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RV Sales Spike Manufactured Housing Component Suppliers

July 21st, 2013 Comments off

As sales of manufactured housing’s sister industry, the recreational vehicle (RV) business, began accelerating in mid-2012, it also spurred the sales of several manufactured housing (MH) component suppliers. Shipments of motor homes rose 30 percent through May of this year compared to 2012. Drew Industries, Inc., one of the three largest companies in the Investor’s Business Daily’s (IBD) Building-Mobile/Manufactured Homes group, supplies slide-out mechanisms and other items for the RV industry. Its sales rose 36 percent in Q3 2012, as IBD informs MHProNews. Overall, the group’s ranking as of Friday, July 19 had risen to 58 out of 197 industries from number 171 at the beginning of May. Included in the ranking are modular and MH manufacturer Cavco Industries and Patrick Industries, maker of ceiling and wall panels for the MH and RV industries.

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Klik Building System Simplifies Construction

May 8th, 2013 Comments off

From down under MHProNews has learned Australian companies Elenberger Fraser and Unitised Building have developed a residential, modular building system suitable for a skyscraper as well as a stylish single-family home. According to, in order to eliminate waste, the dimensions of the prefab building blocks, termed Klik, take into account measurements for floor tiles and wall panels, thereby eliminating to some extent the traditional design stage. The four components are specifying size and shape of the building—linear, square, skyscraper, L-shape, H- shape, C-shape, or a combination; choosing from 15 layouts of one, two, and three-bedroom units; selecting the interior finish from two color schemes and three degrees of opulence; and finally, choosing the facade from linear glass, expressed glass, or external sunshade. Although the designers state the Klik modular system allows for prices to be fixed early in the process, none were immediately available.

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Modular Homes from Vermont Schools in Solar Decathlon

April 17th, 2013 Comments off

SevenDaysVermont tells MHProNews two small Vermont schools will be competing against 18 mostly larger schools in the U. S. Dept. of Energy’s biennial Solar Decathlon to be held in October at Irvine, Calif. While this will be Norwich University’s first trip to the competition, Middlebury College placed fourth in its first outing in 2011, and its entry is now home to three students each semester on campus. Norwich’s Delta T-90 will focus on affordability and accessibility, with the longer goal of developing a solar-powered modular home that average Vermonters can afford. Collaborating with modular home builder Huntington Homes, the team is using local materials when possible for the 1,000 square foot totally solar-powered unit, including regionally-harvested northern white cedar for the exterior walls. The nine-foot ceilings give the feel of a much larger house, and the $150 a square cost makes it affordable for a couple with full-time minimum wage jobs. The Middlebury team’s modular house is constructed around an internal steel frame with 34 removable floor, roof and wall panels to control shipping costs. The insulation is blown cellulose (old newspaper treated with a fire retardant, and denim), and the exterior is recycled barn wood. 26 solar panels power the home that costs around $250 a square foot, and the green roof recycles rainwater.

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Geometry Mod

March 6th, 2013 Comments off

JetsonGreen informs MHProNews the mathematician who figured out how to turn a perfect square into an equilateral triangle led to the creation of D*Haus Company, which makes modular homes in four different versions from a kit. Each version can be configured in eight or more different ways, to take advantage of seasonal or daily meteorological changes. In one modular model, the heavily-insulated external wall panels can unfold into internal walls, which exposes more window glass to allow warmth in that can later be covered to maintain the heat. Each kit is constructed of cross-laminated timber; the facade is covered in arctic spruce.

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Down Under Company Goes Under

November 29th, 2012 Comments off

SmartCompanyAU tells MHProNews modular home builder Trade Fusion in Griffith, New South Wales, Australia has been placed in administration, similar to receivership in the U.S. Founded in 2004 on the basis of combining a traditional construction company with a factory making roof trusses, wall panels, and glass and aluminum components, the company likely foundered because those two industries are currently suffering. The company website showed a staff of 20. The land, buildings, and intellectual property are up for sale.

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Software Designed to Track Life of Tools

March 21st, 2012 Comments off

WoodworkingNetwork informs Universal Forest Products, Inc. (UFPI) has instituted a software system to document usage of 300 production tools. The new system, called Intooligence, and developed by an Elkhart, IN company of the same name, maintains a database of serial numbers of cutterheads, links to knife sets, keeps track of sharpening schedules of knife sets, and the location of knife templates. It is also designed to record setup times by product, job, and machine, as well as the overall condition of moulder tooling at its UFP Granger facility in Granger, Indiana. The software also trained employees how to use the system. UFPI provides wall panels and engineered structural lumber products for the manufactured housing industry, and a host of lumber-related products for a variety of industries.

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Green-oriented Builder Sets Sights on Modular Homes

March 20th, 2012 Comments off

NorthBayBusinessJournal informs new California modular kid-on-the-block Healthy Buildings Technology Group finished the first of two showcase Ohome homes in Napa, CA. The roof and wall panels of a 640 square-foot dwelling were hauled to a site in North Napa and assembled in two days. A second Ohome nearly twice as large with three bedrooms will be assembled next to the smaller one where they will share a garage. CEO Bob Massaro, a veteran of over a dozen years in green-oriented construction, but only a year into modular homes, says, “The showcase models are demonstration homes designed to introduce our technology, green features, and materials and finishes to prospective buyers.” Ohomes range from a 150 square foot ‘tiny’ home to a 1,600 square footer with four bedrooms. Healthy Buildings also offers a hexagonal 1,000 square foot interconnecting modular pod complex for classroom (Oclass) or office use (Ocenter). The smallest unit is a 100 square foot unit designed for beach or campground use. All the sizes are designed to be assembled by five workers and habitable within three weeks. The company is working on a multi-family unit, and has contracts for several single-family homes in the area.

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