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Modular Bedrooms for the Bakken

April 25th, 2014 Comments off

According to, the value of the U. S fracking fluid market grew from $18.4 billion in 2012 to $26 billion in 2013 and is expected to hit $37.3 billion in 2018. With the resurgence of domestic energy production across the nation, for the first time ever analysts say the U. S. will lead in the production of oil in 2017 and begin exporting natural gas by the 2020s. The oil coming from the Bakken Shale under western North Dakota has reached nearly 750,000 barrels a day and is expected to hit two million a day in 6 years. This gigantic population shift of workers to the oilfields has led to the production of thousands of rooms for modular workforce housing units (reported here April 23, 2014), as well as for modular classrooms, offices and homes.

Similarly, the Marcellus Shale buried below Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia and West Virginia is the largest U. S. gas repository, exceeding 270 trillion cubic feet. The number of active wells is expected to rise from 1,500 to 5,000 in the coming years. As has posted, UMH Properties has been actively acquiring manufactured housing communities in the area recently, although modular workforce housing is also shipping in. ##

(Photo credit: Andrea Johnson/–Modular classrooms at Minot State University just east of the Bakken in Minot, ND)

Modular Man Camp on Hold

January 17th, 2014 Comments off

The Billings County Fryburg School in western North Dakota was sold for almost $500,000 to Louisiana-based Energy Resource Group for a man camp for the Bakken oil field workers, but the company never followed through. The reports an Alabama-based company, Bakken Suites of Fryburg, has more recently filed a building permit and zoning application to turn the 21,000 square-foot school into a food service facility, and use the acreage for modular housing to accommodate 200-300 oil field workers. A Bakken Suites representative called prior to the Billings County Planning and Zoning Commission meeting to say the company was not ready with its presentation. has learned oil is loaded into oil tankers in Fryburg for transport on the BNSF Railway.

(Photo credit: Joe Hyde/–workforce housing by Clayton Homes)

Housing Shortage Continues in Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

January 1st, 2014 Comments off

Following up on a story MHProNews published Dec. 27, 2013 regarding the building of a modular housing development in Estevan, Saskatchewan, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) announced that the Energy City’s vacancy rate had dropped to 0.0 percent in the spring of 2013, according to, but a report in the fall indicates it has risen to 1.8 percent. Despite the modular development and other housing projects underway, the current shortage is putting a squeeze on affordable housing. Another project would provide housing for students at the Saskatchewan Energy Training Institute as well as for low-income earners in the city. Another CMHC report on the vacancy rate will be out the spring of 2014. Estevan is just north of the Bakken oil field in western North Dakota that is undergoing extensive population growth accompanied by a severe housing shortage.

(Photo credit: winnipegfreepress–Lake St. Martin modular, Canada)

Modular Builder in Montana Shuts Doors

September 23rd, 2013 Comments off

Canadian-American Structured Solutions (CASS) opened in May 2012 in Billings, Montana vowing to provide 100 jobs, as it filled modular housing orders for workers in the Bakken oil fields in western North Dakota. Updating a story MHProNews posted Jan. 26, 2013 regarding the company’s temporary layoff of 30 employees due to a shortage of materials, on Friday, Sept. 13 the front door was padlocked and the employee entrance was boarded up, leaving am alleged trail of unpaid employees, modular homes with faulty plumbing, and previous legal claims still owing. One builder reports receiving his modular units for 12 apartments months late and with major work needed. He says water sprayed from the fixtures when the faucets were turned on. CASS allegedly canceled its medical insurance in January without telling employees, according to One employee who called the company handling the payroll was told the contract was canceled two weeks prior.  CFO Larry Nelson and CEO Lorne Wallace reportedly did not respond to requests for comments.

(Photo credit: Katharine MacKnight/kurl-tv–CASS modular homes)

Bakken Continues to Spur Manufactured Home Industry

September 17th, 2013 Comments off

In yet another testament to the spreading of manufactured housing sales radiating from the Bakken oil fields in western North Dakota, Shult Homes of Redwood County in southwestern Minnesota is feeling the flourish of the upturn. Shult’s Jeff Wedan says the positive effect is hitting the manufactured home industry in the Midwest, adding, “We are seeing a recovery in the housing market.” He says sales are up seven percent in one category of homes and eleven percent in another, as tells MHProNews.

Home Prices in Texas Rise above 2007 Levels

June 14th, 2013 Comments off

According to nationalmortggenews a report by the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank says home prices in Texas have recovered to seven percent above the pre-recession highpoint in 2007. One of just ten states to have reached that milestone, Texas is second only to North Dakota in the amount that today’s prices have exceeded the previous high. (As MHProNews has reported numerous times, the oil boom demand for worker housing and supportive services residences in western North Dakota has money flowing nearly like water.) CoreLogic says four of the top six markets for new homes are in Texas—Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin. The Federal Reserve Bank says “in-migration” is drawing people to the state seeking work. Existing home sales have risen 33 percent since the beginning of the housing recovery just over two years ago.

(Image credit: city of Pecos, Texas)

Corporate Modular Homes Building in North Dakota

May 8th, 2013 Comments off

According to, the continuing housing shortage in western North Dakota due to the Bakken Formation oil boom has led to another player in housing market development. Property Horizons Director and Founding Partner Robert Gavin explains, “There are 15,000 oil workers and rising in North Dakota. Many have families who are unable to join them due to the lack of accommodation. In Williston, one of the flash points for the crisis, Property Horizons is now offering 174 luxury modular single family homes, each with its own acre of land.” The Horizons Ridge development is offering three and four bedroom homes with two and three bathrooms, basements and garages with prices ranging from $270,000 to $350,000. Gavin says investors can realize returns of 13-15% for corporate tenants. MHProNews has learned Property Horizons, based in the United Kingdom, is a professional property investment group with 100,000 clients worldwide, and its current U.S. office is in Williston, ND.

(Photo credit: Associated Press–modular mancamp in Williston, ND.)

Another Home Supplier to Western North Dakota

April 23rd, 2013 Comments off

A modular home builder with operations in Aberdeen, South Dakota is hoping to open a facility in Fort Yates, North Dakota to provide housing for the Bakken Oil Field boom. As bismacktribune tells MHPronews, the ATechBuilder Corp. expects to hire 45 full time employees to build the 1,100 to 2,500 square foot modular homes that will cost under $100,000 to over $250,000 each. ATech’s Rick Downs, anticipating an opening of the modular plant this fall, says he is seeking investors for the $1.5 million facility, and wants to open additional production sites in the state. Located in south central ND, Fort Yates is home to Sitting Bull College, and the company is expected to draw employees from the Sitting Bull Indian Reservation.

(Photo credit: merchantcircle–modular home under construction)

More Modular Housing Opens in North Dakota

February 15th, 2013 Comments off

PRWeb informs MHProNews M SPACE has begun leasing studio, one and two bedroom modular homes in the Bakken oil field area in western North Dakota. The 114 Ponderosa and 46 Ridgeview furnished homes began welcoming new residents in January in this oil boom town where some people earning $100,000 annually are living in cars and RVs in parking lots due to the housing shortage. Meanwhile, oil field workers are moving in to modular workforce duplexes rented to the energy companies. M SPACE provides commercial and residential modular housing solutions to oil and mining development companies across the nation.

(Photo credit: Casy Page/minotdailynews–Kari Andren and Mary Pipla check out a man camp workforce modular unit in Williston, ND.)

Man Camps Change Hands

February 13th, 2013 Comments off

InForum says Target Logistics’ fleet of modular man camps serving the Bakken oil field in western North Dakota are being sold for $625 million to Algeco Scotsman. The 3,400 units, located in Tioga, Williston, Watford City, and Dunn County, will continue with the Target name but a tag mentioning Algeco Scotsman will be added. The transaction is set to close at month’s end. As MHProNews has learned separately, Algeco is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, and with its affiliates manages a fleet of more than 340,000 units worldwide providing modular solutions for the industrial, business, educational, healthcare and storage sectors, with operations in 37 countries.

(Image credit: top, Algeco Scotsman; bottom, Associated Press–Williston, ND man camp)