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Modular Housing Suggested for 10,000 Affordable Housing Shortage

August 11th, 2016 Comments off

Idaho_Guerdon Modular Buildings_Star Apartments in Los Angeles_idahostatesman credit postedDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsWriting in idahostatesman, Jerry Brady, a business man and member of Compassionate Boise, having once “snobbishly dismissed” manufactured and modular homes as flimsy and unworthy, now realizes with a shortage of some 10,000 affordable homes in south and south-central Idaho, says, “I can’t do that any longer. If you dream as I do of home ownership for Idahoans, many of whom spend as much as half their income on shelter, we must consider building many units in one place at a low cost.” MHProNews understands these homes cannot be built on the course we are on in the housing market.

He says there were once 14 off-site home builders in south and south-central Idaho, but that number has been reduced to five or six, including Champion, Fleetwood and Nashua. Three of the modular builders are producing workforce housing in the oil patch, but with the uncertainty in the oil trade, Brady suggests more companies should look homeward for more local opportunities.

As an example, he notes Guerdon Modular Buildings of Boise supplied the modules comprising the 102-unit apartment complex for the Skid Row Housing Trust Star Apartments in Los Angeles. The 350 sq ft apartments are for housing the neediest citizens of LA.

While he does not offer any financing solutions for would-be homeowners, Brady states there are 10,000 homeowners nationwide who own their own communities as cooperatives, including seven co-ops in neighboring Montana. Additionally, the Urban Land Institute reports there are 16 private national housing funds earning a decent return in the affordable housing space. ##

(Photo credit:idahostatesman-Guerdon Modular Buildings siting modules for the Star Apartments for homeless in Los Angeles)

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Urban Land Institute Chooses Randall K. Rowe as Chairman

July 1st, 2015 Comments off

randall_k_rowe__google_images__june_2015Randall K. Rowe, Chairman of Green Courte Partners, LLC has been chosen to lead a global organization dedicated to creating communities that are livable, economically prosperous and environmentally sustainable. As Global Chairman of the Urban Land Institute (ULI), an education and research non-profit founded in 1936, Rowe will have three primary responsibilities: promote knowledge sharing among the 35,000 members; funding; and continuing to spread the mission of the organization globally, since it has been a mostly U. S. focused organization.

ULI has this energy, this sense of possibility and strength that is very exciting. We are only beginning to realize the very real impact ULI can have around the world — the part our organization can play in creating communities that change people’s lives by making them better,” Rowe said. “We must keep the momentum going by offering new opportunities for engagement, to share lessons learned and exchange ideas about what works best. What we’re doing only has value if the knowledge gleaned is distributed, utilized and enhanced.

Key to global expansion of the Institute’s goals is shaping local land use decisions to the various societies and cultures that constitute the world, as MHProNews understands.

ULI Global Chief Executive Officer Patrick L. Phillips said, “We are very excited to have Randy at the helm. He is thoughtful, he is innovative, and he is a doer who will guide ULI to new levels of excellence in land use leadership,” according to prnewswire.

Rowe has a long history of involvement in numerous capacities at ULI, especially in the Chicago metro area where Green Courte is located. He has extensive experience in real estate investments, particularly in the acquisition and development of manufactured home communities (MHCs), at one time as CEO of Hometown America, LLC, and now with Green Courte.

In addition to several non-profit board memberships past and present, he also serves on the board of Sun Communities, Inc., an owner of 251 manufactured home and recreational vehicle communities. ##

(Photo credit: Google images–Randall K. Rowe)

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Words of Wisdom from Chairman Sam (Zell)

November 11th, 2013 Comments off

MHProNews has learned from multihousingnews in an interview at the Urban Land Institute Nov. 7 of Sam Zell, founder of Equity Group Investments and Equity International, by one-time Zell executive and now Green Courte Partners LLC Chairman Randy Rowe, Zell had some pithy insights. He said it’s ok to make a deal that you lose sleep over but not one where you can neither eat nor sleep. Not knowing when the next opportunity will strike, Zell said he reads constantly so he may better recognize an opportunity when it comes along. Noting “the risk/reward ratio is the determinant of success,” and “I never knew what I couldn’t do,” Zell said some people are intelligent but cannot accept the possibility of their being a downside so they resist risk. He said, “Anyone can put their name on a building. My focus has been on trying to make a difference.” Zell is chairman of Equity LifeStyle Properties, which owns 380 manufactured home and recreational vehicle communities in North America.

(Photo credit:–Randy Rowe interviewing Sam Zell at Urban Land Institute meeting)

Green Courte Announces Vice President

October 9th, 2013 Comments off

Green Courte Partners, LLC of Lake Forest, Illinois announces the appointment of Susan A. Rowe to head the firm’s sustainability initiatives dealing specifically with manufactured housing communities and parking facilities. According to, Ms. Rowe will represent Green Courte at the Real Estate Roundtable’s Sustainability Policy Advisory Committee and at the Green Parking Council. A member of the Urban Land Institute, Ms. Rowe has a BS and an MS in management, as MHProNews has learned.

(Image credit: Green Courte Partners, LLC)

Developers target Gen Y homebuyers

August 10th, 2011 Comments off

E:\1 SK MHMSM\Daily Buisness News\Urban_Land_Institue_ULI_Logo_posted_Manufactured_Home_Marketing_Sales_Management_MHMSM.com_MHProNews.com_.pngRealDeal reports on a recent study by the Urban Land Institute (ULI) which looks at the market impact of the nation’s eighty million echo boomers. Echo boomers, are age 18-32 and are also known as Gen Y and millennials. This group has 200 billion in annual buying power. Carol Ruiz, assistant chair of ULI’s Residential Neighborhood Development Council said, “It’s been said by experts that if your company doesn’t learn [how] to market to this group, you won’t have a company by 2020.” Leanne Lachman, governor of the Urban Land Institute and president of real estate consulting firm Lachman Associates, said “Its impact on real estate and the economy in general will be as striking and long-lasting as that of the baby boomers.” While many Gen Y’ers are renting presently, a ULI survey of 1,241 18 to 32 year-olds shows that most plan to buy a home within the next three to five years. “Developers realize the limitations [of Gen Yers] and are building smaller units to keep costs down, but are looking at design innovations that make [new] units more functional than larger units built in the past,” said Los Angelas developer Bob Champion, who is doing a Gen Y-friendly project in Hollywood.

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