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Vancouver may Provide 300 Modular Homes Annually for Homeless

February 25th, 2016

Canada__atira_women_resource_center_if_the_building_name__guidetavelbiz_credit_modular_units_in_vancouverThe first phase of a pilot project of 30 to 40 modular shipping container homes to house the homeless in Vancouver, British Columbia could result in 300 of the homes added each year.

While the plans are in the early stages, each 150 sq. ft. unit will have its own wash room and sleeping area but no kitchen. A connected 1,000 to 1,500 square foot shared area will have a kitchenette. And the units have to be portable so they can be moved as needed.

No sites for the homes have been selected, but Councillor Kerry Jang suggested they could go on city-owned land until a larger affordable housing project is developed there. Another option would site the homes on private land and give the owner a tax credit.

Getting people inside … has been very important because it really gets people ready to move into permanent housing when it is ready,” Jang said. ##

(Photo credit: guidetravelbiz–six unit housing complex made from recycled shipping containers– Atira Women’s Resource Society in Vancouver)

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