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IMHA-RVIC News regarding the status of the Louisville Show

October 9th, 2010


Please see the message below from the Midwest Manufactured Housing Federation regarding the status of the Louisville Show. We encourage all IMHA members to support this event.

As a part of the manufactured housing industry, you know how tough business conditions have been for the last several years. These same business conditions have taken a toll on the Louisville Manufactured Housing Show, reducing the number of show homes in 2009 and forcing its cancellation in 2010. As caretakers of this industry event, we’re doing everything possible to make sure it happens successfully in 2011 but we need your support to renew this tradition.

Maybe you’re a manufacturer who can take one home to the show. Maybe you’re already taking two homes but can take one more. Maybe you’re a supplier who has not yet committed to the show. Please call Dennis Hill at 770-587-3350 and make that commitment today! Maybe you’re a retailer or community owner who can call your manufacturers and tell them you hope to see their products at the show. Let your suppliers know you’ll be in Louisville in January. Maybe you can even make arrangements to purchase one of the show homes.

We’ve cut expenses by eliminating set management fees and reimbursements to the Midwest Federation members and have revamped the advertising campaign. With 7 manufacturers, 20 floors and 45 booths already committed we’re just 6 floors away from being able to finalize our contracts to make the 2011 show a reality.

We are quickly running out of time to get these final commitments. Everyone has a part in making this event happen, and with the support of the industry it will happen. Please do your part to support the Louisville show and plan on being there in January.

3210 Rand Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46241 • 317-247-6258 • Fax: 317-243-9174

  • Michael

    The return of the Louisville MH Show is an important signal to the entire industry. It should be treated as such, and I think it will draw more people than in recent years. Sometimes, when you lose something and miss it, you treat it better when you get it back.

  • MyKSmhp

    Even in Kansas, the Louisville Show was a big deal for many of my peers. I think this is an important message to all that the Industry is moving ahead!

  • Finewisconsinhome

    Going to Louisville every January for the business was as automatic as Christmas for the family. Great timing, see the latest models all under one roof, the networking, vendors, etc. Can’t wait to go again.

  • Wm Smith

    Momentum is important in business and in sports. The Louisville show is both history and for a big part of the country, the future too. I’m in.

  • Carlos A

    The Louisville Show has always been an important of my business for a couple of reasons: 1) Central location makes visiting this show easier to attend from my location, and 2) the time of year is perfect as it allows me to see various manufacturers offerings with plenty of time to order for the Spring/Summer season. I am really happy that this show is coming back and I hope there will be plenty of homes to choose from.

  • Ken Rishel

    The revival of the Louisville show is important to the industry. I also believe the manufacturers should see the sales support they need to justify the expense of exhibiting, given the interest of community owners that are just beginning to understand the importance of selling new homes.nnDennis Hill has done a good job of putting together some bonuses for attendees in the way of educational programs that normally people would have to pay for to attend. Because of the extras, and the hunger for information, I would think there would be a very strong turnout. nnThis show needs to happen.

  • The return of the Louisville show is a welcome and hopeful sign that our industry is on the rebound. We have some of the brightest, creative, and engaging minds of ANY industry, and coming together to talk about issues, discuss product and services, and socialize will help further that hope. I hope to see many industry peers there!

  • Donna Rishel

    I attended my first Louisville Show almost 4 years ago and I was stunned by what I saw, despite the fact my husband, Ken Rishel, was telling me how much smaller it was than in previous years. I was stunned again the following year by the fact that only two manufacturers chose to display, and was saddened by it.nnI take pride in the fact that I, Donna Rishel, am going to be a part of the revival of this august institution as a speaker on legal and compliance issues for owner assisted financing during the educational workshops Dennis Hill is offering at this show. I believe the workshops alone are well worth the trip, but I also believe that the manufacturers are going to be very happy with sales made during the show by clients of Precision Capital Funding and other community owners and retailers who are finally understanding the value of new home sales in communities.

  • Louisville has always been such an important show and a benchmark for our industry. If we are to succeed, retailers and community owners need to show their support of these shows. There’s nothing worse than having a party and no one shows up… manufacturers make a huge financial and time investment to bring homes to these shows – we need for the buyers to step and and show the manufacturers they appreciate this effort. And if manufacturers know that more customers plan on attending, they will bring more homes -it can be a win for everyone involved.