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MHC Behind on Utility Fees and Taxes

August 20th, 2012 Comments off

mlive tells MHProNews the Swartz Creek Meadows MHC in Lennon, Michigan has until Aug. 31 before the Clayton Township Board of Trustees initiates legal action for unpaid water, sewage, and property taxes totaling $167,697.73. Swartz Creek owner MHPI Inc., does not deny it owed the township, but a misunderstanding at a meeting in October, 2012 led MHPI to believe part of the money in arrears had been forgiven when in fact it was not. Clayton Township Treasurer Clayton Gehringer says the township has the right to cut water and sewer service to the community, but that presents a moral dilemma because the MHC residents have likely paid their bill to MHPI, but that money has not been passed on to the township. In addition, the township government is required to collect these monies by law and on behalf of other citizens who do pay.

(Photo credit: Ron MacArthur/Cape-Gazette)

MHC Development Denied Again

May 30th, 2012 Comments off

LivingstonDaily in Michigan reports Mike Hendee has been trying to develop his 144-acre site halfway between Lansing and Detroit into a 498 site manufactured housing community since 2002. Favorable rulings by the Livingston County Circuit Court and the Michigan Court of Appeals were overturned by the state supreme court which ruled the Putnam Township must decide. The township earlier had enacted a six month moratorium on all rezoning requests which Hendee contends was to block his request. Township treasurer Pat Carney says Hendee’s request does not fit the master plan for the county. has learned the moratorium has been lifted but the township has once again denied his request, and Hendee expects his appeal will again be denied, and he will file suit once more.

(Image credit: Livingston County, MI)