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Homebuyers Seek Lower Price on Site-built than the Offering

June 7th, 2016 Comments off

home_prices_expectation__builderonline__credit__and_nahb_census_bureauIn a survey conducted by the National Association for Home Builders (NAHB), 59 percent of would-be homebuyers said $249,000 was their limit to spend on a new home, but 65 percent of the homes begun in 2015 were over that limit. According to what builderonline tells MHProNews, 31 percent set their limit at $150,000, while one in six thinks $100,000 is their upper limit for a new home.

NAHB Economist Paul Emrath says the median price of a new single-family home in 2015 was $298,000, while the “expects-to-pay” median came in at $219,000, indicating the mismatch between what survey respondents said and what is being built and sold. Numbers are based on data from the U. S. Census Characteristics of New Housing for 2015.

Even as the high-priced homes market is slowing, builders are finding it difficult to bring in a single-family home for under $249,000, much less the $150,000 that 31 percent of the respondents were hoping for. Any new home below $150,000 in site built is all but impossible.

$150,000 would buy a lovely manufactured home. ##

(Graph credit: builderonline based on U. S. Census data)

Survey Respondents want Manufactured Homes Restricted

June 26th, 2013 Comments off

In an unscientific survey conducted in Magnolia, Ark. in the southwest corner of the state, 45.12 percent of the respondents say a landowner should be able to site a manufactured home on their property without hindrance. 28.45 percent state manufactured home locations should be controlled and their appearance regulated so they look more like site-built homes. 19.51 percent of respondents say manufactured homes should be restricted to particular locations, and 6.91 percent do not want manufactured homes in the city of Magnolia at all. As MHProNews has learned from, there were 246 respondents n the survey.

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Half of Survey Respondents Want Energy Efficient Home

January 14th, 2012 Comments off

According to an October survey of 1,500 homeowners conducted byYahoo Real Estate, Origination News tells one-third of the respondents know someone who has been through foreclosure, and 51 percent say the federal government should do more to assist distressed borrowers. Twenty-seven percent said the government should do no more, and 22 percent had no opinion. While 43 percent believe the presidential election will have a significant impact on the housing market, 36 percent do not anticipate much effect. Although more respondents gave a slight edge to the Democrats over the Republicans in terms of improving the housing market, neither party won much confidence in actually trying to solve the problem. More than 90 percent said they are satisfied with their current living situation, but 27 percent said they are looking to purchase another home. Fully half of the respondents equate their dream home with having energy-saving materials and appliances, as “green” homes have become more of a status symbol than the McMansions.

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