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When Modular Attacks? Neighbors Caught Off Guard

A portion of a modular home. Credit: KPLR.

In St. Louis, Missouri, some residents in the city’s Tower Grove East neighborhood were surprised by what they saw.

According to KPLR, crews were installing a modular home from the foundation to the top floor this week, with a crane in the middle of the street.

I guess I was a little surprised, I had seen plans for this in the past year, but I didn’t realize it was going to happen today,” said resident Chris Naffziger.

Naffziger was getting text from other neighbors Tuesday night, asking why a giant crane was positioned in the middle of the street.

While some residents in the neighborhood like the home because it stands out, Naffziger says that many people pick Tower Grove East because their homes fit in.

A lot of people really across the board, different social groups are really upset because they really do feel like brick is the standard material for this neighborhood,” said Naffziger.

Ryan Sheridan, the mastermind behind the home and developer for Thrive-STL, said people should give the new neighbors a chance.

I think most people will be pleasantly surprised,” said Sheridan.

When they see these boxes that come in that are white, wrapped in plastic that is kind of unsightly, but once you see the finished product — most people will be surprised, the quality is I would say top notch.

Sheridan says that he has plans to build ten more modular homes like the one constructed in Tower Grove East. He expects to get some pushback, but is open to talking.

It’s ultimately their neighborhood and their feel, but this product is a combination of something that’s not acting like something that’s old and kind of fits in with a more contemporary style, which I would say is complementary to the neighborhood,” said Sheridan.

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