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“Grand Theft Mobile…”

December 8th, 2017 Comments off

Photo of stolen mobile home, credit, BBC.

On the other side of ‘the pond’ that is the Atlantic Ocean, the Brits don’t have a HUD Code, and so it’s more acceptable there if they want to call their version of our manufactured homes, a ‘mobile home.’

It wasn’t long ago when the Daily Business News reported on a conviction here in the U.S. for a stolen manufactured home that was recovered.  For the case of ‘grand theft mobile’ home in the United Kingdom (UK), so far, the victim has had no such luck.

Sonia McColl, 70, was moving to the country.  Her home was in a holding yard in Devon, England, when it as ‘pinched’ as some of the Brits like to call a theft, per the BBC.

McColl says she was “numb” and “totally devastated,” because her home was not insured when stolen.

The ten ton home was a 40er, and valued at 30,000 pounds, or $40,171.50 in U.S. dollars at today’s exchange rates.

The widowed woman is now homeless, just 2 weeks before Christmas. 

SoniaMcCollherBritishManufacturedMobileHomeStolenBBCDailyBusinessNewsMHProNews_001Police say the thieves knew what they were doing.  Law enforcement have no clues.

Police are urging anyone with tips should contact the Devon and Cornwall PD. ## (News, analysis, and commentary.)

Stop, Manufactured Home “Thief”

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“Flat-Pack” Modular Homes Proposed to Help Solve Housing Crisis

December 9th, 2016 Comments off

The urban bungalow. Credit: UK Mirror.

Not unlike the U.S., the United Kingdom is the midst of a housing crisis, due in part to rising housing costs and lack of skilled construction workers. Willerby Innovations believes they have the answer.

The firm is touting their sustainable modular home, known as the “urban bungalow,” as completely constructed in the factory and can be built in a day for about £60,000 ($75,432 USD).

The urban bungalow can help the government hit its targets while providing jobs locally,” said Phil Parks, lead commercial manager at Willerby Innovations.

The latest government initiatives continue to focus heavily on long-term goals including its ambitious target to build one million new homes by 2020. But even with initiatives in place to help housing associations and developers build more homes, it still doesn’t address today’s pressure on local authorities to meet the immediate social needs. Action needs to be taken now.


Credit: Willerby Innovations.

According to the UK Mirror, there are more than 72,000 families living in temporary accommodation, including disabled or elderly residents struggling to live in high-rise buildings, with their caregivers forced into bed and breakfast accommodations.

There are thousands of people at risk of homelessness in the UK with this predicated to rise sharply creating a growing demand for housing from the elderly, the vulnerable and the temporary homeless,” said Parks.


Inside of the urban bungalow. The design is similar in some ways to single sectional manufactured homes. Credit: UK Mirror.

The homes come with the option of furniture already included, have a large kitchen, living and dining room as well as a family-sized bathroom and are built to last 60 years.

The Daily Business News has covered the U.K. housing crisis, and potential solutions extensively, including the Farmer Review, which called prefab housing the “true way forward.” That story is linked here. ##

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RC Williams, for Daily Business News, MHProNews.

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UK Broker: Prefab Housing “True Way Forward”

October 22nd, 2016 Comments off

Cover of the Farmer Review. Credit: Cast Consulting.

Coming out in support of a government commissioned review, Zing Mortgages director Paul Flavin said that the introduction of a more affordable modular housing package was needed to encourage investors to return to a market where some yields in the United Kingdom (UK) have fallen to unsustainable lows.

I am becoming more involved with the world of modular housing seeing it as a true way forward in many areas, said Flavin.


Paul Flavin. Credit: LinkedIn.

In the South East property prices have grown to a point where rental yields can be as low as 3% and 4% meaning landlords aren’t purchasing in these areas. The introduction of a more affordable modular housing package could be the only way to increase rental yields to a sufficient level, encouraging investors to return to these areas.”

Mark Farmer, CEO of Cast, was commissioned to review the UK’s construction labor model by the Construction Leadership Council and housing ministers in February 2016.

His review found that new construction methods were needed to offset a “general shortage of skills in the construction sector,” which had inflated building costs and made traditional housing projects “too expensive to build.

Entitled “Modernise or Die,” the study recommended the launch of a pilot program that would test the use of pre-manufactured construction in the residential space.

As Daily Business News readers may recall, we recently covered the investment move of Legal & General in modular housing this year.

The construction industry is in dire need of change. What is clear to me following the nine months spent conducting this review is that carrying on as we are is simply not an option,” said Farmer.


Mark Farmer. Credit: LinkedIn.

Unless we find some way of promoting innovation in construction and making the work less labor intensive and more attractive to new entrants, there’s a very real danger of the construction sector going into an inexorable decline over the next few years.

Farmer’s report also highlighted a dysfunctional training model, lack of innovation and lack of collaboration. It also highlighted a “non-existent research and development culture, which is holding back the market.

In short, it’s “modernize or die,” said Farmer.

According to Mortgage Solutions UK, in addition to 10 recommendations for improvement, Farmer also suggested a medium-term solution could be a “carrier bag charge”-style deterrent scheme, forcing businesses to opt for new models of construction.

The solution would levy a tax on businesses that buy construction work in a way that doesn’t support industry innovation or skills development.

If violated, clients could end up paying a levy equal to 0.5% of a the projects’ construction costs, but could avoid paying the tax completely by commissioning construction in a more responsible way.

We will carefully consider the recommendations,” the government said.

Paul Stanworth, managing partner at Legal & General, also spoke positively about the report.


Paul Sanworth. Credit: UK Infrastructure Investment.

This review sets out a clear way for the construction sector to reinvent itself in order to meet the ever-growing demand for homes and infrastructure,” said Stanworth.

Legal & General is helping to address this problem by investing in a modern factory to produce homes using manufacturing processes seen in the production of cars and other consumer goods.

This construction method is safe, clean, and fast, providing a high level of consistency and durability. We sincerely hope that Farmer’s review galvanizes the entire sector to invest in innovation and secure its future.” ##

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RC Williams, for Daily Business News, MHProNews.

Submitted by RC Williams to the Daily Business News for MHProNews.

Modular Home Factory to Hire 400 to 500

February 26th, 2016 Comments off

uk__placenorthwest_co_uk__43_modular_unitsThe yorkshireeveningpost in the UK informs MHProNews that a leading financial services company, Legal and General Homes, is opening a new modular home construction facility in Sherbun-In-Emet that will employ 400 to 500 workers.

The company has inked a long-term lease for a 550,000 sq. ft. warehouse, which it says will be the largest modular factory in the world, and will produce its first homes in June.

Paul Stanworth, managing director of Legal & General Capital, said: “Sustainable, durable modern materials and proven technology will enable us to create high-quality homes meeting a wide range of housing needs and help solve the UK’s housing crisis.” MHProNews posted a story concerning the shortage of housing in the UK on Nov. 26, 2015.

The modular homes will include apartment buildings as well as detached and semi-detached units. Roger Marsh OBE, chair of Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP), said, “The confidence shown not only brings over 400 jobs to the area, it highlights the strength of the City Region’s workforce within the manufacturing sector and underlines our attractiveness to international investors due to our location at the heart of the UK which ensures easy access to both domestic and global markets.” ##

(Image credit:–rendering of modular housing units)

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UK Architect Advocates Manufactured Homes to Solve Housing Shortage

February 2nd, 2016 Comments off

English_caravan__dailymail_co_uk___creditTerming it one way to solve the housing crisis in the UK, 24dash tells MHProNews manufactured housing could be a quick, affordable fix as opposed “to some developers who are still sitting on land and developing slower than the erosion of a cliff face.”

Andrew Partridge, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, the creators of Y Cube, which MHProNews  covered  Nov. 7, 2015, said: “Manufactured housing should not just be the form of building houses because there is a lack of materials for traditionally built houses, but because they are extremely time efficient.”

The materials are plentiful and much less expensive than bricks and mortar, and build time only takes about two weeks. As more homes get built, the economies of scale will bring the price down.

Existing off-site manufacturers could produce affordable homes at reasonable costs with the opportunity to train local people to make the homes in factory conditions. “It makes sense for housing providers… (build) housing that costs them less and is quick and efficient. Time will tell whether many take the risk of breaking the mold.” ##

(Photo–manufactured home in the United Kingdom)

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Modular Home Development has Begun in the UK

January 5th, 2016 Comments off

uk__placenorthwest_co_uk__43_modular_unitsThe Greater Manchester Property Value Fund (GMPVF), part of the Greater Manchester Pension Fund, has agreed to underwrite the development of 43 modular homes, in an agreement with Urban Splash, at New Islington, Manchester, in the UK.

Nathan Cornish, director of Urban Splash, said: “The deal is a huge endorsement of our hoUSe concept which is now on site at New Islington. hoUSe is a modular housing scheme that we aim to roll out across the UK as one of the answers to the well-documented housing shortage that our industry needs to tackle.”

Designed by architect shemkd, the amount of backing by GMPVF has not been disclosed, but Splash has a revolving credit, so as each development is completed, they can draw more funding. At New Islington all the modular units have been claimed, reports to MHProNews.

Splash has already been responsible for hundreds of homes, as well as a med center, school, park and marina. Two other developments for hoUSe are currently unfolding for 2016 in the Manchester area. ##

(Image Splash)

matthew-silver-daily-business-news-mhpronews-comArticle submitted by Matthew J. Silver to Daily Business News-MHProNews.

Factory-built Homes more Prevalent in Scandinavia and Japan

May 29th, 2015 Comments off

Japanese modular  theconversation  Sekiusi house shizuoka factory  japanBrisbane’s Queensland (Australia) University of Technology researchers Karen Manley and Dale Steinhardt report 84 percent of Sweden’s homes contain some prefabricated wood elements, far beyond the under five percent for the UK, Australia and the United States. In between are the Netherlands with 20 percent of all new housing using some form of prefabrication, while the number is 15 percent in Japan and nine percent in Germany.

Japan has many large modular home builders, the largest of which turns out about 10,000 homes annually. As globalconstructionreview reports,The extremely large Japanese housing industry, which produced more than a million new houses as recently as 2008, facilitates the ongoing development of these research-intensive prefabricators which thrive on feeding a consumer segment that values high quality durability against natural disasters like earthquakes.

In the U. S. factory-built housing has never been part of the mainstream, while in Australia and the UK traditional methods of construction continue to dominate the landscape. However, in Australia prefab has been used for school buildings and mining camps. Manley and Steinhardt say Sweden is driven by environmental activism in its use of prefab. In Japan, prefab responds to high population density and the threat of earthquakes.

MHProNews understands the combination of manufactured and modular homes produced in the U. S. each month totals between six and seven thousand units, according to the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI). ##

(Photo credit: theconversation–Sekiusi modular house, made by Shizuoka)

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British PreFabs Get MakeOver after 60+ years

November 20th, 2013 Comments off

british-prefabs-get-makeover-credit-morpethhearald-uk-posted-daily-business-news-mhpronews-com-60 years after ‘Airey-type’ homes were built using prefabricated concrete panels, these homes are getting a desirable make-over. The 1950s era construction were only expected to last a decade. Win Dolan, 62, lives today in a home with her husband Derek on Hebron Avenue. Dolan says she’s live here all her life. “This is the only home I’ve ever known. We used to have a coal fire as we never had radiators when I was young, so you had to decide when you were going to run upstairs to bed at night because it was so cold.” An investment program worth about £400,000 from Isos Housing in concert with Green Deal, provider Cosyseal and specialist contractors Sykes carried out External Wall Insulation (EWI) upgrades on the 48 prefab homes. ##

(Photo credit: Morpeth Hearald)

Modular Seen as Solution to UK’s Housing Crunch

January 24th, 2011 Comments off

From comes an editorial item conveying that traditional building methods must make room for more cost-effective and sustainable designs if the UK’s growing housing crisis is to be alleviated. Currently, construction rates are around 80,000 new homes below the level required to meet population growth and tackle affordability and undersupply issues. The article says that by making use of off-site construction methods, recycled materials and innovative structural design, homes can be constructed swiftly and cheaply with less impact on the environment. Dr. Chris Goodier, Loughborough University, a primary author of a paper on the topic, says at current construction levels, an annual deficit of around 80,000 is a pressing concern. “While there is no quick fix to the problem, it is important that the Government and industry consider more innovative solutions to development,” Goodier says. “Without them, problems such as overcrowding, undersupply and unaffordable housing seem set to continue.”

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