody Anderson
President, Timberland Mobile Housing, LLC
1600 N. Timberland Drive
Lufkin, Texas  75901

(Editor's Note: The email address for the WordNet team is: wordnet@princeton.edu  please consider sending them a message of your own, or use a variation on the one Jody Anderson sent above or that Tony Kovach sent linked again here.)

  1. Kurt Kelley
    April 10th, 2013 at 13:45 | #1

    Great, note, Jody. Loosely used terms with improperly implied definitions are the source of future bad decisions.

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