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Town Decides on Manufactured Home Ordinance

March 28th, 2017 Comments off

The original area for the proposed community. Credit: Daily Iberian.

In a follow up to a story that the Daily Business News originally covered in February, the Iberia Parish, Louisiana Parish Council voted last week to adopt a new ordinance to regulate the development of manufactured home communities and subdivisions. This appears to be the end of the road for the development of new manufactured home communities in the parish.

Per the Daily Iberian, the ordinance has been passed back and forth between the Iberia Parish Zoning Commission and the council for months, with the Zoning Commission approving an amended version of the ordinance.

That ordinance is the one that was up for discussion last week.

The Zoning Commission decided to add two new zoning classifications, T-1 and T-2, specifically for manufactured home communities and subdivisions. One of those classifications would have to be obtained before a developer could establish a community.

There are no T-1 or T-2 districts in the parish.

This means any property to be used as a manufactured home community will need to be rezoned. Rezoning will  require public hearings that will allow neighboring landowners the opportunity to quash any proposed development before it gets off the ground.

I think this will kill mobile home park [sic] development in Iberia Parish,” said Council Chairperson Natalie Broussard.

If it requires a zoning change, it’s never going to happen.

Broussard said that her comments are based on a long running battle between the landowners of the proposed Safe Haven Mobile Home Park and nearby neighbors.

Neighbors managed to stall the development, even though many of the homes in the neighborhood already have manufactured homes on site.

On of those neighbors commented on the new regulations.

This would eliminate the problems we had,” said Emily Ransonet Kyzar.

The stalling prompted the developer, Shawn Pourciau, to file suit against the Iberia Parish Government after his preliminary approval was denied. That case is still pending in state court.


The ordinance is discussed. Credit: Daily Iberian.

In addition to the zoning requirement, the ordinance also calls for all manufactured home communities to secure an occupational license.

Does this regulation duplicate existing laws that stated mobile home parks [sic] were required to have a license?” asked District 10 Councilman Eugene Olivier.

They are, but they don’t,said Parish Legal Counsel Andy Shealy. “Most don’t bother to get an occupational license.

The license question became an issue for another councilman.

If they are required to get an occupational license, won’t this apply to existing developments?asked District 5 Councilman Warren Gachassin Jr.

Yes, they must be reviewed yearly,” said Shealy. “That is the key.

Then it does not affect just new developments like we have been told,” said Gachassin.

There are teeth in the law. It will affect existing trailer parks [sic].”

When Shealy confirmed that it would have an effect, Gachassin made his point clearly.

When we started this, it was about public safety,” said Gachassin.

It wasn’t about the all-out war on trailer parks [sic] it has become. It is an overreach in government regulation. It is a bit much.

The eventual motion passed, 9-4. Before the vote, one community owner voiced his concern.

You can’t overregulate, or parks [sic] will leave town,” said community owner Randy Theriot. ##


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Home owners, State Association Protest as County seeks to restrict placement of older Manufactured Homes

November 12th, 2014 Comments off

bulloch-county-map=credit-georgia-info-posted-daily-business-news-mhpronews-comThe fight goes on to protect thousands of manufactured homes owners and some related businesses in Bulloch County, GA. WTOC tells MHProNews that “Hundreds of mobile home owners demanded changes at a meeting last night in Bulloch County, where commissioners will adopt restrictions they passed last month. Under the rules, mobile homes ten years old or older couldn’t be located or relocated in Bulloch County without approval from the planning and zoning commission.”

The county’s leaders say surrounding counties have passed similar rules, and they didn’t want Bulloch to become a dumping ground for dilapidated homes.

But owners say the rules were vague and insulting. “We’re just middle class people,” said manufactured home owner Jimmy Driggers. “We’re not trying to ugly up the community. We’re all God’s children and this is America.”


What Bulloch County Commissioners say they didn’t know is what Georgia Manufactured Housing Association Executive Director Jay Hamilton tells MHProNews, namely that Georgia Law “…prohibits any Georgia Municipality from limiting permits or re-location based on the age of a home. “

jay-hamiltong-executive-director-georgia-manufactured-housing-association-gmha-posted-mhpronews-com(1) (1)

Hamilton says they are working with the county to resolve the issue. A complete exclusive commentary from GMHA’s Executive Director on this issue, including a copy of GA law on this subject, are linked here. ##

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Manufactured Home Community Set to be Repurposed

May 2nd, 2014 Comments off

Mission Trails Mobile Home Park in San Antonio, Texas may be closed to make way for a $75 million luxury riverfront apartment development, displacing some 200 residents who complain they discovered by accident about the possible sale and rezoning of their community when a resident happened to spot a rezoning notice posted on the property and promptly called the city. That happened three days before the issue appeared on the zoning commission agenda. Landlord American Family Communities is seeking to rezone the property for commercial and multifamily use, according to Under Texas law, the city is required to notify the landowner of a zoning change, not residents.

Since the issue was brought to the community’s attention, resulting in many advocates attending city council and zoning meetings on behalf of the residents, the zoning commission denied the motion March 18, by a 5-2 vote. Following a city council meeting April 17 attended by scores of residents, the council decided to put off a final vote until May 15, has learned. The developer has agreed to subsidize moving expenses and hookup fees when transitioning residents to other manufactured housing communities and will provide $2,000 to residents with homes too dilapidated to relocate. While there is talk among the residents of buying the property cooperatively, many feel the developers will win out. ##

(Photo credit: Mary Tuma/–Mission Hills Mobile Home Park, San Antonio)

Zoning Changes on Tap for Manufactured Housing

September 27th, 2013 Comments off

A new proposal from the Columbus Junction (Iowa) Planning and Zoning Commission to the city council would create a manufactured housing (MH) district, and delete MH from R-2 and R-3 residential districts. According to, current ordinances require any MH outside of a community to be placed on a permanent foundation and converted to real estate. The proposed map will be presented at the Oct. 9, 2013 public hearing. MHProNews understands before the changes can go into effect they must be read and passed three times by the city council.

(Photo credit: Pine Grove Manufactured Homes)

Request to Re-zone from Manufactured Housing to Apartments Set to Be Denied

September 4th, 2013 Comments off

A developer’s plan to rezone 19 plus acres platted for 73 manufactured homes, to 19 apartment buildings with 154 units, is being nixed by Iowa City (Iowa) planning staffers. Although there is already a concentration of multifamily housing on that side of town, the primary reason for denying the proposal, according to Jeff Davidson, director of planning and community development, is one private street that now goes through the manufactured home community would be insufficient to serve all the residents. The city says the road is too narrow, a public safety concern of the fire department. Developer Steve Gordon of AM Management, Inc. says the project would bring “much needed new rental units for working individuals and their families,” and generate $215,000 annual property taxes for the city and add $11 million to the city’s tax base. According to, the city’s comprehensive housing plan seeks small, affordable multifamily buildings on corners adjoining main streets. The planning and zoning commission will meet Sept. 5 to consider the application. MHProNews understands developers typically alter their plans when they know planners are lined up against them.

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City Needs Updating of Land Use Ordinances

July 19th, 2013 Comments off

Manufactured homes dominated the discussion at the Prescott, Ark. Planning and Zoning Commission meeting Thursday night. The city’s ordinances have not changed since 1979, and the need for a comprehensive plan is crucial, especially since having annexed a substantial plot of land north and west of the city in 1995. The 2003 Arkansas Affordable Housing Act requires cities have districts specifically zoned for manufactured housing (MH), although standards can be set for skirting and which direction they face when sited on their foundation. James Walden of the Arkansas Municipal League says any laws that affect MH cannot be enforced without a comprehensive zoning plan. He added the zoning laws must be rational in the event of a challenge to the law, and the plan needs to take into account the direction the city wants to take in the future. As hopeprescott informs MHProNews, a strategic physical plan for the city will go a long way in controlling land use.

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City Planners Restricting Manufactured Housing Sites

July 16th, 2013 Comments off

The Magnolia, Ark. Planning and Zoning Commission has proposed restricting manufactured homes (MH) to R-3 zoning, thereby keeping it out of R-2 and R-1 zoning. The new measure would require amending zoning laws for most of this whole city, located in southwestern Arkansas, as MHProNews has learned, affecting hundreds of homes. By law a sign must be posted in every yard that is up for the change, and each property subject to rezoning must be published. Commissioner Christine Durham will seek an alternative to this costly legal notice. The second ordinance reflects state code that requires manufactured homes to have porches, skirting, roofs that blend with the house and driveways. If the Magnolia City Council approves these measures, the planning commission wants to also change zoning in five other areas that would further restrict the siting of manufactured homes, according to magnoliareporter.

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Ordinances Prevent Rehabbing of Land Lease Community

July 5th, 2013 Comments off

Having recently spent $55,000 to upgrade infrastructure at the Country Squire Mobile Home Park in Harker Heights, Tex., that he acquired last fall, and another $30,000 for a new manufactured home model, Kip Lewis’ plans to rehabilitate the community are being stymied by the city council. He wants to replace 40-year old, abandoned homes with brand new ones, but current spacing guidelines require 35 feet between the homes. He also needs a planned development permit, but manufactured housing communities are not included in planned development projects. Lewis has applied for a precursory ordinance amendment to follow through on rehabbing the community. Although City Manager Steve Carpenter says the homes deteriorate over time, he feels they can come to some compromise, according to what informs MHProNews. Lewis will present his proposal to the planning and zoning commission July 31 in this city just north of Austin.

(Photo credit: Brian Bradley/kdhnews–Harker Heights community)

Developer Continues its Pursuit of Manufactured Housing Community

July 3rd, 2013 Comments off

Updating a story that began in 2006 when Garden Homes Management Corp. initially proposed a 124 site manufactured housing community in Oxford, Conn. that has been fraught with numerous hearings, court rulings, wetlands studies, appeals and professional reviews that we last covered Nov. 29, 2012, Garden Homes has a new proposal. The Conservation Commission, Inland Wetlands Agency (CCIWA) concern is that the wetlands, which comprise 13.59 acres of the 40.79 acre project will be adversely affected by water runoff from the development. Meanwhile, the planning and zoning commission’s concerns have been with parking, traffic and fire truck access and snow storage, as well as effect on the wetlands. As voicesnews tells MHProNews, the discussion of the application will be taken up at the planning and zoning commission’s next meeting, 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, July 9, in Town Hall.

(Photo credit: Garden Homes Management Corp.)

Cavco Storage Application Denied

June 14th, 2013 Comments off

MHProNews has learned from the seguingazette in Seguin, TX the planning and zoning commission denied a special use request by Cavco Industries, Inc. for the temporary storage of flatbed trailers used to transport modular homes. According to Keith Alexander of Cavco the trailers were used to transport modular barracks to Fort Hood but they will not be needed for 6-9 months. In voting to deny the application, Planning Director Bill Couch said granting the permit might set a dangerous precedent.

(Photo credit: PRWeb–Fort Sam Houston barracks)