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Declining Manufactured Home Shipments More Serious Than Retailers, Communities Being Told

May 6th, 2019 Comments off



The new data for March 2019 is in. This May 2019 HUD Code production data update is arguably more serious than any other bloggers or trade media in manufactured housing dare publish.


This Daily Business News on MHProNews report will reflect the latest toplines. But it will also shed light on how this 7 month trend arguably more serious than alternative theories promoted by numerous ‘association mush’ sycophants that are emanating from several corners of MHVille.

Let’s bullet some of the reasons why this new data further below is arguably worse than what many are saying.


  • First and foremost, there is an affordable housing crisis. FEMA, inventory adjustments, and other excuses that Joe Stegmayer, Kevin Clayton or others who regurgitate their words without analysis have shared are arguably just that, excuses.  Stegmayer contradicts himself on that very point, as the link above reflects, because encountering declining new manufactured home shipments during a growing affordable housing crisis is arguably a klaxon that should signal ‘all hands-on deck’ to get to the root issues.
  • Thousands of manufactured homes that are going into manufactured home communities are rental units. As MHProNews exclusively reported, taken in aggregate, there are producers – both MHI, MHARR members or non-aligned producers of HUD Code manufactured homes – that have told the Daily Business News on MHProNews the following for years.  If rentals going into manufactured home land-lease communities were factored out, the true level of new home sales has been largely flat or are declining in numbers of states.
  • Given the arguably growing number of negative reports in the media that can be traced back to the influence of Warren Buffett dark-money recipient non-profits, such as Manufactured Housing Action (or MHAction) is an issue that MHProNews alone has raised publicly.
  • Bad news stories coming out of Iowa, California, Colorado, New York or other states are routinely connected to MHI “big boy” community or other members.

Let’s be clear.  There are retailers, communities, and producers who can sincerely report improving results in new home sales. But that doesn’t change the fact that the overall trends are down.

What follows are details from the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR), released earlier today.  It should be noted that MHARR makes their reports, used as is with proper credits, available for others to publish. Which begs the question. Why does MHInsider, George F. Allen, MHR, or others fail to publish these kinds of reports?

More after their report, which follows.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                            Contact: MHARR

(202) 783-4087




Washington, D.C., May 6, 2019 – The Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR) reports that according to official statistics compiled on behalf of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), year-over-year HUD Code manufactured home production declined once again in March 2019. Just-released statistics indicate that HUD Code manufacturers produced 7,590 homes in March 2019, down 14% from the 8,830 homes produced in March 2018. Cumulative industry production for 2019 now totals 22,359 homes, a decline of 12.4% from the 25,531 HUD Code homes produced over the same period in 2018.

This ongoing significant production decline, following a long period of only modest industry growth after its modern-era production low in 2009, underscores the importance and validity of the decision by the MHARR Board of Directors to begin aggressively tackling (by mid-May) three major issues – zoning exclusion, placement discrimination, and the failure of the Government Sponsored Enterprises, to date, to provide market-significant securitization and secondary market support for manufactured home personal property loans. These three major issues, individually and in combination, have worked to inhibit and stifle the growth of the manufactured housing market after the industry’s outstanding homes leave the factory, and deny millions of Americans the affordable, non-subsidized homeownership that manufactured housing can uniquely provide.

ManufacturedHousingAssocRegulatoryReformMHARRTop10ShipmentStatesManufacturedHomesMarch2019v2018BTW, the video posted below is the source for the feature image above. It is a reminder of what several publicly traded companies investor reports reflect. Namely, that they are a source of about 1/3 of all new HUD Code manufactured home orders.  In the case of many land-lease communities, those properties are often buying rental housing to fill vacant sites, instead of filling vacant sites with sold or spec-for-sale manufactured homes.




It will also be recalled that some weeks ago, the Wisconsin Housing Alliance (WHA) Executive Director Amy Bliss told MHR that she was worried about a possible downturn.  But that was in the wake of MHI – who Bliss is arguably a routine surrogate for – was touting “momentum” in the MHI self-promotion video.  Given that MHI could or should have advance data on these trends, one can argue that MHI deliberately misled their own members.  To ‘soften’ what the powers-that-be knew was coming, did Bliss float her comments? 



MHI’s outside attorney had the chutzpah to threaten MHProNews for reporting the following using their own graphics and stills. 




Warren Buffett was right about good journalists asking the questions others have not. Why aren’t others in the industry asking these questions? Why is MHI telling exaggerations at best, arguably demonstrable falsehoods at worse, to their own members and the industry at large?


MHI’s own member companies make the point, in their own words, that the industry is preforming under its historic norms.


See the related reports, below the bylines, free email headline news signup, other offers, and notices. 

Others are peddling spin, propaganda, deception, lies – whatever one may want to call it. Perhaps that’s why MHProNews traffic has roughly doubled in about a year


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HUD, Urban Institute Webcast on Housing Vouchers Thursday Sept 20th – Manufactured Housing Opportunities?

September 19th, 2018 Comments off


On July 29, 2016, the Housing Opportunity through Modernization Act of 2016, (H.R. 3700) was signed into law,” with Wisconsin Housing Alliance (WHA) reminds readers. “This gives the more than 2 million families that have a HUD Section 8 voucher the added flexibility of using the voucher to pay for the full annual cost of purchasing a manufactured home.”


It’s a move that many supported, inside and outside of the manufactured housing industry.  But so far, there’s been little appreciable change that can be specifically pin-pointed to this new law, as the HUD Code manufactured housing shipment chart below reflects.


There are plenty of opportunities in manufactured housing, one of them being this HUD Voucher program, at least on paper. But as the shipment diagram above reflects, since the program was passed, there is no appreciable change that can be pin-pointed to this program. It remains to be seen if the Thursday webcast will address this issue, which if properly implemented in a fair and balanced fashion, could be good for HUD, consumers, and the manufactured home industry.

The law also makes it possible to use housing vouchers for site fees in manufactured home land lease communities. See a document from HUD on that topic, linked here as a download.

HUD Secretary Ben Carson, M.D., and the Urban Institute did research aimed to increase the impact of those housing vouchers.  A webcast will be held tomorrow, see the details per the HUD news release to MHProNews.

After the release HUD release below will be some closing points, and related report links.




2:00 – 4:00 P.M. EDT



Secretary Carson launches major landlord outreach campaign

At 2 p.m. EDT on Thursday, September 20th, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Urban Institute will present the findings of a new study examining landlord treatment of renters participating in the nation’s largest housing subsidy program, the Housing Choice Voucher Program. HUD’s Pilot Study of Landlord Acceptance in the Housing Choice Voucher Program examines landlord acceptance of housing vouchers in five cities:  Philadelphia; Los Angeles; Fort Worth; Newark, New Jersey; and Washington, DC.

HUD Secretary Ben Carson recently formed a Department-wide Landlord Task Force and is launching a nationwide outreach campaign to hear directly from landlords and property managers.  Scheduled listening forums are intended to reveal how HUD might make the voucher program more accessible and acceptable, specifically in higher opportunity neighborhoods where landlord participation is lowest.  Read more.

This presentation will be offered via webcast at


WHO:            Members of HUD’s Department-wide Landlord Task Force

                        Urban Institute research team


WHAT:          Landlord acceptance of housing voucher holders


WHEN:          Thursday, September 20, 2018

                        2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. EDT


HOW:             Watch HUD’s webcast at



MHProNews readers are reminded that the Urban Institute (UI) has ties to Warren Buffett, and Berkshire Hathaway.


The Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI)’s SVP Lesli Gooch recently referred to Brian Montgomery as “their” candidate. These may or may not be relevant for the webcast tomorrow and what follows.  But those related reports are linked further below.


MHProNews plans to monitor this program, to see if it is tilted toward what former MHI award winner Marty Lavin has called “the big boys” that often seem to get special treatment at MHI.  “We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (News, analysis, and commentary.)

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Association, Business, Professional Leaders Sound Off – MHVille, October 2017

October 6th, 2017 Comments off

ExtraExtraReadAllAboutItSocialNormsPGCC-eduDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsIn “Interview with the Commissioner,” Manufactured Housing Association of Oklahoma (MHAO) Executive Director Deanna Fields, shares her insights on engagement – past, present, and planned – with public officials, and how that benefits the industry.  Click here.

In “Healthy and Unhealthy Personal and Professional Promotion,” best-selling author and consultant Tim Connor, CSP, outlines where the lines are – what’s right and what’s wrong – with various types of promotional efforts. Click here.

Ross Kinzler has sounded off on Congressman Keith Ellison’s recent manufactured home community, and finance, related published commentary.  That article will be coming soon to the Daily Business News. A well-known community professional is joining that discussion.

In “Sustained Manufactured Home Production Growth in August 2017,” Mark Weiss, JD – President and CEO of the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR) – provides a snapshot of the latest facts on shipments.  Click here. A recent Daily Business News analysis of that data is found at this link here.

Another respected association leader sounds off in, “Kudos from Tim Williams to MHProNews on 9th Anniversary Celebration,” to see Williams’ kind words of encouragement, click here.


MHProNews has been goal and solution oriented from day one. Manufactured housing is the solution to the affordable housing crisis that is hiding in plain sight. Together with profesisonals who are passionate about advancing the industry,, MHProNews and our sister site – are promoting the Manufactured Housing Revolution.

In Overlooked Lending Option, you’ll see a finance source that’s competitive and…overlooked. As past, present and future reports on MHProNews have demonstrated, there are plenty of manufactured home lending options that for various reasons are just not getting the attention they deserve, yet, the mainstream home buying public wants them.  To check that article out, click here.

The above are just some of the first wave of Featured Articles in – Volume 9, Issue 1 – now published and live on the home page of MHProNews, in the featured article module.  Or you can scan and access them all by clicking here.


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HUD’s Pam Danner shines at elegant Alexander Hotel in Indianapolis amid Optimistic 2014 Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) Summer Meeting

June 11th, 2014 Comments off

pam-danner-hud-code-manufactured-housing-program-administrator-mhi-2014-summer-meeting-indianapolis-in-alexander-hotel-(c)2014-mhpronews-com-97 industry leaders – plus staff, friends and family – came to the Alexander Hotel in Indianapolis, IN June 8-10 for the 2014 Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) Summer Meeting. The new manufactured home program director at HUD, Pam Danner, was featured on the final day, in addition to her participating in numerous technical, regulatory and other discussions with industry members.

Danner, an attorney with prior federal and factory-built home industry experience, was applauded numerous times for her statements assuring industry leaders that some of the program backlog caused by the vacancy in the program she filled was being addressed.

The changes Danner spoke about ranged from the symbolic – hanging new framed photos of manufactured homes in their offices – to addressing delayed regulatory issues, to assuring the industry that she would strive to see manufactured housing be increasingly included in HUD’s programs.

The periodic applause from attendees was genuine, rather than polite. Comments from attendees were positive and encouraged at what has already taken place during Danner’s first 10 weeks at HUD. ##

(Photo Credit:

Emergency Quadruple Bypass Surgery for RV/MH Hall of Fame President Darryl Searer

August 22nd, 2013 Comments off

darryl-searer-rv-mh-hall-fame-president-posted-manufactured-housing-daily-business-news-mhpronews-com-Darryl Searer, president, RV/MH Hall of Fame is progressing well today after undergoing a successful emergency quadruple bypass surgery yesterday morning at the Memorial Hospital in South Bend, according to Barry Cole, Hall chairman of the board. Cole said, “Over the past weekend Darryl suffered what he considered possibly symptoms of a heart attack and contacted his cardiologist.  An examination on Monday proved inconclusive so more extensive tests, including an exploratory heart procedure, were conducted on Tuesday.  His doctor concluded that Searer, in fact, had suffered a mild heart attack and his condition serious enough that he should undergo immediate emergency quadruple bypass surgery.” In addition to his duties at the Hall, Searer is also the semi-retired chairman of the board of Ultra-Fab Products, Inc., an Elkhart-based supplier of OEM and aftermarket RV products. Cole concluded, “He is blessed by catching this in time, and please join me in sending a prayer his way as he continues his recovery.” MHProNews publisher, L. A. “Tony” Kovach said, “We all want to extend our heartfelt prayers and best wishes to Searer, his family and associates for his speedy recovery.” ##

(Photo Credit: RV-MH Hall of Fame)

Modular Homes becoming a new Jersey Shores thing

August 22nd, 2013 Comments off

image-credit-totalmortgage-modular-home-under-construction-posted-daily-business-news-manufactured-housing-pro-news-Updating the recent story on Scranton PA based Westrum Development is installing a two story Cape Cod modular home on the post hurricane Sandy Jersey shore the firm built in just 28 days. Cost for Westrum’s three-bedroom modular home, says totalmortgage and the Wall Street Journal, is $179,000. 10 homeowners in Breezy Point, Queens are applying for permits for modular homes. Westrum’s goal is 3,000 more modular homes, targeted mostly for locations in New Jersey and Long Island, NY. Meanwhile, Jeffrey T. Evans, Executive Director Government & Corporate Relations of Benchmark Worldwide, LLC – a prefab builder using metal Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) – says “What do I think of these modular homes? The answer is “not much.” compared to his building process. As MHProNews knows, system builders are all-too-often busy disrespecting each other’s product rather than pulling together to promote the kind of positive factory built housing vision found on or the GoRVing campaign. ##


(Photo credit: totalmortgage)


Plans to close MH Community halted

August 15th, 2012 Comments off

guernseygazette-credit-wyoming-posted in MHProNewsGurnseyGazette tells MHProNews that some 30 households faced with eviction as a result of planning by the Camp Gurnsey unit of the Wyoming National Guard have been scrapped. Wyoming State Adjutant General Luke Reiner’s stated in a meeting with residents, “if you currently live there, you can stay.” “However, as we discussed at the open house, there will likely be changes to the actual construct, shape and size of the trailer park and we are currently working the details of those plans with the appropriate authorities.” Col. Rich Knowlton Camp Guernsey Garrison Commander. The unit promised better communications moving ahead and served guests food and refreshments as they discussed plans to expand the camp’s property and other local matters.

MHProNews has not yet learned if anyone expressed to those authorities what the proper terminology would be for factory built homes.##

(Photo credit: GurnnseyGazette)


It’s Back and Better than Ever!

December 29th, 2011 Comments off

KentuckyExpositionCenter-Wikimedia Commons posted on

Everyone I talk to is very pleased the show is moving forward in 2012. This year’s show is in a growth mode and we expect the show to be bigger and better than last year. “ said Ron Thomas, active retailer, community owner and Louisville Show Chairman. While it may not be a surprise to hear a Show Chairman say something like that, the sentiment is echoed in the feedback from other attendees and exhibitors. Perhaps most important is the fact that pre-show registrations are up from the surprising totals of 2011. Lorayne Scott, with Show Ways Unlimited – the firm which organizes the Louisville Show – told MHProNews that:We had 970 retailers, builder/developers, community owner/operator, and installers.  As for the exhibitors we had a total of 442.  The total attendance was 1412.” That total of 1412 from all facets of factory built housing made it one of the top 2 attended events in the manufactured housing industry for 2011. Numerous positive comments have come in from 2011 show attendees who are excited about the shows 2012 plan. One example is from Darrell Boyd with Triad Financial, who said, “I was pleasantly surprised at our attendance at the 2011 Louisville Manufactured Housing Show last year. I knew the 50 year history of the show and the spirit of our industry would bring us back. I just wasn’t sure what to expect in 2011. The traffic at our exhibitor booth was brisk and it seemed the renewed positive attitude of the attendees was infectious and spilled over during the show. I talked to many other exhibitors and manufacturers and they agreed with my sentiment. With the 2012 show approaching, I’m eagerly looking forward to our continued renewed growth.” The 2012 Louisville Show line up includes a strong cross section of free business building workshops and seminars, a special appearance and address by Cavco CEO and MHI Chairman Joe Stegmayer as well as even more homes and exhibitors than 2011. Free online registration is scheduled to end January 3. You can pre-register at this link, or get more information at this link.

(Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)


Wisconsin’s Double Taxation Needs to Change

March 16th, 2011 Comments off

In a follow-up to a story we ran March 10, the confirms that Wausau Homes of Wisconsin does not benefit from a tax exemption law proposed by Governor Scott Walker.  The earlier report had stated Wausau Homes donated $25,000 to the governor’s campaign, and in return received an exemption from sales and other taxes on homes sold in Wisconsin and delivered out of state.  Ross Kinzler, executive director of the Wisconsin Housing Alliance (WHA), confirms Wausau Homes has never been taxed in two states, because they deliver their own product out of state and are therefore not subject to Wisconsin taxes.  If a retailer of manufactured homes in Wisconsin sells a home to someone in another state, this may open the door for added taxes.  The department of revenue had suggested the law be changed because of the double taxation provision.