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Tax Reform, Front and Center, as Business, Democrats and GOP Converge on Issue

September 13th, 2017 Comments off

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The president is committed to getting tax relief for middle-class Americans passed and is willing to work with Democrats and Republicans to do it,” White House officials said, per Fox News.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs around the United States are waiting to get more specifics on the potential tax reform that President Trump is pushing for legislature to pass.

Since early on in his campaign President Trump has been calling on Congress to pass a bill that would provide significant tax breaks for small businesses.

Groups like the National Federation of Independent Businesses believe that tax reform will significantly improve their chances at success.


Just last week the Daily Business News reported on the presidents spotlighting Senator Heitkamp in North Dakota where he stopped to give a speech on his hope for tax reform.

Ideally, he’d like to get it down to 15 percent. I don’t know if we’ll be able to achieve that given the budget issues, but we’re going to get this down to a very competitive level,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told a conference in New York hosted by CNBC.


In order to pass a tax reform bill the Senate will need at least some Democrats to be on board. As it stands now, a group of 43 Senate Democrats and two independents have signed a letter laying out their “demands” to see bipartisan tax reform, per Reuters.

There is question as to whether or not Trumps goal of 15 percent is realistic considering the spending cuts that would have to go along with such tax breaks.

The president is prepared to push for as low of a rate as we can get. We’re going to continue to push for that and work for Congress to make sure we get the best deal possible,” White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said.

In what is likely an attempt to gain support from the Democrats, Trump has recently agreed to raise the debt ceiling and fund the government through December 8, 2017. Now, he has invited at least three Democrats to a dinner, likely to push for support for the upcoming tax reform bill.

Those invited to dinner with President Trump include Joe Donnelly, Heidi Heitkamp, and Joe Manchin.  Each of those Democrats are in states that President Trump won by a wide margin.


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No more platitudes. Let’s see some meat on the bone,” Senator John Kennedy said. “You don’t always get what you want. I think there’s a song that says that. But you need to get what you need and that’s where we are. And I‘m tired of screwing around. … The American people are tired of screwing around.” ## (News, analysis.)

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Big Win for OMHA/OMHC in House, Senate Vote Next

May 4th, 2017 Comments off

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In a story that the Daily Business News has followed closely, the Ohio Manufactured Housing Association (OMHA) saw the Ohio House of Representatives pass Substitute HB 49, the “State of Ohio budget bill” on May 2nd, restoring the Ohio Manufactured Homes Commission (OMHC), consistent with present law.

As we reported prior, the original proposal from Governor John Kasich’s’ office would have abolished the OMHC, and transferred its responsibility to the Ohio Department of Commerce (DOC).

At the core of the campaign against the Commission are claims from Ohio fire and environmental officials who say the board doesn’t do enough to prevent manufactured home fires and ensure clean drinking water in the MH communities.


Credit: Media Nation.

As Daily Business News readers are already aware, we have pointed out the facts versus myths surrounding manufactured homes and fires, noting that homes built under post-1976 federal regulations have the same rates in this area as traditional homes.

The OMHC has wide ranging responsibilities as an independent agency, including all regulation of home installations & inspections, dispute resolution, sales licensing, and manufactured home community regulation.

The OMHC also conducts inspections of all new and previously owned manufactured home installations, resulting in less than 10 complaints in the last three years. By comparison, 23,000 home installations have occurred in the last decade, and prior to the Commission’s existence 500 -800 improper home installation complaints occurred annually.


Credit: OMHA.

The OMHA, along with the Association of Manufactured Home Residents of Ohio (AMHRO), representing homeowners and residents, vigorously opposed the proposal from the Kasich Administration during recent legislative testimony before the Ohio House.

During the testimony, AMHRO President Frank Pojman said: “I urge any of your Committee to review agendas and minutes of the MH Commission meetings, to see the all-important issues that are discussed, for the benefits and safety of manufactured homeowners.”

tim williams exev vp ohio mfg homes assoc

Tim Williams, OMHA.

The House of Representatives provided for thorough discussion during legislative testimony,” said OMHA Executive Director Tim Williams.

I am pleased the House recognized the value of maintaining the independent Manufactured Homes Commission and its record of consistently operating below budget, providing 100% homeowner safety inspections and reducing both homeowner and business fees.”

The Ohio Senate will now consider Substitute HB 49. The Daily Business News will continue to follow this story closely and provide updates. ##


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New Manufactured Housing Community Approved

September 20th, 2013 Comments off

The Aiken County Planning Commission in west central South Carolina has approved plans for a 33 home site manufactured housing community (MHC) situated on nine acres on Wire Road in Aiken, SC. The says five manufactured homes on a lot that is at least five acres or more constitutes an MHC, according to the county’s land management service. MHProNews has learned the vote was unanimous in favor. Prior to 2006, if someone wanted to develop an MHC they did not have to apply to the planning commission.

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Local Government May Disapprove of Community Conversion

September 6th, 2013 Comments off

California Assembly measure SB 510 would allow a local government to disprove of the conversion of a manufactured housing community to another use if a majority of the community residents do not support it. The uncertainty of the rights of both resident and community owner has led to dozens of lawsuits. The jurisdiction is not required to disprove of the conversion, nor does it have authority to stop the redevelopment, according to santamariatimes. Sponsored by Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, D-Santa Barbara, the measure passed off the Assembly floor in a 41-23 vote, and is now headed for the Senate, as MHProNews has learned.

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Texas City Sets New Ordinance for Manufactured Homes

August 19th, 2013 Comments off

Updating a story we posted July 5, 2013 regarding a manufactured housing community (MHC) owner’s plans to rehab his property being stymied by the city council, a recent vote by the council will encourage owners to make improvements within the guidelines of a new ordinance. In 1999, the council eliminated zoning which allowed manufactured homes to sit side-by-side with site-built homes in Harker Heights, Texas, but they can be replaced one time. Under the new ordinance, owners will have more say about the structure of their communities and will be provided incentives to upgrade their properties. Meanwhile, according to, the city will have more input on the homes that go into a community, and owners will have to present changes to the planning and development commission. In the last 15-20 years, MHProNews has learned the percentage of manufactured homes in Harker Heights has fallen from 31 percent to 16 percent.

(Photo credit: Brian Bradley/kdhnews–Harker Heights factory-built home)

Cordray Confirmed to Head Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

July 17th, 2013 Comments off

Following two years of uncertainty, the U S. Senate confirmed Richard Cordray as director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) by a 66-34 vote. While an outstanding lawsuit questions the original recess appointment of Cordray to the post by President Barack Obama, the confirmation solidifies the director’s position as a host of new rules affecting the marketplace is set to take affect in Jan. 2014. Today’s vote eases concerns over what might have happened if Cordray had been forced to step down regarding current and past examinations, nonbank supervision and rules finalized during his term. Allyson Baker, a partner at Venable law firm who once worked for the CFPB, says “I think you now have some certainty that the work the agency has done so far will continue.” As for lenders and servicers, as MHProNews has learned from HousingWire, she adds, “It allows them to say this is what it’s going to look like, and now we can move forward because we have some certainty in the marketplace. Certainty is useful if you are trying to structure your business operations and working with fairly new paramaters.”

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Council Votes a Variance for New Manufactured Home Community

April 23rd, 2013 Comments off

In a special report to MHProNews from the BrenhamBanner in Brenham, Texas, the city council reversed an earlier vote and decided to grant a request for a 106-site manufactured home subdivision. The original request from Adolph Wehmeyer for a road frontage variance was denied—city codes call for 200-400 feet frontage and his property has only 131 feet. After drawn-out council discussions and research to determine why the minimum had been set at 200 feet initially, the Brenham City Council granted the request, although two council members who voted no expressed reservations about the size of the variance. Brenham is located just northwest of Houston.

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Inmates Prevented from Building Modular Homes

March 26th, 2013 Comments off

According to what cjonline tells MHProNews, the Kansas House of Representatives passed SB 74 that restricts prison programs in which inmates build modular homes, with proponents saying the correctional system should not compete with private enterprise. The vote was 87-32 in favor of the restriction. An amendment to permit the homes to be donated to non-profits was also defeated.

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Community Owner Fights City Hall and Wins

January 25th, 2013 Comments off

As follow up to a story we posted Dec. 4, 2012 concerning the Huntington Beach (Calif.) City Council approving a subdivision map for an MHC to become a resident-owned community, MHProNews learned that after a superior court judge charged the city council and city attorney with contempt, the city council agreed to the community owner’s entire agenda. With the efforts of HK&C’s law firm, the council reversed its vote after previously approving the subdivision map. The agenda includes affirming and reinstating the map, and instructing the city attorney to appeal a court order that set aside a contempt of court hearing scheduled for Feb. 8, 2013. Attorney Rob Coldren says, “The City had already lost a lawsuit after denying a subdivision application based on the claim that some of the tenants homes encroached into a city right of way.”

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MHC Residents Exact Revenge at the Polls

November 19th, 2012 Comments off

Following a story we last covered June 6, 2012, when a ballot measure (Proposition E) to eliminate rent control in MHCs was defeated in Oceanside, Calif., residents of the city’s 17 MHCs said they would exact their revenge against city council members who voted in favor of the proposal in the November elections. Council member Jerry Kern, who favored Prop. E, garnered only 30 percent in his attempt to unseat Mayor Jim Wood, who had opposed the measure. Councilman Jack Feller, who also favored Prop. E, split the vote of two anti-rent control advocates and retained his seat . As NCTimes told MHProNews, under the original ordinance MHC owners can raise site rents annually by 75 percent of the increase in the regional consumer price index. A greater increase must be appealed to a city rent control board.

(Photo credit: Bill Wechter/nctimes—Opponents of Proposition E demonstrate before council vote.)