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Fearful Residents Ask, “Are There Murderers Living Here?”

June 21st, 2017 Comments off

OakLawnMobileHomeArsonMurderPoliceArrestGerardoAlonsoCrimeReportsDataResearchDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsThe Chicago Tribune reported earlier this month on a suspicious fire in an Oak Lawn manufactured home community. Two deaths were reported.

When law enforcement ruled the matter an alleged case of arson, it made the deaths apparent murders.

Are there murderers here?” – resident Mary Grochola said, per the Tribune, “A lot of people have children, and they’re scared.”

Cook County’s medical examiner’s office ruled the deaths of the mobile home occupants as homicides caused by a gruesome combination of thermal injuries from an incendiary fire, plus sharp-force injuries.

While local media played the incident up, couldn’t this sort of mayhem happen almost anywhere?

Management was contacted and asked to comment for this story, but has not responded as of publication time. The community projects itself as a quiet, family owned property, “where residents stay and second generations return.”


Deadly Tragedy was in a True Mobile Home, not a Manufactured Home

Given the hoopla taking place in Ohio over pre-and-post code homes and fires, MHProNews decided to dig into details of this case. The visual evidence suggests that the blaze was in a true pre-code, mobile home.  Regular MHLivingNews and Daily Business News readers know that pre-code mobile homes have a much higher incidence of fire than conventional housing or manufactured homes.

FireArsonAccelerantsInterFireGasOrOtherFuelsUsedINArsonpostedDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsBut given that the fire was apparently arson, it could have been a multi-million dollar house with fire suppression equipment in Chicagoland’s highest price neighborhood, since“accelerants were apparently put to their destructive – and in this case, deadly – use.


Other photos from the community in question.

Murderous Motives?

They weren’t fighting or nothing. They were just sitting up there having a nice time,” Grochola said.

She said the community’s residents were tight knit and often left their doors unlocked, which suggested that the property had little normal reported crime.  “Everybody takes their keys and locks up (now).” she said.

They were good guys. Good neighbors,” said Brian Kasper, another community resident. “They didn’t bother” anyone.


Other photos from the community in question.

Management Reportedly Cautioned Residents

Reports indicate that management cautioned residents to be on the lookout for a man. Police later arrested Gerardo Alonso, 30.  Alonso was taken into custody on Saturday, and was charged with two counts of first-degree murder, per an Oak Lawn Police Department statement Sunday.

Oak Lawn police did not provide more details regarding how Alonso is alleged to have killed the men or any motive for doing so.

After High Profile Tragedies, Industry Pros Cautioned

tim williams exev vp ohio mfg homes assoc

Tim Williams, OMHA.

While the initial part of the case has been apparently wrapped up quickly, industry professionals should take note of the lessons being learned from Tim Williams and the Ohio Manufactured Home Association’s (OMHA) rapid and robust response to the push back in their state that came as a result of tragedies there.

It is also worth noting that a study by William McCarty, Assistant Professor of Criminology, Law and Justice – linked as part of another report, here – indicates that manufactured home communities are no more crime prone than other neighborhoods.

Click image to learn more.

As calm slowly returns to Oak Lawn residents, another community operator in the area told MHProNews, “Regrettably, this happens in every neighborhood, regardless of economic structure.  I seem to recall a double homicide in Beverly Hills, circa 1994,” an apparent reference to the case of the murder of O.J. Simpson’s ex-wife and her male companion in a luxurious neighborhood. ## (News, Analysis.)

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After Fight, MHC Gets Green Light

February 15th, 2017 Comments off

An unrelated manufactured home in nearby Attleboro. Credit: Realtor.

In North Attleboro, Massachusetts, residents who were initially concerned over a proposed manufactured home community, have changed their tune now that the developer has abandoned a controversial part of the project.

According to The Sun Chronicle, residents were at odds with the developer of Westcott Estates, a manufactured home community planned on 23 acres beginning last spring. The issue was over a street entry to the community, which residents said would affect their property values and bring unwanted traffic to the winding road.

We don’t have sidewalks or street lights, and it’s a very curvy road,” said area resident Lisa Forsgard. “We’ve had many accidents on that road and we know how tough a road it is to maneuver.

Forsgard lives directly across the street from the proposed entry, which prompted her to join other neighborhood residents at zoning board and selectmen meetings last spring to protest the development.

After the protests, developers decided to scrap the idea for the entryway on the proposed road and move it to an adjacent one. Forsgard says that with that move, her concerns were addressed.

They own the land and are allowed to do whatever they want with it,” said Forsgard.We know there is going to be change. We just wanted to protect the integrity of our neighborhood.


North Attleboro, identified by red marker. Credit: Google.

Westcott Estates will be a 55 and over community, and developers also made it clear to area residents that the community will be made up of modern manufactured homes on concrete slabs, not the “trailers” that many envision.

For Don Baker, he was pleased to see that the developer was amenable to some concerns by the neighborhood.

I’m hoping to work with them rather than against them,” said Baker.

As long as they continue to build responsibly and appropriately, it should be fine. The only concern I still have is that it doesn’t affect the lifestyle of the residents.

With the changes by the developer, the planning board recently approved the project with certain conditions. The community must include a walking trail, two benches, two overhead lights, two dog waste bag dispensers and one dog waste bin.


North Attleboro city hall. Credit: Century 21.

Planning officials also mandated snow removal from the lot within 48 hours of a snowstorm.

The developer will now have to record the plans for the community and begin consultations with contractors.

As Daily Business News readers are aware, stories pitting developers against residents have been in the news recently, including the case of a proposed MHC in Iberia Parish, Louisiana.

In most instances, inaccurate information and misconceptions about manufactured housing communities leads to cases of NIMBY (Not-In-My-Back-Yard).

But in the case of the North Attleboro development, there appears to be hope for progress through communication.

Our concerns were listened to,” said Forsgard. “Now, we’ll just have to see how it goes when it’s put in.” ##


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Canadians Mini-Dwellings – Video Report – on north-of-the-border Tiny House Movement

October 9th, 2014 Comments off

mini-dwelling-tiny-house=globalnews-ca-posted-daily-business-news-com-Global News tells MHProNews how her tiny house has changed Lydia Holden’s way of life. With just a little over 100 square feet to live in, the 24 year-old has found an affordable way to become a home-owner. Lydia paid “only” $30,000 for her 136 square foot home.

The tiny house movement allows millennials seeking to live modestly and others who want to down size, stop accumulating and focus on the essentials of life.

Home for these tiny house dwellers may be focused on what is purely essential, while creating freedom to relocate with more easy.

City of Saskatoon Planning and Development Director Alan Wallace said Holden’s way of living is legal, but emphasized there has been “enforcement issues with people living in trailers, and there’s a real fine line between trailers and mobile homes, like a camper trailer.” A conventional house on a foundation can be of any size, including a tiny house size, Wallace explained.

Manufactured Home (MH) professionals ought to compare the value modern MH offers to the increasingly ‘trendy’ tiny houses like Holden’s.

An entry level 14×70, with some 900 square feet of living space sells in some U.S. markets at prices that start at that same $30,000 she paid. While some may want a smaller unit, which can be provided with a park model HUD, the 14×70 is about six times more space than Holden’s tiny house, for roughly the same price. No doubt that 6 times more space in a manufactured home could appeal to a wider audience. ##

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North Dakota Oilfield Camps in Jeopardy of Being Closed

August 7th, 2013 Comments off

Williams County commissioners in Williston, North Dakota are denying two Conditional Use Permit (CUP) extensions for workforce camps built to service oilfield workers. The extension for Rik Ostert was denied because he did not build a road he agreed to three years ago, and then rented space on his property for a commercial business after the commissioners denied his request to do that. Ostert was given 60 days to remove his seven modular homes. The extension for Stallion Oilfield Services was denied because the company is using 52 skid trailers and recreational vehicles for housing instead of modular units, and rented space to another company. Stallion was also given 60 days to vacate, as MHProNews has learned from In addition, Target Logistics owes over $1 million in fees, including $608,000 for 2013, and back fees for 2012. With over $3 million still owed to the county, those in arrears were given one week to pay their fees or risk having their facilities shut down.

(Photo credit: associatedpress–modular mancamps at Williston, ND)

Katrina Cottages may be Heading North

August 5th, 2013 Comments off

The flooding that ravaged Calgary, Alberta, Canada in late June and early July, 2013 has resulted in a housing shortage that one Alderman is seeking to fill using Katrina Cottages. While relatively inexpensive at $115 a foot, the units are also small and easy to assemble. Alderman Druh Farrell would ease regulations so the cottages could be sited in yards adjoining flooded homes until the owners’ have repaired their own homes. “We’ve got students coming back to school in the fall, we have workers (that) are coming to help rebuild our city. Where will they stay?” Farrell asks. “And all the people who’ve been displaced while they’ve been rebuilding their homes — where do they go?” As rvbusiness informs MHProNews, Katrina Cottages were used in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina that battered New Orleans, displacing the notorious FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) trailers.

(Photo credit:

First Nation Housing Shortage Continues

February 5th, 2013 Comments off

From north of the border CBC News reports single room factory-built trailers once used by the De Beers diamond company for housing mine workers and donated to Attawapiskat First Nation in 2009 for temporary shelter have become permanent housing for some. Others have fallen into such disrepair as to be unlivable but with De Beers’ help are currently being rehabbed. As MHProNews reported here Dec. 8, 2011, a 2009 sewage backup in the northern Ontario Cree community of Attawapiskat forced residents from their homes. When the Canadian government refused to pay for evacuating residents, the tribe went into debt to cover the cost. Chief Theresa Spence declared a state of emergency last winter for this community of 2,000, which resulted in the government shipping 22 modular homes to the tribe. Chief Spence recently went on a hunger strike to continue publicizing the housing shortage. Meanwhile, the federal government is accusing her of financial mismanagement.

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MH Chassis Start-up Starts in Ind.

January 31st, 2013 Comments off

Wolfpack Chassis of Kendallville, Ind. has received $125,000 in seed money from non-profit Elevate Ventures’ Indiana Angel Network Fund (IANF), according to what insideindianabusiness tells MHProNews. Starting this winter, Wolfpack, located in northern Ind. near other MH and RV-related firms, will manufacture chassis and chassis components for the manufactured home and RV industries. Private investors from northeast Ind. have put in $630,000 seed money as well. The company will hire 20 welders and frame builders for the first two assembly lines. Eventually Wolfpack intends to expand manufacturing to include trailers and class A chassis. Elevate Ventures provides professional advisory services to start-ups and entrepreneurs and connects them with other resources in the state.

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Modular Homes may House Isaac Victims

September 7th, 2012 Comments off

nola informs MHProNews from LaPlace, Louisiana, on the western outskirts of New Orleans, some 7,000 homes have been inundated by Hurricane Isaac, leaving thousands homeless. 10,000 residents have registered for assistance with various local agencies, but because the high flood waters caused such widespread damage to possible transitional housing like hotels and shelters, many people have been relocated to Shreveport, Alexandria, and New Orleans. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) no longer provides trailers that became so prevalent following Hurricane Katrina, but may bring in modular homes for displaced residents.

(Photo credit: Brett Duke/The Times-Picayune–Tracy Naquin sorts through belongings following Isaac.)

Tax Relief for MH Flood Victims

April 24th, 2012 Comments off

StateJournal in West Virginia reports Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin authorized tax relief to flood victims of two additional counties, bringing to eleven the number of counties included. The executive order suspends the consumer sales and service tax and the use tax on purchases that would “substantially improve efforts to provide needed housing” to victims of the late Feb. 2012 floods. Purchases exempt from the taxes include manufactured homes, house trailers, modular homes, and certain building materials and supplies. has learned the order also suspends the taxes on purchases related to the restoration of housing damaged due to the floods. “Storm-damaged communities around the state continue to rebuild and therefore, we must provide needed tax relief to help them move forward,” says Tomblin.

(Photo credit: WSAZ-TV—Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin)

Resident protests doesn’t stop manufactured home community closure vote

November 22nd, 2011 Comments off

Columbia_Regency_residents_and_others_protest_park_closure,_credit_ColumbiaMissourian posted on MHProNewsIn a follow up to a story previously reported on MHProNews, ColumbiaMissourian reports that Columbia Regency mobile home park rezoning passed by a 5-2 vote of Columbia City Council. The Churchill Group expressed public interest last September in acquiring the property and redeveloping the location with 330 apartments for students totaling 936 bedrooms. Dozens spoke to the council. An overwhelming majority of them opposed the rezoning. Residents of the land lease community, Missouri University (MU) students and residents in Columbia spoke out in opposition to the proposed change.  Most cited concerns about affordable housing in the city. Some worried about the impact the apartments would have on traffic, storm-water runoff and sewer capacity. Churchill — doing business as Regency of Columbia — notified residents in late October it would close the community and require residents to move by Feb. 29, 2012. Aspen Heights followed with a meeting during which Charlie Vatterott, its vice president for development, told residents that if the rezoning were approved the company would give them until April 30 to leave and until May 31 if they have school-age children. The firm also offered financial assistance of $1,800 for single-wide mobile homeowners and $3,000 for double-wide mobile homeowners to help with the cost of relocating their trailers. It tacked on an extra $500 for those who signed forms saying they would accept the money.

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