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MHC Becomes Co-op

September 6th, 2012 Comments off

The Chisago County Press in Lindstrom, Minnesota tells MHProNews the Stonegate MHC is only the fifth community in the state to become owned by the residents. Stonegate Residential Corporation recently closed on the financing to make the 50 home site a co-op with the assistance of NorthCountry Foundation (NCF), which will continue to advise the residents by virtue of a 15-year contract. Twenty-seven residents signed on as members of the new corporation. Residents who did not join will continue paying rent, now to the corporation. As these non-members leave the community, the by-laws state incoming residents must join the co-op.

(Photo credit: Resident Owned Parks)

House Designed, Built on Site

August 29th, 2012 Comments off

Using a 3D computer model to design every aspect of a house, Facit Homes brings its high-tech machine to a site where it fabricates a digitally designed dwelling on the spot to the homeowners exact specifications, down to the placement of every electrical outlet. Gizmag tells MHProNews utilizing a compact computer controlled cutter to slice the engineered spruce plywood sheets to desired dimensions provides on-site quality control, predictability, cost effectiveness, speed, a low carbon footprint and flexibility. Claiming to be the first company in the world to digitally fabricate a home on site, each Facit home is airtight by virtue of a thermal envelope, and can be outfitted with a solar thermal system and photovoltaic panels. The 2,153 square foot home shown needs only four kW for the heating system.

(Photo credit: Bridget Borgobello/Gizmag)