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Mortgage Loans Applications “Tank” Two Looks at Rising Rates, MH Industry Impact?

February 22nd, 2018 Comments off

Still from the video, posted further below.


Rates have moved closer towards 5 percent.


Loan applications are dropping, per the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA).


What was problematic for conventional housing, 2 or 3 decades ago, used to be ‘good news’ for manufactured housing sales.


Graphic provided by Ross Kinzler when he was then the executive director of the Wisconsin Housing Alliance (WHA).

That was then.

More recently, the HUD Code manufactured housing industry has not reaped a similar benefit as it did in the past.  Why not?  Those simple-yet-complex issues have been explored often on the Daily Business News, the Masthead and on MHLivingNews too.


Credits, MHI, Cavco.

In a nutshell, the industry’s image was arguably allowed to slide by the powers that be in manufactured housing.  Take the examples below.  Where is MHI on these problematic reports?

Combined with Berkshire Hathaway’s “moat” and anti-competition tactics – see the Clayton video linked below, as he says those things in his own words – and the MH industry’s mild growth, is clearly no where near the 500,000 new manufactured home shipments that it could be producing, per a variety of industry expert sources.



The numbers are getting uglier for potential homebuyers and homeowners looking to save money,” says left-of-center CNBC.Mortgage interest rates jumped again last week, causing mortgage application volume to fall 6.6 percent on a seasonally adjusted basis from the previous week.”



Industry Pros Can Still Perform in Their Local Market(s)

The troubling news for conventional housing can be turned into good news for forward thinking manufactured home retailers and communities.

KYPs, and the $64 Billion Dollar Question-Monday Morning Manufactured Housing Sale$ Meeting

To learn more, click the link above and watch that video seminar featuring Credit Human’s Barry Noffsinger.

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Background, and Solution Related:

Deadline Looms! Federal Request for Comments on Manufactured Housing Program, and You

HUD Comment Letter – FR-6075-N-01 Regulatory Review of Manufactured Housing Rules


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Manufactured Housing Video/Image/Education/News Campaign Expanding

September 14th, 2015 Comments off

InsideMH-VirtualStudio-MHLivingNews-com-video-play-graphic-575x332-Webalizer reports that thousands have already visited the new, updated-format video promoting upcoming “Inside MH” tours, events and interviews.

Feedback from Industry professionals on this new format has been positive.  Select comments are below.

— actual comments from Video Viewers below —

I think that the video looks great, with a strong message.

The video is great. You have set the vision and captured the interest of manufactured housing buyers, dealers and brokers. And the affordability of owning a manufactured home. 

I like it – at first I was looking for the term manufactured housing verses MH. I then realized MH was part of your title and you did a good job of interspersing both terms appropriately. Nice job.

The quality is excellent. I like the pacing and narrative and images.  Looks great to me.  Thank you for all you do to put out positive messages. 

I think the video looks great!  I am going to watch it a few more times to see if I can find anything specific for tweaking.

— end of comments from Video Viewers —

MHLivingNews’ Inside MH has launched a new ‘teaser’ or video previews. The teaser includes clips from a wide range of industry personalities, video home tours, upcoming interviews and more. To see the Inside MH Image/Educational promo video, click here.

This follows on the heels of over 75,000 hits and still rising on the increasingly popular, award winning consumer affairs journalist – Jan Hollingsworth’s report – Renters’ Nation – which chronicles the impact of CFPB implemented Dodd-Frank rules. To see the report, click here. ##

(Image credit: Inside MH)

Manufactured Housing’s Sunday Morning Weekly News Recap June 21-28, 2015 adds a New Feature!

June 28th, 2015 Comments off

sunday-morning-manufactured-housing-weekly-pro-news-recap-mhpronews-com-Every week, the ‘history’ of modern manufactured and modular housing is passing before the eyes of our readers here. We cover some mainstream housing news too, when it ought to be of keen interest to those in some aspect of factory-built housing. Our web reports tell us there are those who are faithfully on our pages daily by the thousands. Our most recent stats suggest the average page views (which loosely relates to the number of articles being read) are an amazing 12 per reader per visit.

Then there are those who can only come once weekly, and for both of the daily or weekly reading groups, this headline news recap has time saving, insights-yielding and thus potential money-making value!  Daily readers can make sure they didn’t ‘miss’ or forget something useful to them, and those weekly readers can catch up on Sunday morning.

You’ll see news this week on manufactured home community giants ELS, and SUN Communities too.  Skyline Homes has a new president.  There are features on bamboo housing, Wells Fargo, an MH Sales tax roll back and much, much more via the headlines linked below.

The weekly recap this week will add a new feature. We’re also adding the headlines for the videos and related stories on popular Manufactured Home Living News. On – the industry’s stories are being told through the lens of those who know MH well and respect our industry’s amazing products and services. MH Home owners, industry pros and other experts who have taken the time to really get to know and understand manufactured homes and the MH community lifestyle. So this week, you’ll find below a Video Interview with an elected official, a whily fisherman who loves his MH, and a housing inspector who compares MH to conventional housing are among the features drawing numbers that dwarf many MH websites. The Dennis Raper – chain-saw carving MH builder’s foreman – has been a particular hit, come see why!  

Share these MHLivingNews videos with your customers, local media,Realtors ® in your market and residents.  Client companies and non-clients alike are telling us these stories are helping them close sales with customers ‘on the fence,’ as well as are bringing in customers they never saw before.  That in itself is good news for MH.

Enjoy the week that was, via the links to stories you can click through to, below.

On a personal note, Matthew Silver, our Daily-Business-News writer’s mother passed away this weekend. Our sincere condolences to Matthew and all those touched by her death. She surpassed the century mark…Shalom…may she rest in peace.

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