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Joe Stegmayer, Cavco Industries, MHI Chairman, Insights from Innovative Housing Showcase

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With enough patience, facts and patterns in dispute often reveal themselves more clearly to those with an open mind who are honestly seeking clarity. By definition, the closed-minded can’t be reasoned with.


This report will have two primary components.  The first will be from the recent and positive Innovative Housing Showcase, held at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Joe Stegmayer, former Chairman, President, and CEO of Cavco Industries was prominent there.  The second will look again at a leadership and related questions that keep arising at Cavco.


MHI Chairman Stegmayer At Recent Innovative Housing Showcase in Washington, D.C.

Five U.S. congressmen and several other senior government officials took tours, said Joseph Stegmayer, Cavco’s former chairman and CEO,” said Phoenix metro’s AC Central, a Gannett media publication that is part of the USA Today network.

This is one of the best unsubsidized ways to promote affordable housing,” Stegmayer said of manufacturing housing, per that same source.  He said that factory-built homes can be made at about half the cost of comparable dwellings built on site.

Some other facts, per AZ Central:

·        Cavco exhibited a 1,050 square foot home with two bedrooms and two baths that was built at one of its two factories in Virginia that retails for about $64,000.  What they didn’t specify was that it was the lone single sectional on display in the National Mall in Washington, D.C.  Skyline Champion displayed two multi-sectional models.

·        Cavco was one of 19 exhibitors at the National Mall and teamed with UMH Properties, a real estate investment trust or REIT that owns and operates manufactured-home communities around the nation.

This was the only news report found on line as of the date and time shown about the publicly traded firm’s (CVCO) involvement in the project. We’ll return to that factoid later.




In the MHI branded video below, Stegmayer says: “Manufactured Housing is so much of an untold story. It has come a long way in a short number of years. And now were providing homes that rival anything built on site at half the cost. And so, to meet the affordable housing crisis in this country, and there truly is a need for affordable housing, manufactured housing can go a long way to doing that.”



Stagmayer continued by saying, “We can provide a home for millions of people who otherwise can not afford a home and would be renting for the rest of their lives. Here [he’s standing in a manufactured home] they can buy a home, build equity, just like any other home owner. And, ah, stay in that home for years or resell it and move up to a larger home if someday they get a larger family.”

A lot of flexibility in manufactured housing.  A lot of sustainability,” Stegmayer said during his portion of the video. Let’s note in fairness that these are very similar points that MHLivingNews, MHProNews and scores of others have made about our industry. Our publisher has noted that the firms involved in the Innovative Housing Showcase are to be applauded. On the thrust of several of these points by Stegmayer, we’d editorially concur.

But what follows in that same video is both true and troubling.  It gets near a central issue that is hampering manufactured home industry growth.


Manufactured Housing Professionals, HUD Secretary Ben Carson, Must Promote These Two Words


Secretary Ben Carson, as the head of HUD, made this National Mall opportunity available in conjunction with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Dr. Carson explains that they encouraged local municipalities to look at manufactured homes and look at their regulations.  Carson said there may have been reasons in the past for some regulations, but no longer.  Why hasn’t the HUD Secretary mentioned “enhanced preemption?”  Is it possible that he’s not been briefed on that point by HUD staff? 

But more questions arise from this MHI branded video and recent mainstream media reports.

Looking again at MHI’s chairman’s comment, it isn’t as if the manufactured home industry has suddenly appeared out of nowhere and has an “untold story,” as Stegmayer framed it.  Indeed, Arlington, VA based MHI – a location not far from the National Mall – claims to have told that story to millions of people.  See their claim to that effect illustrated in their own still from an MHI video, below.

If so, the public literally are not buying what MHI is selling, based on recent new manufactured home production and shipment trends.

Look at the stills from the late 2018 MHI self-touting video and compare it to the fact that manufactured housing has had 8 months of consecutive year-over-year decreases in shipment levels.



Most people think of momentum as forward motion.  Does it mean something different to MHI?  Momentum for more consolidation? Still from MHI Video, logos added by MHProNews.


That downturn is now into month number 8.


Further, manufactured homes are not an untold story at all.

As the AZ Central story reflected, starting with the headline, a HUD Code manufactured home is errantly termed a ‘mobile home.’  Over the years, has Cavco or MHI failed to brief that media outlet, which issues periodic reports on hometown firm Cavco, about the proper terminology to be used?  If not, then they are not following the logic of their own prior chairman, who said this.


The story most told is a painfully familiar one to anyone who tracks news coverage about ‘mobile homes’ and ‘manufactured homes.’  The bulk of the reports are negative, as the screen capture below indicates.


While the evidence is anecdotal, it is also not disputed by live audience of manufactured home industry professionals when they are asked:

·        does the public here more bad news or good news about manufactured homes? 

·        Is the impression conveyed in third party reports largely positive one, or largely negative?

·        Manufactured home industry professionals almost universally agree that the image is a problematic one.

That being so, it is not an untold story. Rather, it is a told story that is all-too-often being mistakenly framed.

Where is MHI’s effective response to that largely undisputed fact?  Because it is obvious that their claim of millions exposed to their advertorials – if true – has not worked. The shipment numbers and other research proves that point.  Further, only 8 percent of home shoppers, per Zillow, considered a manufactured home in research that firm did.  Many of those who considered a manufactured home never bought one. Put yourself briefly in the shoes of a possible manufactured home customer. If they simply googled news about ‘mobile homes’ or ‘manufactured homes,’ wouldn’t that explain why – given that much reporting is negative – that the public literally isn’t buying one?



Only 8 percent of housing shoppers considered a mobile or manufactured home, and many of those did not buy one


What do those third party research facts say about the effectiveness of the industry?  So Stegmayer’s own words about the “untold story” – seen through that lens – is troubling at best.  The screen capture from the date and time shown is but one example. 




Furthermore, there is no evidence that HUD Secretary Carson has been advised about enhanced preemption.  MHProNews has asked officials at HUD to respond to that concern.  They have no comment on that now.

Why not?  Doesn’t their failure to comment on such a straightforward question itself raise concerns that perhaps Secretary Carson has not been brief about enhanced preemption?

Stegmayer has had face time with Secretary Carson on numerous occasions in the last year or so.  Did Cavco’s former president, and the man who is still MHI’s chairman, not raise the issue of “enhanced preemption?”  If not, why not?


These are questions that Cavco’s shareholders – among others – ought to be asking.

If the report by AZ Central is accurate, and only 5 congressional representatives bothered to come and see what MHI dubbed Homes on the Hill.  That too suggests something was missed by MHI, doesn’t it?  There are 535 members of the U.S. House (435) and Senate (100). Numbers of those in Congress get contributions from MHI’s PAC.  So why did such a small group of representatives come over a 5 day event?

The MHI “Homes on the Hill” videos are a fine idea. 

·        The videos are well done in a technical sense.

·        But where is the promotion for those videos? 

·        Why is it that the MHI video posted above that was published on Jun 2, 2019, after a week online, has only 732 views, per YouTube, as of 4:49 PM ET on 6.9.2019? Ponder the point that John Oliver’s viral hit on numbers of MHI members errantly named “Mobile Homes” has had over 6 million hits on YouTube in about 2 months. That’s the graphic comparison that industry professionals, investors, and advocates must ponder.  Stegmayer’s choice of words ‘the untold story’ is not supported by facts.  The story about manufactured homes has been told millions of times.  It simply hasn’t cut through the negative noise. 

Where has that negative noise about manufactured housing originated from?  The sources are varied. That said, there is a money trail in the millions that clearly points to donations by Warren Buffett, chairman of Berkshire Hathaway – parent to Clayton Homes, their sister Berkshire lenders, and a powerhouse at MHI – that have flowed via the Tides nonprofit to groups such as MHAction or Prosperity Now that have in turn attacked manufactured housing operations.  Rephrased, Buffett’s been backing both pro-and-con voices about manufactured homes.  The voices that undermine the industry’s story seem to win the media war routinely. Why?

None of the Berkshire brands or MHI has denied the evidence presented. That leaves the evidence presented unchallenged.  The collage below illustrates the point just made.




Now, against that backdrop, let’s pivot back to Cavco’s November 8, 2018 news release.


Stegmayer, Cavco, and the SEC/Shareholder Legal Clouds 

As the numbers of shareholders suits against Cavco Industries continues to grow, an interesting point keeps arising relative to Joe Stegmayer, their former Chairman, President, and CEO. Let’s mention that he was also a former Clayton Homes division president.

Part of the announcement on November 8, 2019 that sent Cavco shares plunging related to Stegmayer was that the multi-year leader of the publicly traded firm (CVCO) would step down into a more supportive, non-executive role.

But several indications from sources previously reported within Cavco, plus more recent hints by George Allen and others in his orbit, suggest that Stegmayer still exercises a leadership role that some believe is more like that of the shadow president than some supportive ‘non-executive’ role.

Quoting from their November 8th press release, “Mr. Stegmayer stepped down from his position as Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company after an internal investigation, conducted by independent legal counsel, identified certain violations of Company policy related to securities trading activities conducted by Mr. Stegmayer. The Board’s decision to transition Mr. Stegmayer to a non-executive role allows the Company to retain his deep industry and operational experience.

The Cavco press release further stated that, The Company also announced that it had received a subpoena from the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Division of Enforcement (“SEC”) requesting certain documents relating to, among other items, trading of the stock of another public company. Subsequent to sending the Company a subpoena, the SEC sent a subpoena for documents and testimony to Joseph Stegmayer, regarding similar issues. The Company has initiated an independent investigation and intends to cooperate fully with the SEC’s investigation.

In a typical ‘all in the company family’ motif, the release said: Joseph Stegmayer, former Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, commented that “Dan Urness is a great choice to lead Cavco. He is a strong leader, with the ability to connect with customers, partners and teammates. His institutional knowledge of our Company and significant industry experience will ensure a smooth leadership transition. I look forward to continuing to serve the Company in my new role.”


The satirical logo is used in part to poke with a lighter touch at a serious topic. As some have framed it, there are white hat companies at MHI, and black hat companies.  Certainly the black hats must find the white hats useful.

Stegmayer has remained Chairman of the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI), despite the legal flap, its costs to Cavco, and the hit on CVCO’s stock valuation.



Cavco (CVCO) is one of the stocks tracked in our evening/nightly market report, along with a snapshot of headlines, and news that move investors. For Friday’s report, click here.


These are questions that may be of interest to shareholder’s plaintiff’s attorneys.


Cavco Industries Investigated Anew for Violations of Federal Securities Laws, plus Manufactured Home Industry Stock Updates


But there are broader industry questions that ought to be explored, perhaps in concert with Congressional and other state/federal inquiries.

Readers will be reminded that some 5 years ago, Stegmayer was talking on camera about the industry returning to 250,000 shipments.  That video is found in the report in the text/image box above. Stegmayer did say that return to 250,000 could accomplished in a year.  But he clearly suggested that it was doable in the foreseeable future.  What happened to that 250,000 new home shipment aim since then? 

Why is a new manufactured home shipment goal unmentioned by MHI more recently? 

Or ponder the fact that after the embarrassing reply the MHI President and CEO Richard ‘Dick’ Jennison gave to MHProNews on camera that same year – that the industry should grow slowly – the next year, after being privately chastened by Tim Williams, per sources, Jennison said that the industry could return to 500,000 new manufactured home shipments.  We professionally concur that that half-million or more new home production goal is achievable.  Others in the industry believe so too. The points Secretary Carson has cited in various interviews and his speech in New Orleans all point to the great potential of the industry in this affordable housing crisis.


MHI CEO Dick Jennison’s Pledge – 500,000 New Manufactured Home Shipments


All of which begs the question, how effective has MHI been at representing “all segments of manufactured housing?” 

As the decade de facto post-production association, after decades in that role, has MHI still not figured out what keeps people from buying a manufactured home? Why aren’t they routinely addressing those prospective home buyers concerns?  Lightening rod Frank Rolfe, a well known MHI member, made the point simply.


Rolfe and Dave Reynolds effectively doubled down on that recently, when they said the following.

MHI has had two different public relations people, for a combined total of several years now. Do those ‘experts’ in media relations not have a message or method for advancing the acceptance of the industry? Do they not yet have a message that resonates with the millions in the public that would buy what our manufactured home industry offers, if they simply understood it properly?

When AZ Central reports that only 5 congressmen came to see what MHI dubbed “Homes on the Hill,” what was MHI’s public relations effort doing? 

The industry is only at ¼th of the production it was in 1998. Where is MHI’s recovery plan?




This pro-growth industry-leading trade media will continue to monitor and report on these and other related issues.


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“Family Jewels,” MHVille Insider Tips, “Info Wars” and Omaha, Knoxville, California, Seattle and Arlington, and DC Connections

November 13th, 2018 Comments off



A well-placed source said from inside the hexagon began by saying something in a series of messages to MHProNews that thousands of manufactured housing (MH) industry professionals know. “MH is a logical solution to the affordable housing crisis in our cities. Does not matter [,]1 they are typically run by liberals owned by unions and nothing will get done. I have personal experience in Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland.”


The first statement above would be rejected by some, but wouldn’t be controversial for many in our industry.

But the next two messages from that source will start keyboards to click and tongues to wag in locations such as Omaha, Knoxville, California, Seattle, Arlington – and Washington, DC.

The elite want the masses dependent. They continue the lie through Operation Mockingbird.”

The messages came to our publisher, as a news tip, and a third message from that source read: “I am ready to info war. Very sad what is happening. People living in old [,]1 cold dangerous homes. We [MH]2 are the solution.”



About Operation Mockingbird

MHProNews did what the well-placed source suggested. We researched “Operation Mockingbird.” 

Here is some of what we found. 

Operation Mockingbird was an alleged large-scale program of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that began in the early 1950s and attempted to manipulate news media for propaganda purposes. It funded student and cultural organizations and magazines as front organizations.[1],” according to Wikipedia.

Also per to WikipediaAccording to writer Deborah Davis, Operation Mockingbird recruited leading American journalists into a propaganda network and oversaw the operations of front groups. CIA support of front groups was exposed after a 1967 Ramparts magazine article reported that the National Student Association received funding from the CIA. In the 1970s, Congressional investigations and reports also revealed Agency connections with journalists and civic groups. None of these reports, however, mentions an Operation Mockingbird coordinating or supporting these activities. 

A Project Mockingbird is mentioned in the CIA Family Jewels report, compiled in the mid-1970s. According to the declassified version of the report released in 2007, Project Mockingbird involved the wire-tapping of two American journalists for several months in the early 1960s,” says Wikipedia.

Operation Mockingbird was once classified, “eyes only,” is 702 pages of dry-to-stunning, and can be accessed from the linked image, below.



The declassified Family Jewels report is found at this link here.


Declassified CIA Document 0n Operation Mockingbird

The CIA reference for Operation Mockingbird was dubbed the “Family Jewels” report.  It goes without saying that family’s jewels are a prized item, so the name itself has meaning.  The CIA report includes, and is supportive of, the information referenced by Wikipedia.

The Washington Post is among the mainstream media sources that reference the Family Jewels document, so it will be difficult for other media to easily dismiss its credibility or the validity of the reference.


As a relevant aside, the Washington Post is now owned by Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon. The billionaire Bezos has bounced between the #1 and #2 richest person in the world during the last year.

Bezos is also one of the 7 top billionaires connected with significant donations to the Democratic Party in recent election cycles.  That includes the 2018 midterms, as MHProNews alone reported in MHVille trade media, but a few others in the mainstream media have also reported.

Among the other 6 top American billionaires include Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett.  The top 10, per Forbes at that point in time, is found below.  The way their political contributions lean is from MHProNews, from third-party sources such as Open Secrets.



The Democrats are not the same party that they used to be. Neither are the Republicans. Democrats have tilted socialist, and many say so openly.


The facts above are all support the thrust of prior MHProNews research.  That includes our Daily Business News overview survey from Saturday, which is linked below. It ought to be as no less relevant to MHVille professionals as Smoking Gun 3. ICYMI, see the weekend overview, linked below.



Affordable Housing, the Visible, Yet Mysterious Struggle for an Obvious Solution, Case Examples


When you carefully read that report, you’ll see where our MHVille source with the “info wars” comments and tips was coming from.

The challenges are troubling, tragic, but they are correctable.

But there’s more…


New York Times, Rolling Stones, and the Church Committee  

Operation Mockingbird, per some sources, was never discontinued. So, while it may seem like ancient history to some, it is interesting that our “info war” source pointed to this specific operation.

There are other intersections between mainstream media, Silicon Valley, top Democratic backing billionaires, and government agencies.  This is all interrelated with Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and affordable factory-built housing, but goes beyond it.  Our industry and others are a subset to the challenges that “info wars” – significant media influence, or “weaponized news” – has.  It is thus relevant to our manufactured housing professional audience.


Keep in Mind  

Bear in mind that sources in and working with the Trump Administration have told MHProNews that investigations of Berkshire, Clayton, and related issues to manufactured housing are still ongoing.

Those federal and other sources to the Daily Business News on MHProNews have specifically mentioned Warren Buffett as being of interest in their investigations.  The existence of those investigations have been noted by the Seattle Times too. ICYMI, or need a reminder, see the report linked below.


Seattle Times -Federal Investigations-Berkshire Hathaway’s Clayton Homes, GuruFocus Spotlights Buffett’s Clayton’s “Unethical,” Monopolistic Moat


There’s more related to this news tip that will follow in upcoming reports.

But the above on Operation Mockingbird from a well-positioned insider source, and others – including from Buffett brands in manufactured housing – are threads MHProNews will continue to follow and periodically report on. Stay tuned, and make sure you see and digest the related reports, linked below the byline. That’s “News Through the lens of manufactured homes, and factory-built housing,” © and “Industry News, Tips, and Views Pros Can Use.” © ## (News, Commentary, and analysis.).

Footnotes: 1) The comma was missing in the original message, and thus was edited in with the brackets [,] to reflect where it belongs and to make that sentence’s meaning clearer.

2) The MH in brackets was understood from the context of a string of related messages, but that bracketed [MH] wasn’t in the original. So, it was edited in to clarify the meaning.

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Prosperity Now, Protests, Indivisible Project, Warren Buffett, George Soros, POTUS Donald Trump, MHAction and Manufactured Housing – Following the Money



Hundreds Wait in Line for Affordable Housing, Solution Remains in Plain Sight

December 12th, 2016 Comments off

Credit: WUSA 9.

Hundreds in Washington D.C. braved cold temperatures overnight with hopes of being considered for affordable housing being made available.

According to WUSA 9, the first 200 people in line were accepted inside to begin their applications. If approved, they would be put on a waiting list for affordable housing at the Woodberry Village developments. It could be more than a year before their name is called.

I’ve been homeless for awhile now,” said Alonzo Simmons, who had been waiting in line since 4am. “And it’s time for me to get in the inside.

Doors did not open until 9 am on December 8th, but many people arrived Wednesday evening to lock in a spot at the front of the line. People did attempt to cut in line and some arguments ensued, but no serious incidents occurred.

You may get a call six months to a year from now,” said Carolyn Young, who was near the front of the line. “But because we all desperately need affordable housing, we have to do this right here.


Credit: ABC 7.

One D.C. resident said that the length of the line shows that the city needs to do more to address the affordable housing issues. Homelessness is up 14 percent this year.

The city makes me so upset because there’s money to be used to put into housing,” said Cynthia Green. “And they’re not doing it for the people. And it’s the people’s money.

The Solution


Credit: MHLivingNews.

MHLivingNews has covered how manufactured housing is the solution  “hiding in plain sight” for the affordable housing crisis that can be used in rural, suburban and many municipal settings.

Modular building – notably on multi-story projects like the one spotlighted by the Daily Business News linked here is another green, time and money saving approach that factory builders should be encouraged to provide the growing numbers seeking affordable housing. Those calls have been heard – and echoed – by major publishers including Bloomberg, which famously wrote, “The solution to the affordable housing crisis is hiding in plain sight.

MH Experts, Academics, and MH Industry Pros Point the Way 


Leigh Abrams, prior chairman, Drew Industries. To see the interview, A Cup of Coffee with Leigh Abrams, click here.

Noting that RVs outsell manufactured housing by some 5 to 1, Leigh Abrams, prior chairman of Drew Industries, told MHProNews that: “I think the GoRVing campaign has been crucial to the success of the RV industry. This campaign, albeit on a smaller scale, was continued even during the economic downturn.”

In prior years and I continue to be today,” said Abrams, “a staunch supporter of a MH industry generic advertising campaign. Unfortunately, we were unable to gather the various segments within the MH industry to agree upon a method of funding the campaign and what the campaign should be about.”

JimVisserRetiringJournalManufacturedModularHousingPublisher-postedDailyBusinessNewsMHProNews-The retiring Jim Visser has told many that he has been a long-time advocate of doing an image and marketing campaign.  Visser has metaphorically tossed his arms up in disbelief that the industry keeps missing a golden opportunity to tap into the affordable housing crisis, by helping manufactured housing shed its negative image.

Industry consultant and long-time president of the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR), Danny Ghorbani, likewise joined the chorus of voices calling for not just a new “post production” association, but also for doing an image and education campaign.

Just Imagine…


L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach is the publisher of, and MH Consultant.

Imagine engineered homes, that meet or exceed strict federal safety, energy and performance standards, built to the nation’s only preemptive code for permanent homes,” said Daily Business News Publisher L.A. “Tony” Kovach.

By using the same proven systems that keep costs down on cars, smartphones, clothing or other produced products, you save on labor, time, have about 30% less waste, can buy in bulk and thus save money.

And the U.S. Census Bureau and Government Accountability Office state our homes are about half the cost of conventional construction,” he added.



Lisa Tyler. Credit: MHLivingNews

Despite evidence that disproved misconceptions … negative stereotypes continued to influence local governments to impose regulatory restrictions on this type of housing,” writes Lisa Tyler, PhD, of Bethel University.

NIMBY – Not In My Back Yard – is alive and well,” says Kovach, “in part because for too long, industry professionals have just taken the old stereotypes and ribbing on the chin.

Do we put down the old cell phones that led to today’s smart phones? No. As a society,” the publisher and industry advocate rhetorically asks, “would we accept that same kind of close-minded prejudice towards a racial or ethnic group?

The full story, “The Solution to the Affordable Housing Crisis is Hiding in Plain Sight,” is linked here. ##

(Image credits are as shown above.)


RC Williams, for Daily Business News, MHProNews.

Submitted by RC Williams to the Daily Business News for MHProNews.

2011 Solar Decatholon modular and prefab home winners

October 5th, 2011 Comments off

Maryland Team US DOE Solar Decathlon 2011 overall winnerCleantechnica reports on the winners of the U.S. Department of Energy’s 2011 Solar Decathlon held in the National Mall in Washington, DC.  The homes featured were modular and prefabricated housing solar powered designs. The overall winner was Team Maryland (University of Maryland), as shown in the photo. “Maryland is a well-experienced team. After taking second place in 2007, they rested and regrouped in 2009 and came to West Potomac Park in 2011 focused and determined to win,” said Solar Decathlon Director Richard King. “In addition, Maryland’s Watershed is a beautiful house, judged first place in Architecture, which also performed impeccably in measured contests. This team mastered their strategies to ensure they excelled in all 10 contests.” Maryland won overall and in architecture. Communications: Middlebury College. Affordability: Team Belgium AND Parsons the New School for Design and Stevens University (Tie).  People’s Choice Award: Appalachian State. Market Appeal: Middlebury College. Engineering: New Zealand. Home Entertainment: Middlebury College. Appliances: Illinois. Hot Water: New Zealand, Tennessee, Parsons NS Stevens, Appalachian State, Maryland, Ohio State, SCI-Arc/Caltech (7-Way Tie). Comfort Zone: Ohio State. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu office announced the overall final standings as follows:

1. Maryland
2. Purdue
3. New Zealand
4. Middlebury College
5. Ohio State
6. SCI-Arc/Caltech (tie)
7. Illinois
8. Tennessee
9. Team Massachusetts
10. Canada
11. Florida Int’l
12. Appalachian State
13. Parsons NS Stevens
14. Tidewater Virginia
15. Team China
16. Team Belgium
17. Team New York
18. Team New Jersey
19. Team Florida

(Editor’s note: For 5 previous articles and a video on this contest, put the keywords 2011 Solar Decathlon into the search box near the top right of the Daily Business News page.)

(photo credit: cleantechnica)

Washington DC Modular/PreFab Home 2011 Solar Decathlon video report

September 29th, 2011 Comments off has been reporting recently on some of the entries in the 2011 Solar Decathlon that is taking place on the National Mall in Washington DC. Once every two years, the Solar Decathlon competition takes place. Teams in the 2011 Solar Decathlon include entries from California, Ohio, Maryland, Massachusetts, Belgium, Canada, China and New Zealand, to name a few. These homes are made using prefabricated (pre-fab) or modular construction, and must be all electric, transportable and must be solar powered. This video report gives you a quick sense of some of the forward thinking ideas and innovations that could shape and influence the factory built housing market for years to come. The Solar Decathlon also is a platform that makes factory built homes

(Video credit: Inhabitat and YouTube)