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VC – The Future of Homes – Good, Challenging, Concerns

October 30th, 2017

HomesOfTheFutureSmartHomesInfographicDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsThe infographic below hails from Insurance Quotes, and the topic is “The Future of Homes: From Smart to Autonomous.’  

Such tech is easier to install in a factory built home at the point of assembly, as many industry professionals know.

By the end of 2017, it’s estimated that only 16.3% of Americans will live in a smart home, though this percentage will increase to 35.6% by 2021,” said Virtual Capitalist’s Jeff Desjardins.

In a release to the Daily Business News, Desjardins lays out some statistics on why some haven’t already turned to smart home technology.

The largest hindrance to smart homes for now is cost, which is cited by 42% of consumers as an obstacle,” JeffDesjardinsFounderEditorVisualCapitalistDailyBusinessNewsMHProNews stated.

Hacking, Spying on Smart Homes?

But hacking is a concern too.

There is also “evidence that a fear of devices being hacked is also a challenge for many wanting to adopt the technology,” he said.

He stated that:

  • “…in fact, 17% prospective buyers cite privacy and security concerns as a top hindrance.”
  • Further, about 10% of consumers have already had smart home devices hacked,”
  • …”and 87% of them had to shell out money to solve the issue.”

With the iPhone 10’s debut and its facial recognition technology, there are concerns by civil rights activists that privacy will take yet another nose dive.


During the Obama Administration, it was revealed that certain ‘law enforcement’ federal government agencies had the ability to “turn on” or remotely activiate the video camera in laptops and computers.  Your tech could be spying on you.

Are the fears of George Orwell’s 1984 coming to pass, one step at a time, right before our eyes?

Millions love the convenience of technology. Most professionals today carry and smart phone, tablet or both.  Most do not fear the tech, they embrace it.

But are there reasons to advance with caution?  Should private companies and federal agencies have as much access to private information about consumers as they now do?

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