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Iowa PAC Produces Results for the Manufactured Housing Industry

July 10th, 2013 Comments off

Joe Kelly, executive vice-president of the Iowa Manufactured Housing Association (IAMHA), reports the Manufactured Housing Political Action (MHPAC) fund has raised $16,655 this year. He says the fund began the year at zero because all the funds had been spent on the elections in 2012 to good effect: Manufactured housing community owners will be receiving reduced property taxes for the next ten years. As MHProNews has learned, MHPAC is bipartisan, assisting candidates who demonstrate a willingness to support our industry.

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British Columbia needs more Manufactured Housing Communities

April 10th, 2013 Comments off informs MHProNews MHC owner Larry Gaudreau, noting that communities built in the 1940’s and 1950’s have deteriorating infrastructures that cannot be replaced without moving residents out, says the government needs more affordable housing for these people, as well as to meet future needs. “More than 50 per cent of the people that are going to retire are going to have to use the assets from their house and they are going to be looking for low-cost housing,” he says. Justin Filuk, senior project officer for British Columbia Housing, says, “It is important that all levels of government including municipalities recognize their role in helping to both preserve the existing stock of mobile home pads and to also facilitate the creation of new supply.” Gaudreau says Toronto Dominion Bank has expressed willingness to help finance construction of MHCs on Vancouver Island.

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Louisville Day 1: Attendance rises

January 24th, 2013 Comments off

MHProNews has learned that the first day of the Louisville Show revealed a rise in attendance. 1,233 attendees of all types arrived on January 23, which already exceeded the total attendance 2012’s 2 1/2 day total. Exhibitors and attendees alike reported an upbeat mood, and a willingness to invest in new inventory, products and services. The Show runs until noon on Friday, January 25th. Attendees who want to sign up at the door need to bring a business card along with photo ID. for more information.

Green Labeling of Homes Adds to Value

July 23rd, 2012 Comments off

MHProNews has learned from azstarnet study by researchers at UCLA in California have determined that after studying 1.6 million homes sold in California from 2007 to early 2012, all other variables constant, a green certification label on a house adds nine percent to its selling value. In areas where there are a significant number of hybrid automobiles registered, buyers are willing to pay more for green-certified homes. While the study found no correlation between utility rates and consumers’ willingness to pay a premium for green homes, it did find people in the warmer areas of California willing to pay for more for green-rated property.

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Co-op Handyman Honored by ROC-NH

June 26th, 2012 Comments off

Fosters reports from Rochester, New Hampshire a long-time resident of Acorn Terrace Cooperative has been honored with the ROC-NH  “Above and Beyond” award. Although Richard “Dickie” Williams is president of the cooperative, he is best known for his many acts of kindness as a handyman and all around helping hand to many in the community. Above & Beyond awards honor members of New Hampshire’s manufactured-housing cooperatives who “go above and beyond in their willingness to pitch in for their communities, and to assist their neighbors.” Having been called the Saint”, “King Richard”, “Mr. President” and even “Pope”, Dickie received his award June 2, from U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen at ROC-NH’s “Co-ops Celebrating Community” event. Acorn Terrace became a cooperative Oct. 1, 2010 with assistance of the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund. Resident Maureen Kinch says of Williams: “The garbage cans go out, the garbage cans go in. He’s just always there, no matter who’s there, no matter what anybody needs. He’s always there to help.” MHProNews has learned there are 102 MH cooperatives in NH.

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Refis Reduce Mortgage Term

June 14th, 2012 Comments off

Bloomberg News says following the burst of the housing bubble that put almost 25 percent of U. S. mortgages underwater, home equity in the first quarter rose to $6.7 trillion, its highest level since 2008, as homeowners refinanced their mortgages in droves, the biggest jump, percentage wise, in 60 years. According to Freddie Mac, 50 percent of the mortgages in the fourth quarter reduced loan size, another record. Richard DeKaser, of the American Banker’s Association (ABA), says, “The willingness of homeowners to carry housing debt has been radically altered. When the market was booming, a mortgage was used as a leveraging tool, and now it’s seen as a risk.” Federal Reserve data shows residential mortgage hit its high point of $10.6 trillion in 2007, but has since fallen seven percent while residential property value has fallen 23 percent. The average mortgage term fell two years, to 27 years, from Feb. 2012 to March. MHProNews has learned 79 percent of all mortgage applications in April were for refinancing to take advantage of rock bottom interest rates.

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Modulars Arrive for Habitat for Humanity

January 17th, 2012 Comments off

GreenValleyNews tells MHProNews 15 new modular homes courtesy of Habitat for Humanity have begun arriving in the greater Tuscon, Arizona, area, many still looking for owners. Applicants must be first-time buyers, and are chosen based on ability to pay, need, and willingness to invest 200 hours of sweat equity in their new home. The buyers must have a small deposit to put down on the three bedroom homes, and they receive an interest free 15-25 year loan. Their payments return to a revolving fund to build more homes. Habitat’s board of directors and staff supervise the Homeowner Selection Committee, comprised of community volunteers, one of whom lives with his two sons in a Habitat home. The homes are 50 percent completed by students at Sahuarita High School, just south of Tuscon, and then trucked to the site for installation. Buyers must complete home ownership and budget planning courses as part of the program.

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