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Temporary Modular Housing being Restricted in Bakken Oilfield

July 25th, 2015 Comments off

oil pumps watford city nd  tom haines the atlantic   creditThe Williams County Commission in Williston, North Dakota voted to adopt new guidelines putting restrictions on new or renewed applications for temporary housing as of August 1, 2015, as willistonherald reports. As the price of oil has fallen and the demand for oilfield workers has subsided, the commission is phasing out some of the temporary housing including modular crew camps, modular homes and recreational vehicles.

The city does not want to eliminate all the temporary housing for fear that will increase housing costs. Some owners of oilfield and trucking companies, who have requested conditional use permits (CUP) say rents are still too high. Some of the temporary facilities have already been phased out as more affordable permanent housing has been built.

Williams County currently has 18 temporary housing facilities with 4,179 beds but only about 2,000 are occupied. Three years ago there were almost 8,000 beds. Beginning May 1, 2016, temporary housing fees will rise 100 percent to $800 annually per bed.

MHProNews posted numerous stories about the build-up of modular housing as the need for housing for oil patch workers rose sharply within the last four years. ##

(Photo credit: theatlantic/Tom Haines–oil pumps in Watford City, North Dakota)

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County Commissioners Dealing with Modular Workforce Housing

March 12th, 2014 Comments off

In order to better zone and regulate the temporary housing facilities that many oilfield workers live in, the Williams County (North Dakota) commissioners voted to update the definition of crew housing, and will charge companies $400 per person for each one living in modular workforce housing zoned for non-residential use. Crew housing charges will also apply to those living in campers and travel trailers if they are parked in non-residential zones, as the reports. Manufactured home and RV communities licensed by the state will not be assessed the $400. Recreational vehicles will not be charged because it is difficult to determine how many beds each contain, and there is no billing address, but zoning regulations will tighten up as more housing becomes available. Noting temporary housing is not a permanent solution, Williams County staff planner Taylor Corbett tells the major concern is that sewage and other infrastructure meet county standards. ##

(Photo credit: Associated Press–modular workforce housing, Williston, North Dakota)

Single-family Project to include Manufactured and Modular Housing Quashed

January 25th, 2014 Comments off

According to, the Williams County (North Dakota) Planning and Zoning Commission denied a request for a 55 home single-family residential development to be built outside Ray, ND, just northeast of Williston in the housing-strapped Bakken Oil Field region. Limited to manufactured, modular and site-built homes, the 164 acres were to be divided into 60 lots, with four for a community area. Although the developers representative said it would attract families with long-term land and home commitments, and received some support from some local residents and commissioners, an area farmer adamantly opposed to the project said, “I’m truly here fighting for the survival of our farm as we now know it.” In support, Commissioner Dan Kalil said, “I have never supported a project that directly impacts a family that has had long-standing ties to the land. There’s a very clear loser in this scenario and I can’t support it.” After the 6-3 vote against, the developers then proposed a 60 site recreational vehicle community on 10.2 acres, but it, too, was turned back by 6-3. MHProNews has learned an initial proposal for the residential development had been denied two years ago.

(Photo credit: Casy Page/–Kari Andren and Mary Pipla check out a modular mancamp at Williston, ND.)

Bond Issue would Replace Modular Units

January 13th, 2014 Comments off

In light of enrollment at Central High School in Tioga, North Dakota increasing 150 percent in the last six years, a $9.9 million bond issue before voters January 16 will alleviate overcrowding in school districts responding to the influx of workers drawn by the Bakken oil field. In October the Tioga school district leased ten modular classrooms because five classes were being taught in the school gymnasium. As informs MHProNews, one of the modular units is a music room and the other fulfills the need for more lunchroom space. If the bond issue passes, it would eliminate the modular classrooms. The funds would pay for expanding the main building, increase the kitchen and cafeteria facilities, and save students’ time transitioning between buildings.

(Photo credit: Kristina Iodice/–modular classroom)

RV Dealer Adding HUD & MOD

March 6th, 2012 Comments off

WillistonHerald in North Dakota reports that Rugby Homes, in business since 1963 and selling RVs in Williston for six years, has hired a full time salesman to sell modular and manufactured housing for the North Dakota-based company. The oil boom in the area, as we have reported previously, has created an acute shortage of housing with people living in cars and RVs in parking lots and parks. Says Gary Kirchofner, Rugby’s owner: “We’re a full dealer. We’re not just somebody that is selling the houses from out of the area and bringing them in and dropping them off. We’re there to sell them and service them.” Rugby’s man-on-the-scene is Bryan Amburgy (pictured here), who lives on site.

(Photo credit: WillistonHerald/Elijah Nouvelage)