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What Do You Know About HALTS and Good Customer Relations? Monday Morning Manufactured Housing Marketing, Sales Meeting

July 23rd, 2018


Marketing is the wide net cast to attract prospects, while sales is a person-to-person experience.


We normally focus on more basic items, but today let’s consider a mid level subject that too few know about, much less, understand. 


HALTS = Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired, Sick/Stressed.

When someone is in one of those 6 states of being, they are by definition, not at their best.

HALTS is one of the most important human relations reminders you can have. The wise will learn and use it with friends, family, at work, or play.  

Here’s what HALTS means at its core.

Imagine you or a team mate of yours are engaged with someone in any kind of communications.  That person starts acting out – they are overreacting. Before you react or respond, ask yourself this question.

Are they in a HALTS state?


Two Kinds of Checks

A- One is the other Check. If a customer, prospect, resident, associate or others are in one or more of the followings:




   Tired (fatigued),

   Sick or Stressed (frustrated, otherwise not themselves, etc.)

and they are coming on strong, you begin by asking yourself – or gently problem them to determine – are they in a HALTS state?

B- Two is the Self Check) Furthermore, what if YOU are in one of those 6 states of being, and you are about to get into a conversation with someone. What should you do?

On B, there are times when you should consider resetting a call or conversion. “Something has come up, can we reset this for —- suggest a date/time or a pair of date or times —-  please?”

In A – or B, if you can’t reset a conversation – be mindful that you as a professional want to try to keep raw, negative emotions out of your communications.  If you “lose it,” and get angry, own it, and then apologize.


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Now, the simple, specific with someone in a HALTS state. Let that person vent. Hear them out. Ask them questions, as appropriate. If you are face to face, say something like this: “Before we continue, let me get you some beverage and a snack. Then, let me hear you out. I’ll listen and take notes about what you have to say.”  That often begins the decompression process for that person.

All of this presupposes that the customer has not been cheated or deceived. These communications tips are for honest business people. They won’t work well or for long with manipulators or the deceptive.

In the best of circumstances, for the best of companies or organizations, bad or unexpected things can happen. What matters to most reasonable people is what you do after something has gone awry. If you fix whatever, it can often result in a better-than-ever relationship.

By contrast, if you or a team member duck or dodge whatever the issue is, the pressure will likely builds, until something gives, or explodes.


Closing Cautionary Note

As a cautionary note. We live in times when people are often stressed out to begin with. That person may have lack a moral compass. If that someone who is angry is a potential danger, you should have safety steps established at your office.

There’s much more for those who want:

   formal training,

   speaking to your team,


   or company retreat.

Click here for more, or reach out via the contact info below.

Finally, it is best to deal with any potential issues early, before someone gets angry. 

Be sensitive, honest, fair, and respectful to others. Keep people informed. It routinely pays to do what right. You’ll be glad you did. ## (Manufactured housing related marketing & sales news, analysis, and commentary.)

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