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Volunteers Install Smoke Alarms in Manufactured Homes

March 25th, 2016

tennessee_state_fire_marshal__clarksvilleonline__creditThe Tennessee State Fire Marshal’s Office (SFMO), as part of the ‘Get Alarmed, Tennessee’ program, is partnering with the Tennessee Manufactured Housing Association (TMHA) to conduct a smoke alarm canvass, providing smoke alarms to groups and organizations that are willing to install them for people in need.

According to what clarksvilleonline tells MHProNews, staff from eight Clayton Homes facilities in seven counties in East and West Tennessee zeroed in on manufactured homes without working smoke alarms. More than 150 volunteers installed 525 smoke alarms in one day.

The only requirement is that the organization provide installation information to the SFMO in order to track the program’s effectiveness. The agency has determined that alarms installed as part of the program have saved 129 Tennesseans from fire danger since the program began in Nov. 2012. ##

(Image credit: clarksvilleonline)

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