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Modular Unit added to Hospital

March 3rd, 2014 Comments off

In addition to the multiple modular workforce housing and mancamps, manufactured homes and recreational vehicles that have sprung up to meet the demands for housing in Watford City, North Dakota in response to the Bakken oil boom, the MacKenzie County Healthcare system is adding a modular unit to the hospital’s Emergency Room clinic. Visits have gone from an average of 150 a month before the boom hit to 550 monthly, also requiring two more physicians. Watford City population has risen from 1,744 at the 2010 census to approximately 7,500 residents, and city officials expect that number will rise to 10,000 by this summer, according to what tells ##

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Champion Marks its Tenth Project in North Dakota

October 15th, 2013 Comments off

Champion Home Builders has been contracted to supply two modular apartment buildings to North Dakota’s Bakken oil formation, providing Watford City and Williston with over 100 apartments and townhomes, according to Marking Champion’s ninth and tenth project in the area, the Wolf Run Village in Watford City will consist of six buildings each with seven units, and the 72 unit Prairie Vista in Williston will accommodate sleeping space for 288 people. Phyllis Knight, president of Champion Commercial Structures, says, “The energy boom across the US and Canada has provided Champion with a significant opportunity to create cost, time and energy efficient housing solutions in very small communities that are struggling to keep up with immediate housing demand increases. Given this need, North American developers have embraced the modular building method rather quickly, and we at Champion are proud to play our part in that fundamental change in the way we build.” MHProNews knows Champion manufactures homes and buildings at 30 different facilities in North America and the United Kingdom.

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