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Transformational! Old Mobile Home Park Redeveloping Into Small or ‘Tiny House’ Factory-Built Housing Project

April 5th, 2019 Comments off


Champion Homes, or Champion Home Builders, is a mobile and modular home manufacturing company that operates as a subsidiary of the Skyline Champion Corporation,” says Wikipedia. Among their operating brands is Silvercrest, located in Corona, CA 92880.


Silvercrest is very much in the mix of what is occurring at the “Palm Canyon Mobile Club.”

According to that land-lease communities YouTube page, “Built in the 1940s, the Palm Canyon Mobile Club was showing its age when the owners approached realtor Paul Kaplan about helping to sell new homes in the park.”

Kaplan suggested a fresh start to the development. He promoted the notion of investing in smaller factory-built homes, which they initially referred to as “tiny homes instead of traditional mobile homes. Rather than partnering with a prefab designer or tiny home architect, they chose to work with a traditional mobile home manufacturer because of the scale of the project (100 homes).”

While the nomenclature is the normal problematic mix, no doubt the promoters wanted the search engine optimization (SEO) value of the phrases “mobile home” and “tiny house.”



You must meet people where they are. Terminology must be taught and caught. Make a habit of using the correct terminology.

Working with manufactured home builder Silvercrest, they pushed for a modern, Midcentury-inspired design more fitting of Palm Springs and avoiding some of the hallmark details of conventional mobile homes like ceiling moldings and six-panel doors,” states their YouTube web page, which has had over 500,000 views in about 7 months.

There’s also a stigma against mobile home parks,” explains Kaplan, adding, “You know the whole trailer trash kind of thing, and I think people are re-looking at it and seeing it really provides a nice sense of community.”

Their page said, “The Palm Canyon Mobile Club has a renovated pool and clubhouse with workout room and community kitchen. The houses start at $115,000 for the 600 square foot model, with a $650 monthly rental fee for the site.”

Their video is below. Let’s note once more that the old canard that a video has to be short to be viewed is proven errant by this one.  The issue in part is, does the viewer want to learn about that given topic?  If a viewer finds the video relevant, they will watch it.



Published on Sep 9, 2018, this video has at the time we posted it 511,939 views, with some 9,900 likes vs. 359 thumbs down from viewers.

Notice that this video dwarfs what Clayton Homes, or the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) has produced in the way of views to ‘debunk’ the manufactured home stereotypes.

These are issues that must be carefully considered, because the powers-that-be in manufactured housing continue to put out industry ‘alerts’ and ‘news updates’ that make it sound like they are doing so much to ‘promote’ the industry or address underlying issues.  If so, where’s the beef?  Where are their results?

To learn more, see the articles linked below.  Our sources are telling us that the Omaha-Knoxville-Arlington ‘axis’ are feeling the heat.  They need to, or they arguably have no incentive to change their patterns of behavior.

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Over 1 Million Views in 3 Weeks! Helen’s Reality Check Reveals What’s Blowing Away Any Manufactured Home Industry Promotions

March 5th, 2019 Comments off



The home has a hitch.  It’s set up on blocks.  There are wooden shims, much like those found under millions of manufactured homes.  Helen’s home is a rectangle, a box.  The deck is big, but there are plenty of those found on thousands of manufactured homes.


So, what is it about this video that has drawn over a million views in under 3 weeks?

Answer.  For starters, it’s not a manufactured home. It’s not a mobile home. It’s a ‘tiny house.’  The name – the branding – has clearly made a difference.

Note: that doesn’t mean that the industry should run away from the name ‘manufactured home.’  It does mean that others have defined that, and it is time to make it cool, much like tiny houses are seen as hip and cool.


The Video and Report Reveal Opportunity

Don’t miss a moment of the video of Helen and her tiny house, or miss a word of this report.  Why?

Because if you catch it all, you’ll likely be blown away at the superior value of a manufactured home compared to Helen’s nice, but outrageous, tiny house.

But that – WOW! You’ve got to be kidding! – will happen ONLY occur if you check it all out. Our publisher and consultant, L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach has said that the industry needs to do three things: unbrand, rebrand, and brand. All three are needed, not just one.

When you watch the video, and you ‘step’ inside Helen’s ‘tiny house,’ the producer had a magical musical melody begin to play.

The unit itself, says the owner, is equal to a 10’x26’ feet (260 square feet, but she said that in meters).  That means it is smaller than the size of the smallest HUD Code manufactured home that regulations permit (which by code can be no smaller than 8’x40’ or 320 square feet).


Some points from the video to note:

1)    The video isn’t done by Helen, the home owner, it’s done by a third-party.

2)    The video is an interview and doesn’t just talk about the tiny house itself.

3)    Note too that the length of the video production – over 16 minutes – doesn’t keep people from watching this vid. While it is true that shorter videos may get more views, it’s also possibly a case of circling thinking. Videos are made shorter, because those who make them believe that’s what works, so there are more of them.  Recall that The Verge’s production called the future of housing – their modular home design and living videos series – aren’t 2, 3, or 5 minute videos either.  The Verge’s videos are heavily viewed, compared to those by the Manufactured Housing Institute, or even many done by Clayton Homes’ contracted production company.

Check out the video, if only to realize:

  • The business development principles our consultant teaches are grounded in reality, not fantasy, and have worked for those who use them.
  • What’s obvious – based upon the latest new manufactured home shipment report – is that what the industry at large and its ‘leaders’ are doing isn’t working. That’s no mean spirited, that’s just reality.  If the truth offends some, they need to deal with it.
  • Rather than industry pros and investors enabling the same mistakes, over and over, isn’t it time to do what’s proven to work for others?

Manufactured housing professionals must define themselves well, or others will define you and your operation, often to your own detriment. Tiny houses – like this one – are ‘sold’ as cool, and so people see them as ‘cool.’ This video ROMANCES this tiny house.

Manufactured home companies can do the same, with the right elements of marketing, sales, and follow up put into practice.



Sorry, big boys, but the industry is sadly failing at touting its amazing value. That’s what the drop in shipments should tell industry companies of all sizes.

Does your operation need help? Want more sales, happier customers, more referrals?  Then call ‘Tony your marketing Tiger’ at 863-324-4090, or That’s “Industry News, Tips, and Views Pros Can Use” © where “We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (News, analysis, commentary.)



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Survey Top 2017 PreFab, Modular, Tiny and 3D Printed Housing News Stories

December 29th, 2017 Comments off


MHProNews tends to focus on HUD Code manufactured homes, but we routinely spotlight other forms of factory-built housing. We’ve done so for years.

This Daily Business News flashback 2017 year-in-review will be a series of links, that will let you click on some of the dozens of stories that we’ve published this year about the various forms of prefab, modular, 3D, and tiny house stories.  But this column will close with a link on MHLivingNews about manufactured home shopping tips.

Ex-Amazon Leader Sees Future In Modular

Private Equity Fund Grabbing 2 PreFab Home Builders

Chinese Firm to Provide Modular Homes in U.S.?

The “Top Ten” Container Home Designs in the U.S., 2017 – Video

Google’s Going Modular Housing

“It’s Outrageous!” “Censorship” — Suing Google/YouTube

Chicago – Massive Modular Project by European Operation Coming

Introducing ÖÖD – $50,000 Mirrored PreFab – and Compare

Factory Built Home Companies, True Game Changer – Here, Now – Impact on Manufactured Housing?

The Evolution of 3D Printed Homes?

Kasita – Dumpster Inspired Design Tiny Modular – Stackable, Emergency MOD, ADU – Enters Factory Built Housing

Jana Kasperkevic, Tiny Houses, Manufactured Homes & Financing


Giant L&G Sees Modular as Natural Evolution in Housing, Brit & U.S. Ties, Report & Video

Squamish Over Vancouver? BC Tiny House Controversy, Leadership, MH Parallels

3D Printed Home Can Withstand Magnitude 8 Earthquake

Shipping Containers Given New Life

It looks Cool! But is Richard Perkin’s NoHA the Real Deal in Affordable Housing?

The Top 10 American Corporations, Manufactured Homes, and PreFab Housing

Faced With Housing Shortage, Nation Turns to Unused Containers

Inside MH – Not Every Democrat, Not Every Republican – Politically Incorrect, Factually Accurate

$58,000 PreFabs, Videos, Updates of More Hi-Tech Backers

Prefab, Modular Homes are Front and Center in Solving Housing Crisis

Meet the Modular Housing Builder Google Picked, and their “Industrial Cathedral”

Tips on Shopping for a New Manufactured Home

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We agree with Warren Buffett on the value of the lessons of history, reading and research. Without those deep insights, the wool can be pulled over other people’s eyes.

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Sunday Morning Weekly Recap Manufactured Housing Industry News June 4 to June 11, 2017

June 11th, 2017 Comments off

MHProNewsHomePage610.2017IpadManufacturedHousingIndustryReportsRecapResearchDataThe New June articles on the home page are live, and a few more will be posted in the next week.

If you’ve been on vacation, or are new to the Daily Business News on MHProNews, welcome to our weekly recap of the Manufactured Housing industry’s News, Tips and Views that Pros Can Use.” ©

As Jay Hamilton, Executive Director for the Georgia Manufactured Housing Association has advised his members, “Below is a link to an article from MHProNews about ScotBilt HomesMHProNews is the nation’s leading provider of industry news to Manufactured Housing Professionals.”

Thank you, Jay, and all those who share and make the work on this site possible.

First, what’s new on MHLivingNews this week.

Meet ÖÖD – $50,000 Mirrored PreFab – Glass, Class and Fast – and Compare


What’s New on the Daily Business NewsReports, Research, Data, News, Analysis

Sat – June 10, 2017

Explosive! MSU’s Mark Skidmore on Flawed Tornadoes and “Mobile Homes” Study, Exclusive


Friday – June 9, 2017

BAM! Brookfield’s 2 Billion Dollar Spotlight, plus Carlyle, LPX Gain


Public Policies May Hurt Poorer, Older Residents

Meet Sophia, AI Robot Wants Your Job, Says “Trust Us”


No Fire, Just Smoke, and Democratic Clinton Supporter Says, Enough – Video


Thursday – June 8, 2017

Third Ave MH Position Revealed, Markets Welcome Comey-Trump Nothing Burger

Meet ÖÖD, $50,000 Mirrored PreFab Installs in 8 hours


Financial Choice Act, with MHI Bill, Heading to Floor Vote, Outlook, Analysis\\

Residents Bought Time, But City Still Taking Aim at Their Location, Video


Wednesday – June 7, 2017

Action Alert! Billions in Opportunities, Industry Professionals, Deadline for Comments to HUD Loom


Sky, Sun Leaders, UFPI, LCI Sliders, Comey Testimony Buoys Markets

DataComp, JLT Associates Announces New Manufactured Home Market Reports


Surprise! President Trump Polling Better than Bill Clinton at This Stage of Presidency; Impact

Northpoint’s nearly 900 Million Portfolio Being Acquired by Canadian Laurentian Bank


Tuesday – June 6, 2017

Community Stocks Taking Hits, Patrick, LCI Roar, MHCV Slides


Pouring Gas on PreFab Fire, CNN Report Spotlighted



Manufactured Modular Home Business Plans New Location

Modular Building Institute, ICC Working Together to Boost Modular, Offsite Building

Correcting the Record, Tornadoes, Mobile and Manufactured Homes, Michigan State University Study


Monday – June 5, 2017

Nationwide Fund Cuts ELS, Killam and Skyline Lead Movers, MHCV Dips

Manufactured Housing Industry New Home Production, Shipments Report for April 2017


HomeLane – Lessons for Americans from Indian Modular Company?

Hobart, Factory Home Building Pioneer, Turns 100

Department of Justice, Anti-Trust, and Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI)


Sunday – June 4, 2017

Sunday Morning Weekly Recap Manufactured Housing Industry News May 28, 2017 to June 4, 2017


L. A. “Tony’ Kovach.

(Image credits are as shown on the original image.)

By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach to the Daily Business News on

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Meet ÖÖD, $50,000 Mirrored PreFab Installs in 8 hours

June 8th, 2017 Comments off

MirroredGlassPreFabOOD50kPreFabModularManufacturedHomeDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsPrefab goes in disguise with these sleek tiny dwellings from Estonian company ÖÖD. With mirrored glass facades—reminiscent of Portuguese prefabs inspired by minimalist artists—ÖÖD homes blend into their surroundings, appearing especially sublime in rural or natural landscapes,” crows Curbed.

Designboom sings, “ÖÖD promises that in eight hours anyone can build up their own pre-fabricated house or even start an accommodation business similar to AirBnB. The concept, born in Estonia, introduces the ÖÖD house / hotel room as a well-designed, mini dwelling offering a compact but comfortable 200 square feet space composed of a bed, kitchenette and bathroom.”


Treehugger trumpets, “Mirrored glass prefab from ÖÖD is an instant AirBnB.”

Meet ÖÖD, $50,000 Estonian Mirrored PreFab

The unit is designed to be a hotel room type of structure. With stylish mirrored glass, and iconic styling that oozes class, the units are a cool $250 per square foot, so no threat to HUD Code manufactured homes most aggressive price point.


Photo credits, Curbed, ÖÖD.

ÖÖD is another reminder, though, that the media croons over prefab, tiny houses and even pricey prefabs.  In a recent report, we noted that CNN favorably touted modular and prefab homes.


Photo credits, Curbed, ÖÖD.


Photo credits, Curbed, ÖÖD.

Some industry pros might wonder…where’s the love for manufactured homes?


Photo credits, Curbed, ÖÖD.

Love for the HUD Code’s manufactured homes is out there, increasingly, to be sure – as MHLivingNews routinely reports.  But there’s more downer stories than positive ones, a fact the industry’s professionals must routinely respond to as they arise.


Given the U.S. affordable housing crisis, the home above at about 1/5 of the cost per square foot of an OOD, this home and its value looks pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

But the hunger and thirst for stylish, affordable factory built homes is there for those in the HUD Code industry – and other parts of factory built housing – for all of those with the eyes to see. ##

(Image credits are as shown above, and when provided by third parties, are provided under fair use guidelines).

SoheylaKovachManufacturedHomeLivingNewsManufacturedHousingIndustryDailyBusinessNewsMHProNews-Submitted by Soheyla Kovach to the Daily Business News on

County Commission Tackles Tiny Homes

March 23rd, 2017 Comments off

A tiny home in Walker County, Georgia. Credit: Times Free Press.

In Walker County, Georgia last week, the County Planning Commission took on a big task… how to regulate “tiny homes.

According to the Times Free Press, during a work session, the commission settled on some rules – a tiny home in Walker County should be no bigger than 500 square feet, it should sit on a permanent foundation, which includes an electric meter and a sewer line or septic tank.

The commission also decided that the homes should be restricted to specific zones in the county, with all of them being clustered together.

I’d hate for someone to put one of these things next to my home,” said board member Jack Michaels.

The decisions by the commission were just the first step in what looks to be a much longer process. They will need to put their ideas into an official ordinance, and then hold at least two pubic meetings to review it before they can actually vote on it. This process could delay the path from concept to law until the middle of the year.

While tiny homes may be all the rage in the mainstream, for planning and zoning offices they can present potentially big issues.

Some board members are concerned that a collection of “shanties” could pop up in backyards, or the homes could be abandoned, leaving the county on the hook, or be used by residents to avoid paying taxes. One board member sees the popularity of shows like “Tiny House, Big Living” and “Tiny House Hunters” as the culprit.

That drives some of this,” said board member Phillip Cantrell.

But I think all of us are smart enough to know, living in that, I’m not sure my wife can get her shoes in there.


Walker County, Georgia, shaded in red. Credit: Google.

With confusion around state and local ordinances, local governments across the country have resorted to creating a patchwork of tiny home regulations.

Nearby Catoosa County says the homes must be at least 700 square feet, while Murray County requires at least 864 square feet in rural areas and 1,200 square feet in suburban areas. Gordon County restricts them to RV and campground sites.

Most of them don’t have a stove,” said David Brown, Walker County’s director of codes, inspection and planning.

They don’t have a washer and a dryer. They’ve got a microwave. They may or may not have a toilet.

There’s also the issue of taxes.

How will the tax man go about handling these things?” asked Cantrell. “Is it just a free ride? You move into these things, you get to live free?

As of right now it is,” said Brown. “As of right now.

And the “Wild West” feel around tiny homes concerns Brown.

There are no rules, some of these have no serial numbers. They have no identification. The only way we can do it legally, when we do find them, is to give them a serial number and put them in the system, like a mobile home,” said Brown.


(Image credits are as shown above.)



RC Williams, for Daily Business News, MHProNews.

Submitted by RC Williams to the Daily Business News for MHProNews.

Shipping Containers Given New Life

February 23rd, 2017 Comments off

ShippingConainerJupiterFLStAugstineRecordDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsIn Palm Beach County, Florida, shipping containers are getting a new lease on life in a very interesting way.

The containers are being turned into what Jupiter real estate agent Rick Clegg is calling an “up cycled eco retreat,” a white, two-story house that looks like a rustic steel cabin.

I call it ‘up cycled’ because we are taking a container and repurposing it by bringing new life to it,” said Clegg.

According to the St. Augustine Record, these structures are gaining a following as part of the “tiny home movement,” where people live in smaller spaces that are typically more affordable than traditional houses.

So much of a following, that Hollywood-based builder The Container House recently built such for an out-of-town client.


Rick Clegg inside of the container home. Credit: St. Augustine Record.

It looks like a regular house. You won’t see the containers. You can’t tell,” said Container House owner Rodrigo Bernstein.

It’s different, something that is not conventional.

The home was constructed from three shipping containers, has two-bedrooms, two-bathrooms and checks in at 1,000 square feet.

Bernstein says that the average cost for these modular container homes runs between $80 and $120 per square foot, in addition to costs for items such as permits and planning. He also noted, that unlike manufactured homes, his homes cannot be built and shipped.

It has to be built locally. I cannot build and ship it. It has to pass all the inspections on-site. It’s the same process as a traditional house,said Bernstein.

Just south in Miami, a company called Little River Box Co. specializes in converting shipping containers into temporary or permanent businesses, like barbershops and bars.

And it seems to be gaining in popularity, as one of the company projects involves using ten containers for a mixed-use development, with offices on the upper floor and restaurants and retail units on the lower floor.

Between the modularity and the shippability [of the containers], the sky is the limit,” said Little River Box Co. co-founder Gayle Zalduondo.

There is a lot versatility and possibilities for creativity and innovation for using containers in the construction industry,” said Ryan Anderson, a Fort Lauderdale business developer who co-founded Wyn-Box with two Miami architects. Their company also offers modular structures for housing and businesses.


A Wyn-Box unit. Credit: Wyn-Box.

When you tell somebody that you want to build a home out of a shipping container, and you’ve never seen one, it can sound unappealing,” said Anderson.

When someone sees a well-done project, they open their minds to the possibility … this is for someone who wants to live in something more unique and creative. This makes a little more of a statement.

The Daily Business News has covered the user of shipping containers as a housing option, as well as the “tiny house movement” recently, including the growth of modular as a solution in Sweden, and the zoning challenges that tiny homes can face. ##


(Image credits are as shown above.)



RC Williams, for Daily Business News, MHProNews.

RC Williams, for Daily Business NewsMHProNews.

New Rules for Tiny Houses crafted, Manufactured Housing Connections

September 26th, 2016 Comments off

cochinoocountyaz-creditgoogle-postedmanufacturedhousingindustrydailybusinessnewsmhpronewsThe saga of the legality of placement of tiny houses continues to play out throughout the United States. Coconino County, in north-central Arizona, is one such place.

Amanda Acheson, Sustainable Building Program Manager for Coconino County, said she is contacted an average of once per day by someone either interested in building or buying a tiny house.


In response to that rising demand, the county is taking action.

The county is crafting a new internal policy that establishes building, zoning and wastewater requirements for tiny houses. The county expects to roll out a final version of the policy in October.

The aim isn’t to layer on more regulation, but to create a system that makes it legal to have a tiny home in Coconino County,” said Acheson, to the AZDailySun.

Tiny homes also align with the county’s development and housing goals, providing an avenue for more affordable and flexible housing that is also resource efficient and environmentally sustainable.”


County policy defines a tiny home as one that is 200 to 400 square feet and is built on site or on an approved trailer.

Draft language includes adjusted requirements related to minimum room dimension, ceiling height, lofts, ladders and electrical standards.

The language also defines where the houses can be located. Those built on an approved foundation or those built on trailers that have the suspension and axle components removed and are established on a permanent foundation will be permitted in all zones that allow detached single-family dwellings.

Tiny Houses and Manufactured Home Intersections…

Some in the manufactured housing industry ask, how many jurisdictions provide a similar level of acceptance to HUD Code manufactured homes, which are built to federally preemptive construction and safety standards?

As another Daily Business News look at this trend demonstrates, manufactured home producers – like giant Clayton Homes – are making efforts to tap into the tiny house movement.  The video above, and the photo below, are examples of how manufactured housing operations are striving to connect to this trend.

Manufactured housing professionals from across the spectrum have strong views about related issues.

Brian Cira – president of Fairmont Homes, a division of AZ based Cavco Industries – stated in a related story, linked here, “Anybody with a brain in their head would look at a manufactured home.”

Cira elaborated by saying, “We do it much more efficiently, much more smartly. We’ve been doing this for decades.”

Tiny houses have received favorable media attention in recent years. But not enough attention has been focused on the fact that many, if not most, are not built to a building code, with some jurisdictions raising safety concerns,” said M. Mark Weiss, an attorney who is president and CEO of the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR).  Weiss’ comments were part of a report entitled Tiny House Owners Face Big Legal Trouble, linked here.


Eco-cottages are part of Cavco Industries’ efforts to tap into the tiny house/Park Model RVs/camping markets – photo credit, Columbus Dispatch, and is in a story linked here.

Back in Coconino County, AZ…

Tiny houses built on trailers when the running gear remains but are attached on an approved foundation are also allowed in zones that permit manufactured and pre-HUD Code mobile homes.

Tiny houses that are completely mobile are regulated by Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), and may be treated as recreational vehicles by the county.

Non-mobile tiny houses also will be allowed under the proposed rules as accessory dwellings units, which may be rented out.

This is exciting news for residents like Colin Bass. Bass has lived in his 200 square foot tiny home since 2015 and has made additions. He welcomes the new rules and shares why he chose tiny home living.

I decided that we waste a lot, we waste trash, we waste space, we waste food. The only thing I could think to do is to be minimalist, to minimize my stamp,” Bass said.

According to Acheson, Albuquerque and Pima County are the closest areas that have codes in place for tiny homes. She mentioned that she drew some elements from those places in putting the county’s policy together.

Before the county’s code was implemented, a tiny home would have to comply with the county’s regular building code. If it was built on a trailer, though, the county’s code doesn’t apply, so county staff would work on the project on a case-by-case basis,” Acheson said.

Bloomberg recently suggested that manufactured homes ought to rebrand as tiny houses, considering how much better the perception often is. MHProNews publisher L.A. ‘Tony’ Kovach observed that Bloomberg‘s intent was well meaning, but that the solution for manufactured housing requires a multi-pronged, sustained effort that could tap the other 99% of the housing market that new manufactured homes currently fail to reach.  ##

(Image credits are as shown above.)


RC WIlliams, for Daily Business News, MHProNews.

Submitted by RC Williams to the Daily Business News, MHProNews.

Tiny MODs Could be the Next Big Thing for Homeless Vets

August 26th, 2016 Comments off

Credits: screen shot ABC 7 video, text by MHProNews.

Look beyond the argument that manufactured and modular homes benefit millions of moderate income households, and could benefit millions more. Is it also possible that the tiny house trend applied to modular units is the answer to homelessness in the U.S.?

Eyewitness News Channel 7 in Los Angeles featured a homeless veteran and his family who were given a modular home, donated by Affordable Homes 4 U, a company which builds new eco-modular homes made from steel containers.

Tommy Weir and his family, who had been living in a homeless shelter, are now calling one of these innovative prefabricated homes built from steel containers, their own home.  Affordable Homes 4U produces steel and container-based homes as a way to house the homeless.

Las Vegas was the first place the firm’s container units were used to help homeless veterans, and they are now being used in Los Angeles by Holmes Stoner Jr.

Las Vegas’s KSNV News 3LV reported “The Department of Veterans Affairs has declared Nevada at ‘functional zero’ when it comes to veterans who are homeless.”

Arnold Stalk, who opened up Veteran’s Village in Las Vegas, is using the emerging technology of steel container homes to solve affordable housing problems. The shipping containers housing can be used completely off the electrical grid.

This will solve a severe social problem right now, which is veterans that are homeless in the streets,” Stalk said.

The Las Vegas container is described as having its own living room area, kitchen, bedroom and full bathroom. The report notes that SolarCity,  is working with Stalk to help “soak up power” for the community, while Tesla agreed to donate a state-of-the-art battery system.  ##

(Image credits: screen shot ABC 7 video, text by MHProNews.)

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Tiny House is Looking for a Home

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tiny_house__jennifer_baxter__charlotte_observer__creditZoning laws have not caught up with the Tiny House movement, as Jennifer Baxter of Mecklenburg County North Carolina has discovered. The 144 square-foot home that is scheduled for delivery May 31, is built on a 20-foot trailer. Since it is not on a foundation, it cannot lawfully be considered a home in the traditional sense, and it is not large enough to be called a manufactured home in any case.

Local officials, while not wanting to deny anyone their dream house, say changing the rules is a process, according to charlotteobserver. Shad Spencer, of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Department, says, “There’s a place for it somewhere. We’ve just got to figure out where.” Baxter tells MHProNews her home is like a recreational vehicle (RV). Since RVs are not considered permanent homes, Spencer says that makes it difficult to park for any length of time in Mecklenburg County.

For the meantime, Baxter will site the Tiny House on a friend’s property. ##

(Photo credit: charlotteobserver/Jennifer Baxter standing at the front of her tiny house.)

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